Chamaripa ® Story

Chamaripa was a mahasiddhas in ancient India for his work in making shoes who ranked 14th in Eighty-Four Mahasiddhas. Fond of making shoes and obsessed in the work day and night, he finally perceived Buddhist spirit and gained Buddhist wisdom. His behavior inspired all gods to help him make more and more exquisite shoes. Thus the shoe wearers can build better figures in daily life and work, enjoy the feeling "Taller than others" at all times, on all occasions and at all things!

CHAMARIPA adheres to its spirit and purpose:

Make our CHAMARIPA elevator shoes and CHAMARIPA shoes wearers stand out, increase more value for consumers, make their lives and work simpler ,safer ,more convenient, more interesting than ever, and productive!


CHAMARIPA is named after the master shoemaker, meat to infuse eternal "fengrossmen" into the soul of the product, hoping to develop the shoes for those minds with spirit of refinement, pursuiting perfection and elegant,passionate, admirable in appearance by the same kind of person.

With this expectation for more than 20 years,CHAMARIPA focus on combining the great originality of design and exquisite shoemaking skills. Blending romantic culture , aesthetic fashion and elevater function, and deliver comfort, self- confidence and vitality to you. Create you more life possibililty. Tostand higher and go farther.

Chamaripa Elevator Shoes