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It is all fun and games when shopping for men’s high heel shoes – elevator shoes, but if you are not a pro, then walking in them can be a bit awkward or problematic, depending on your point of view. Those who are just getting into the high heel culture might find these pointers very helpful. Then, you will know how to walk in elvator shoes.

Start Small Heeled Height

Like any other new thing, walking in high heel shoes can feel foreign. It is almost a guarantee that it will not be as easy as it looks on film or television when people walk around with them, even run and dance. It is therefore advisable to start small and work up the ladder.

walk in elevator shoes

Do not start with the 5 inch ones without any experience walking in heels. This might even be dangerous, it is the perfect recipe for pain and injury. Start small with 2 inch wedges or hidden heels in order to get used to the feeling. Wedge sneakers are especially useful as they provide the much needed stability for beginners.

Technique of Walking in Elevator Shoes

Believe it or not, there are techniques that are recommended when walking on those elevator shoes. There is always the temptation to put the whole foot down all at once, do not do that. This will only result in one looking strange when they are wearing high shoes. Instead it is advisable to put the heel down first, followed by the toe.

This then gives the wearer more balance and ensures their natural stride remains. One of the reasons that women fancy high heels is the sway that it allows them, much like the models do it. To achieve this, experts recommend one walks as if they were walking a straight line on the ground, placing one foot in from of the other. For men’s high heel shoes selection, expertise elevator shoes are the best choice.

If this is too difficult, an ideal solution could be to practice on an actual straight line. While at it, only take small steps, especially at the beginning. For men, you can follow these tips on our article post: how to walk in heels for men.

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Watch How to Walk in Height Increasing Shoes

Mastering the technique of walking with heels can also happen through watching. Simply download a video of a fashion show and watch as the professionals walk down the runways in their heels.

Models might be a little exaggerated, but this does not mean these videos are completely useless. Tone down their technique a little to normal standards and practice what they do in in a mirror.

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Myths of This Fashion Trend

Every fashion forward lady should own at least one pair of ladies high heel shoes. There are several myths that float around when it comes to high heels that should not get in the way of that perfect outfit. There is nobody to tall, or one that cannot walk in heels.

Heels are the true transformative item of clothing, able to give every outfit that extra oomph, of course when well-planned out. It all takes practice and a bit of patience, and within no time those 5 inch stilettos will be part of the shoe collection.

Think also about posture when walking in heels. Ultimately, though, it is all about expression. Do not forget to add a little bit of character. And remember that height increasing sneakers are the most comfortable elevator shoes on walking for all day.

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