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Why choose Chamaripa?

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Chamaripa

  • 1.Free shipping!!! 1-7 days arrive worldwide.

    CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoe: Free shipping is available in more than 150 countries ,no additional shipping cost(All items). Free shipping countries include: US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, UAE, India, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg , Norway, Hungary, Thailand, etc.

    An elevator shoe brand: Claiming that free shipping, but it is not true. Their free shipping is only for the United States with the requirement of a minimum purchase amount. If you buy from another country, you will be charged an extra $ 30-60 for shipping.

  • 2.Free lifetime replacement of the Height Increasing layer.

    CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoe: We promise to replace the height increasing layer for free whole life long! !! Even if you have worn it for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years .... you can change it for free! !! Our height increasing layer is made of an environmentally friendly material- polyether , which will never squish and deform.

    An elevator shoe brand: Can't make the same promise, because they use cheap EVA foam material,which is black, rough and smelly. There are impurities and bubbles inside. Their height increasing layer is easy to deform, aging, squish, crush after wearing it for half a year or one year.

  • 3.We provide customization service.

    CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoe: Would you like to change the model, height, leather, color, or add your favorite text and graphics on it? Especially get the misaligned foot shoes? ... CHAMARIPA can realize all the above customized requirements! Only professional shoes factory with independent R&D and production capabilities can provide such customized services.

    An elevator shoe brand: No matter how they brag that they are the leading brand of elevator shoes industry, they cannot hide the truth when you ask them Can you make customized shoes for me? If not, It can be sure that they don’t have their own factory or R & D department. They are just a trader ,can't be the real industry-leading brand.

    View About Chamaripa Custom Service>>

  • 4.Free maintenance within two years.

    CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoe: We have our own professional factory, providing free maintenance service within two years, only the shipping cost for return and resend is then paid by the customer. Pls feel free contact our after-sales customer service to confirm and confirm whether the shoes is repairable.

    An elevator shoe brand: claiming that accept returns or after-sales service. But in fact,they don’t have factory,cannot providing an efficient and effective after-sales service. Also claiming that providing the 6-month warranty and replacement, but they asking all the returnes goods need to be in good perfect condition,as well as unworn and scratches. Always checking that WARRANTY MAINTANCE have any useful and meaningful for customer.

  • 5.Chamaripa is more comfortable to wear.

    CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoe: Our height increasing layers are specially designed for each model and size,according to human foot bone structure and the principle of walking mechanics. Featuring with 15-degree proper curve, the height increasing layer is made of light, soft and elastic material, closely fit to the arch of the foot, making you feel strength evenly.

    An elevator shoe brand: In order to reduce the cost during the production,use the same height increasing layer for each size of all shoes style. This does not match human foot curve, then will make you feel pain when wear on it.

  • 6.CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoe look normal and more invisible.

    CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoe: After more than 20 years of professional R&D, CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoe are designed with the appearance to be just like any non-height increasing shoe. It only looks slightly higher in the back, which is comparable to normal shoes.

    An elevator shoe brand: is lack of the R&D capabilities. It is visible when you wear on it.

  • Chamaripa is in the high-end products, Chamaripa always use the best material for shoes production.

    Expensive but high quality elevators shoes bring you comfortable and confidence everyday, compared with those cheap and unprofessional shoes which will bring you bad experience after your purchase.

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