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Elevator Shoes That Make You Taller

Combined with unique innovative materials ensure long lasting comfort,non squish, lightweight.

CMR Chamaripa height shoes look like standard shoes from the outside, but are built-up internally to offer a hidden height increase of anything from 2 to 5 inches in absolute comfort and secrecy.

elevator shoes structure


Crafted with dual-density rubber ultra-soft cushioning for all-day comfort, maintain stability.

Height Increase

This anatomically shaped insole discreetly increases height by several inches depending on the model.

Elevator Shoes Benefits

4 Benefits You Probably Didn't Consider, such as: Correcting Imbalances-Leg Length Discrepancy, Different Style for any occasion

  • Secrecy Design

    Invisible & Secrecy Design

  • Increase your height instantly

    Increase your height instantly

  • Improve Your Poor Posture

    Improve Your Poor Posture

  • Boosting Your Confidence

    Boosting Your Confidence

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Handcrafted Leather Elevator Shoes

  • Customize elevator shoes 01


    We are using imported best quality soft leather and all of our patterns are cut by hand. We do not use any mold or lasers to cut the leather.

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  • Customize elevator shoes 02


    During The Sewing Stage, Leather Pieces Are Stitched Together. First The Upper, Then The Lining. The Shaft Is Reinforced With A Toe Cap And Counter.

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    Quality and craftmanship

    We Are Passionate For Making Quality And Stylish Shoes To Give Our Customers Outstanding Experience. Each Of The Shoes Are Strictly Handmade And Hand-Painted By Well Experienced Craftsman.

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Why Shop With Us

For over 28 years, Professional R&D team, quality products and professional customer service made up the core competence of the CMR Chamaripa height boosting shoes.

  • Free Shipping. No Minimum

    Free Shipping. No Minimum.

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    90 Day Returns & Refund

  • 100% Height Guarantee

    100% Height Guarantee

  • FREE Lifetime Replacement -Height Increasing Layer

    FREE Lifetime Replacement -Height Increasing Layer

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more than 1,000,000 happy users choose CMR Chamaripa height shoes for men and lifted shoes,You can check the reviews share with us by real users here

  • " I love my new CMR high heel shoes. Love the way it make me 13CM taller. So great! "
    chamaripa review
    Erika G.
  • " Satisfied, as comfortable and style as previous Chamaripa. You would be taller without any trouble. "
    chamaripa review
    Randy M.
  • " These are my first ever pair of Chamaripa and the first time to wear height booster shoes. Luckly, they are great and really increase the height. "
    chamaripa review
    Gerard F.
  • " The Chamaripa Men's Invisible Height Increasing Shoes were very nice shoes, I have wore them for a few years. "
    chamaripa review
    Shaun B.
  • " Arrived sooner than expected. These taller shoes are light and breathe.The height heel part of the shoe is so soft and comfortable. "
    chamaripa review
    Edgar M.

Elevator shoes, also called height-increasing shoes or lift shoes, are specialist footwear designed to make you taller.

Some of our customers wore them to add height as fashionable footwear. While others seek the confidence boost of elevating themselves with extra height.

what are elevator shoes

The key to elevator shoes is their built-in height increase insole and heel construction, which lifts the wearer higher than standard shoes. If you are interested in the structure of this shoe model, you can read this technical article, "What are elevator shoes?".

Chamaripa's shoes have internal discreet inserts to add extra height. Therefore, these lift shoes are unnoticeable to others. They discreetly achieve the height-boosting effect.

How Do Elevator Shoes Work

The height that elevator shoes add can vary depending on the shoe model at On average, you can gain a 2–5 inch (5–10 cm) boost.

Furthermore, you can customize your shoes with lifts of 6 inches or even 7 inches at CHAMARIPA. Just contact our professional customer service; our staff is willing to work with you to make the best elevator shoes.

Most elevator shoes look like normal shoes because their high soles are built-in as midsoles, making you look taller. However, some models with higher lifts over 3 inches may have bigger soles or heels outside. Good shoe designs are less obvious when trying to hide the extra height.

