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Searching for shoes that make you taller isn’t as impossible as it sounds, even if you’re a man. Elevator shoes really are popular among shorter men as it gives them more height and boosts their confidence. Best of all, most are made with discretion in mind so that only you need ever know you’re wearing shoes to increase your height. If you’re opting for these shoes, it’s essential to find ones which are stylish and comfortable, while giving you that extra lift. So, what are the 20 most stylish elevator sneakers that’ll make you look taller?

Men’s Elevator Sports High Heel Sneakers

Elevator Sneakers 8.5 CM / 3.35 Inches White

These height increasing shoes are smart, sleek, and very minimalistic. What you don’t see is the invisible shoe left design, allowing you to get 8.5cm of additional height. That really helps boost your overall height and it’s all discreetly done too. The gel rearfoot cushion absorbs are fantastic and help to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. These were also inspired by athletes, so you know they’ve gone the extra step.

Men’s Black Leather Casual Sneakers


These are shoes that make you taller. There are padded collars which offer an added layer of comfort and support, along with greater flexibility. The casual sneakers are suitable for all-day use and come with a memory foam insole too. You get 2.76-inches of added height, and the design looks smart too.

Men’s Elevator Athletic Sneakers


If you want tennis shoes that make you taller, these offer great extension at 7cm. These sneakers are suitable for walking, jogging, as well as heading off to work. The mesh lining ensures the shoes are breathable so more comfort for you during cooler and warmer months. These are all-year round shoes, and the elevator sneakers are well designed.  

Chamaripa Microfiber Sporty Heighted Shoes


Shoes for short men don’t come any better than these. You get 8.5cm of invisible height and is made from a mesh finish. While these sneakers offer the casual look, they can be worn for most occasions and have a sporty feel to them. Great for all-year round weather.

Increased Height Men’s Canvas Athletic Sneaker


These Chamaripa canvas shoes are fantastic men’s sneakers that make you taller. You have a classic canvas shoe style, however, that hides the elevation. These height sneakers come with a flexible rubber outsole so they’re durable and breathable lining for that all-day support and comfort. These elevator sneakers are ergonomically designed, lightweight, and offer 6cm of additional height.

Chunky Mesh Men’s 8.5cm Sneakers


If you want height increasing shoes that are smart but casual, these gorgeous mesh chunky sneakers are ideal. They’re lightweight with a modern chunky sole design. The lace-up front keeps on the shoes on the traditional side and there’s 8.5cm of additional height. The chunky sole looks nice but also helps to hide the height increase design.

Chamaripa Apricot Chunky Men’s Sneaker Elevated Shoe


Superlight but casual, these gorgeous Chamaripa elevated sneakers look every bit as charming as they sleek. The apricot finish is trendy and the chunky sole keeps with the modern them. While it sports the traditional laces, the breathable mesh helps keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. There is also 8.5cm of additional height being offered, so that’s useful if you want to add at least 3-inches to your overall height. This high heel sneakers for men is many people’s choice.

Chamaripa Increased Height Sports Sneakers


While the design of the elevator sneakers might be simple, it’s eye-catching, nonetheless. These are shoes that are smart, sleek, and great for any season. These are shoes that make you look taller and they look good. The simple two-stripe design to the sides are lovely and the elasticated laces ensure easy slip-on. You also get 6cm of height.

Chamaripa 7cm Elevated Sneakers


If you want shoes that make you look taller, these elevator sneakers are ideal. While you get 7cm of height from these, you wouldn’t know it just by looking at them. Their design is smart and very discreet which is ideal, to say the least. The contrasting finish feels trendy and there is a cushion feature for your feet. Shoes for men such as these are impressive on many levels.

Men’s Lace-Up Causal Elevator Sneaker Shoes


These are trendy, modern, and styled with athletes in mind. The red and black contrast to the shoe is impressive and there’s no slippage. The rubber traction ensures the shoe grips even in wet weather, which is a bonus, to say the least. They’re designed for comfort and are extremely flexible too. Breathable fabric helps to make these slip-ons a durable shoe for the long-term.

