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LOVE them.The product is excellent, you can really see the attention to detail; and the package was a great touch of class. This shoe is one of my best purchases ever! Nothing is better than wearing something that is handmade and of the highest quality.

SILVIO L. | Austria

  • Great looking, Great fit - Elevator Shoes

    I really enjoy using Chamaripashoes.com because the construction quality of your footwear is very professional, they are very comfortable. These are probably the most comfortable elevator shoe I own.

    Your shop made building a new elevator shoe wardrobe of classic styles an absolute breeze. The stitching is really tight and neat. They really ooze quality! The team's courtesy, the great communication, and your awesome service (and free lifetime replacement height increasing layer ) impressed me even before receiving the shoes.

    – David McReynolds | United States

  • I love the secret lift

    I found Chamaripa online. I have never had shoes like this before. I am glad I found your site and get the shoes that make me look taller. Say goodbye to the short height.

    The shoes I bought were made with great care and skill. I can definitely feel the difference between elevator shoes and regular shoes, the elevator shoes look like normal shoes from the outside but build in the comfort hidden heel insole. I like most of your shoe designs and styles, and I will definitely buy more of them.

    The customer service was very nice and friendly. I also really appreciated the very useful and understanding help and advice they provided.

    Your homepage is very well-thought-out, too. I found it very informative and interesting. I also like the way your shop is put together.

    – Stefano Gaburri | Ireland

  • Buy it!!

    I found out about Chamariopa shoes on an English forum for Grow Tall. I was looking for a product to help me grow taller, I was so lucky to find the Chamaripa height increasing shoes . The ordering process was simple and my experience with the delivery was purely positive.

    I bought a lot of shoes from Chamaripa these years, the height change can be achieved whether you want to be a few centimeters taller or grow several inches. You could even get a range of shoes to cover different business and social occasions.

    – Abraham | United Kingdom

Chamaripa is my favorite shoe for all occasions.

I was hesitant to order shoes online. But the quality of the shoe is very impressive. Built-in hidden lift inserts. They're easy to walk in, they do not feel different from regular shoes. It has the perfect look for a relaxed day or a day out running errands! It’s stylish & comfort is everything you need and more. I recommend it for everyone!

— Stephen Devon | Australia

  • Recommended!

    The website is well designed, informative and valuable – without being ostentatious – with useful explications and a noticeable “passion” for elevator shoe making.

    After I got my first pair of shoes and shoetrees, I think very highly of the products. Graceful designs, that I only know from more expensive footwear. The fitting is excellent.

    Of course, with their extraordinary comfort, my elevator shoes can go anywhere. But as my wife says, they are dress shoes and suitable for the most dressy events. Not only that, they answer that vexing question: how to look taller. Nice!

    – Alparslan Bucak | Turkey

  • Best buy!

    I love these elevator sneakers. SO many of my friends had them and I bought them because they swore by them. SO comfy. The first time that I wore them was in Trafalgar Square and I did not get any blisters. Bar tar is easy to wipe off. I prefer to wear these than any shoes.

    I would remiss not to also talk about the wonderful customer service and personal service they provide. When I have reached out with a question they are quick to respond and provide real honesty, sincerity, and care for their customers. even if they have never met them and/or they are oceans away.

    Yes, they are a little pricey, but it is a responsible price to the quality, manufacturing, and company and employees' well-being. It is difficult in these times to say things are "worth" it, but these hoes are definitely "worth" it. They are comfy, stylish, a great story, a great company with great employees, and get head turns at the same time.

    Get a pair and don't look back!

    – Mandy Steven | United Kingdom

  • Great Shoes!

    I absolutely love these shoes! They are definitely my favorite dress shoes now. It fits perfectly! They are so comfortable too. I received them the same night I was going to the theatre to see a play with my wife. She is only an inch shorter than I am and wears heals to certain events like that. Now with these elevator shoes, I am still taller than she is. They were perfect for the night and never once bothered my feet.

    They are so good-looking too, you can"t tell that they are lift shoes - I just love them. They came with individual cloth shoe bags and a shoehorn, along with added inserts for comfort and added lift (which I didn’t need to use). I can't recommend these shoes enough. If you’re looking for a great shoe with added lift and a great price – this is the place to get them.

    – Christian Finke | Canada

Nicely made. Worth the effort.

These elevator shoes make you taller in secret. If you are concerned about someone being able to tell these are "heightening" shoes, don't worry, you really can't tell just by looking at the shoe once it is on your foot. If you examined the shoe closely, you can see somethings a little different but they would have to have the shoe in their hand to tell. There is no actual "insert" that can be seen. The extra height is just built into the shoe. It does feel different to walk in these shoes. Three inches is a pretty big lift to add and when you walk heel to toe. There is a pretty big drop as the toe comes down. I guess it's similar to a woman who has to walk in high heels. Once you get used to that though, its worth the effort. I am 5 foot 2 and with the shoes I am about 5 foot 4 or 5 foot 5. Doesn't sound like much to other people, but to me it's a lot!

— David Block | United States

  • Absolutely beautiful and well made!

    Bought them for hubby's Father's Day. He is totally excited about the shoe. It is chic. The leather has everybody's attention. He receives compliments every time he wears them. I love the secret lift, I'm taller than he is and it brings him a little closer me my height. That's our personal joke every time he wears them. Lol. they fit perfectly. We are so in love with these shoes.

    From now on I am an official Chamaripa-fan. The quality of products and the service have really inspired me. Now I will rather pay a little more money for Chamaripa shoes instead of buying cheap shoes every six weeks again.

    – Christabel .S | New Zealand

  • Tough stuff

    I threw all heel insoles in the trash once I received the elevator shoes from Chamaripa.

    OMG! These elevator shoes are surprisingly very comfortable! This is due to the inserted cushions found in each pair which make you feel like you are walking in heaven with each step. The best part is that you get to wear them around anywhere anytime! You can wear it while you’re in your office, house, or when going for a walk. Every time you wear and walk on those elevator shoes, you can always trust that they will always feel comfortable. They do add an extra couple of inches in height, which doesn't hurt. But The high heel insoles are very hard, causing pain to the feet when worn for a long time, and the insole will deform.

    If you're considering getting a pair (or pairs) of elevator shoes for yourself, just try the Chamaripa shoes.

    With each pair of elevator shoes, I advise you to take a period at home to break them in. This involves walking slowly, heel to toe, to get a feel for the insole and the build of the shoe.

    – Johnny Gannalo | United Kingdom

  • Great Shoes High Quality!

    They fulfill the objective of looking taller or more stylized and they are also very beautiful, at first a little uncomfortable because you feel that they can get off your feet, but it is only the beginning, then you get used to it because it is only the feeling, in reality I highly recommend them and they are very comfortable.

    Some elevator shoes for raising height look too obvious.The shoes look much better in person than they do in the picture. Just my opinion, but the pictures made the shoes look a little cheap.

    – Joe Audio | Canada