Some important things about shoes with lifts are:

Heels with a hidden wedge or lift: The heel of the shoe is often built with a wedge or lift inside to raise the foot and make the wearer stand taller. Compared to traditional wedge sneakers or men's high platform shoes, elevator shoes are harder to notice.

Hidden high-end lift shoes hide the extra height more subtly by placing the insole across the whole sole instead of just at the heel.

CHAMARIPA offers various dress shoe styles like oxfords, loafers, and dress boots. You can enjoy these classic, sleek styles while hiding the thick bottom.

Some models have extra padding on the insole or around the heel counter to hide the extra height and make the shoe more comfortable.

The shoe size may be a half or full size bigger than the real foot size to allow for the height-raised insole while still looking like a normal fit.

There are two situations to know about walking in elevator shoes. Shoes with a small lift, like 6-7 cm, may not feel much different than normal shoes. You likely would even unnotice the extra height when walking.

But shoes with a taller lift, like the 10 cm lift, can be hard to walk in at first. You need time to get used to it. Over 10 cm lift shoes will take even more time.

You can learn how to walk in elevator shoes with practice. When you start, go with a 5-10 cm lift. This makes it easier to get comfortable. Don't start with really tall shoes or they may be hard to wear right away.

It is better to raise the height of the hidden lift a little at a time. This lets your body adjust to standing and walking higher up. Small lifts feel almost normal. But big lifts take learning a new way to walk. Go step-by-step for the best chance of feeling good.

Elevator shoes can be worth the money, especially for short men, guys.

That is because they can boost your confidence instantly. The extra height provided by taller shoes can really help people gain confidence in work and social settings. That might be useful for job interviews, parties, or other events where height is an advantage.

However, because these height-increasing shoes raise your height artificially, it takes some time to get used to walking in height boosting shoes. You need to change how you stand and walk.

How comfy elevator shoes are depends on a few things. Shoes with a little height, like 2–3 inches, often feel okay. Big lifts over 3 inches may take time to get used to.

Shoes made from high-quality materials can also be comfortable. Leather or soft material with cushioning usually feels better than stiff, cheap shoes.

Furthermore, full-feet-length, height-increasing layers are more comfortable than only heel-lift shoes.

Support in the arch of the foot and squishy padding inside helps a lot with comfort. Tightness can rub and blister, too.

In the end, you can find these in CHAMARIPA elevator shoes.

why elevator shoes are comfortable

CMR Chamaripa is the top professional international elevator shoe brand. Therefore, we are constantly focusing on height increasing shoes and high heel shoes for men to make them taller invisibly. All our tall men shoes use 100% imported high-quality genuine leather. And we always offer 100% satisfaction elevator shoes for short men. Our men's high heels are shoes to make you taller invisibly. However, they are still comfortable and fashionable. Furthermore, Chamaripa taller shoes can make you taller by 2-6 inches invisibly and instantly by inserting different height invisible lifts. Then, you will become more confident when you are taller.

Are you still trying to figure out how to increase your height quickly? If you want to look for elevator shoes near me, Chamaripa can help. Our shoes can increase height and look the same as ordinary shoes. However, wearing them can immediately make you taller by 5-15cm.

CMR Chamaripa has a wide collection of height increase shoes and boots. You can choose from elevator sneakers, eleva shoes 5 inches, mens shoes with heels, tall men shoes, wedding shoes, and men's shoes that make you taller. You will love our men's lift shoes. If you want to find elevated shoes, you can find us to make you taller. We offer the best and fastest shipping. Chamaripa also provides shoe lifts, built-up shoes for shorter leg, lld shoes, 5 inches, shoes for short men, 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, and tall men height increasing shoes. Which are 100% tailored to your needs. CMR Chamaripa strives to be the best online store for shoes that make you taller, offering top quality and fastest shipping. Chamaripa is your best choice for height increase shoes. If you have questions about shoes with lifts, our warmest customer service team will serve you 24 hours.

Therefore, choosing CMR Chamaripa or mens shoes with lifts is a wise choice for you. We also offer elevator shoes 5 inches, 10 inches, loafers, men's shoes with heels height online, and men's shoes that make you taller. You will love our men's lifts shoes. You can choose our shoes if you want to find elevator taller shoes. We can offer the best and fastest shipping.

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