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How to find CMR Chamaripa?

CMR Chamaripa has been making height-increasing shoes since 1992, Our brand mission: Make The Best Elevator Shoes. If you are interested in our brand, you can quickly find us through the following methods:

1. Bookmark CMR Chamaripa Website

You can Bookmark https://www.chamaripashoes.com/ to your browser's favorites bar, so that you can quickly reach the official website of chamaripa.(How To Bookmark Webpages On Your Browser: https://mycomputerworks.com/how-to-bookmark-webpages-browser/)

2. App

CMR Chamaripa already developed an Android app, you can download from the Google store. IPhone App is currently under development and will be released soon. CMR Chamaripa Android APP download URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.cmrapp)

3. Social Media

You can bookmark or add us as friends. Our social accounts list:

4. WhatsApp

If you have a Whatsapp account, you can chat with us at any time to consult any information about your order, and we will reply to you in time. Our Whatsapp account is as follows:

  • Whatsapp 1 : Jessica  001-949-302-2386(Click to Chat, Whatsapp only)

  • Whatsapp 2 : Bella 0086 170 5284 0414(Click to Chat, Whatsapp only)

  • Whatsapp 3 :  Diana 001-626-531-5092(Click to Chat, Whatsapp only)

  • Whatsapp 4 : Janice 0086-198-6616-6395(Click to Chat, Whatsapp only)

  • Whatsapp 5 : Crystal  001-949-302-2354(Click to Chat, Whatsapp only)

  • Whatsapp 6 : Angie 0086 15102046891(Click to Chat, Whatsapp only)

  • Facebook : [email protected](Click to Add) add us,get more discount

5. Search Engine, Such as: Google

You can search for our brand in the search engine, such as keywords: "CMR chamaripa", "chamaripa", "CMR shoes", etc., but be sure to click on our official website chamaripashoes.com,Please do not click on other sites. such as:

6. Subscribe to our website

You can easily subscribe to us. After you add your email address to the subscription list, we will periodically send you our new products, discounts and other information through Email. You can subscribe through the bottom.