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What is CHAMARIRA Dropshipping/Wholesale?

     With CHAMARIPA dropshipping, you can sell products online to your customers without actually keeping them in stock.

We ship products to YOUR CUSTOMER directly!

  • Easy to StartDirect marketing is easy to start, all you need to do is to establish a sales channel: your own website, Amazon or eBay seller account.
  • No Stock RequiredYou don't need to keep stock of any items you sell. You sell it, you buy it from us, we dispatch it on your behalf.
  • Delivered to your customersAfter you received the customer's order, we will send Chamaripa shoes, your brand or unbranded shoes directly to your customer.

Your Benefits

1. Simple operation, no actual inventory, zero risk. Chamaripa is responsible for order processing, packaging and shipping orders, so you can save money and time.

2. High yield, we provide the lowest Dropshipping price, you can profit from the difference between our Droppshipping price and the retail price paid by customers.

3. Chamaripa has its own factory and designer, which can meet any custom requirements of you.

4. Chamaripa can provide high-definition, beautiful, product pictures, products that can be quickly and easily promoted.

5. You can customize your brand LOGO or unbranded shoes and send it to your customers.

6. The express package does not mention our company name, and the packaging is also in privacy packaging. The customer does not know that it is shipped by Chamaripa.

What we provide

  • Product Image

    You can download our images directly from our website, or you can shoot by yourself!

  • Livestock feed

    We will regularly update the inventory strictly-we will provide you with real-time updates.

  • Product specifications

    Shoe upper, inch lining, socks, sole material, height increase, fastening details... We provide you with all the details you need to start.

  • Packaging and shipping

    We do not get any profit from transportation, so we always try to find the most favorable and best transportation logistics to send shoes to your customers. We provide a variety of services: expedited logistics, general logistics.

See why choose Chamaripa to Make money

1,000+ happy customers worldwide are already joining Chamaripa.

  • Since joining Chamaripa's Droppshiping program, my shoe store business has increased by 40%, and the return rate of old customers is gradually increasing. Good benefit.

    Rob Ford
    Shoe Shop Owner

  • I am a loyal customer of Chamaripa shoe, last year, I joined in Chamaripa dropshipping business because I have worn many Chamaripa shoes, I trusted its quality and service, so far my business has increased by 25% compare last year, I believe my sales can be increased up to 50% as more and more people know my business.

    Tucker Alleborn
    Website owner

  • There are thousands of products you can make 30–50% profit margins from. Chamaripa has its own factory if you are interested in the elevator shoe business, you should choose Chamaripa, This creates a great opportunity for people selling to developed countries like the US.

    Jason Johnson
    Youtube Celebrities

  • Since I don't need to stock or handle the items are selling, it’s possible to start a dropshipping business with limited funds. I just post the product image and video to show the Chamaripa shoes, once I got the order from our customers, Chamaripa can help me ship the shoes, it really convenient and profitable way to do small business.


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Email: [email protected]

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