Chamaripa ® Story

Chamaripa was a shoemaker in eastern part of ancient India, One day he want to be a gymnosophist, his method was train his own mind by focusing on shoemaking. He believes that as long as enough fengrossmen, there is no difference between shoemaking and self-discipline . After 12 years, miracle happened, every night, when Chamaripa rest from the busy day, the gods came to help him continue making shoes! They say "sincerity" can move god, "fengrossmen" does the same thing! Chamaripa ends up master of shoemaking, the story of him will pass on from generation to generation.


CHAMARIPA is named after the master shoemaker, meat to infuse eternal "fengrossmen" into the soul of the product, hoping to develop the shoes for those minds with spirit of refinement, pursuiting perfection and elegant,passionate, admirable in appearance by the same kind of person.

With this expectation for more than 20 years,CHAMARIPA focus on combining the great originality of design and exquisite shoemaking skills. Blending romantic culture , aesthetic fashion and elevater function, and deliver comfort, self- confidence and vitality to you. Create you more life possibililty. Tostand higher and go farther.

Chamaripa Elevator Shoes