elevator shoes for men
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  • comfortable height increasing boots
    by wil***** on Jun 24,2017
    They were exactly as presented on the catalog page. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to comfortably add a few inches to their height. By inserting rubberized heel pads, the total height increase became 4". Am now looking for the same shoe with leather soles for dancing.
  • Free shipping
    by Bre***** on Jun 24,2017
    I love this product. It's great product in reasonable price.Free shipping, I love.
  • Elegant shoes
    by soa***** on Jun 24,2017
    I really liked these shoes, good finish and style. If this is your first time walking in elevator shoes, you'll need a moment to get use to it, but after that you won't notice them. They come in a nice box with a cotton covers to storage them, just like designer shoes. Highly recommended.

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Welcome Chamaripa ® online shop

Chamaripa, name after the master shoemaker, is one of largest manufacturer for height increasing elevator shoes all over the world. With more than 20 years experiences, Chamaripa developed great ability of design and high level skills of shoemaking.

We are dedicated to provide you the best quality footwear with the best material and design. Our unique design of whole pad increasing layer follows the principle of arch mechanics, together with the comfortable soft feeling from it, make our shoes healthier than ever.

With the focus on combining the great originality of design and exquisite shoemaking skills. Blending romantic culture , aesthetic fashion and elevator function, Chamaripa deliver comfort, self-confidence and vitality to you. The increase of 2-5 inches is not only on your height, but also a gain of confidence and a plus of your temperament. It creates you more life possibility.

Stand higher and go farther with Chamaripa.