Hidden Heel 7cm Men’s Elevation Sneaker Shoe


The hidden heel 7cm height sneakers are gorgeous. The wine-red and black finish works well together and is perfect for running or a casual stroll. With elasticated fabric, and lace-up fronts, these shoes are easy to slip on.

Chamaripa Height Increasing Men’s Lift Sneaker


These shoes won’t just make you look taller but feel taller as well. These offer 9.5cm of additional height concealed very smartly within the chunky sole design. The sneakers are great for running, workouts, or taking a slow walk. The design is sleek, and the sneakers are finished to a very high standard, making them more durable. It is also a good pair of basketball sneakers that make you taller.

Hidden Heel Increased 5.5cm Height Men’s Sneakers


These sneakers are hidden gems. The hidden heel offers 5.5cm of additional height, quite smartly concealed behind the chunky sole. If you want a pair of shoes that make you taller, these are it. These sneakers offer a minimalism feel, however, it works well and there is a real casual feel to these sneakers too. They look and feel smart.

Apricot Suede Leather 6cm Men’s Elevator Sneaker Shoes


These elevator sneakers are finished in beautiful apricot suede leather and allows for an extra 6cm (or 2.36-inches) of height. There are polyurethane cushioned footbeds which helps to create a comfy and supportive shoe. The chunky sole is quite modern and discreet too.

Casual Men’s White High Heel Lift Skater Sneaker Shoe


These traditional-style trainers come with a chunky but discreet sole, offering a 6cm height advantage. The sneakers are great for any occasion and offer a trendy design. It’s smart, sleek, and quite minimalistic. And it is one of our best white sneakers that make you taller.

Hidden Heel Ventilated Men’s Sneakers


Sporty and stylish, this hidden heel ventilated pair of sneakers is ideal for any man who wants to have the casual look. The deep blue is well finished with the front laces and creates an increase of 2.76-inches in height. It’s a nice addition and can be comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Grey Knit Elevated Men’s Sneakers


If you want shoes for short men that are comfortable but stylish, these are it. The sneakers are lightweight so there’s added comfort for all-day use, and the breathable fabrics make it pleasant to wear throughout the entire year. The invisible height increasing insole offers 5cm of added height, so a nice ergonomic sneaker designed with comfort in mind.

Casual Men’s Sports Height Sneakers


Offering 7cm of added height, these casual men’s sports elevation sneakers are fantastic. The leather overlay ensures you have support during the day and are durable, so they last longer. These are comfy slip-ons that’ll add height but remain comfortable to wear height increasing 5 inches shoes. The hidden height design is welcoming and looks stylish.

Men’s Athletic Shoes That Make you Taller


With this running shoes that make you taller, you’re getting the added 2.76-inches of height (or 7cm to be exact) and yet these sneakers retain their discretion. The design is modern and are lightweight for all-day use. The rubber foam outsoles are fantastic and help improve traction. 

Men’s Leather Grow Taller Sneakers


These are casual sneakers and offer a minimalistic design but still offers everything your feet will need. The sneakers are perfect for summer or heading down to the gym. You get a genuine leather lining with an added mesh insert, ensuring the shoe is breathable day or night. It’s lightweight and the simple design helps to shield the elevation features.

Sneakers To Make You Look and Feel Taller

high heel shoes men deal

The perfect elevated shoe or sneaker is the one that is comfortable, well-designed, affordable, and looks good. Choosing a stylish elevated sneaker isn’t as impossible as it sounds and there are many impressive shoes to consider. You want a sneaker that looks great, but also makes you feel and look taller. Shoes that make you taller do exist, so find the right one for your feet. Go to sneakers that make you taller woman to buy women styles. This list is for elevator sneakers, check leather shoes that make you look taller for dress elevator shoes.

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