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Comfortable Height Increasing Shoes Black Mens Elevator Sneakers Sports Athletic Trainers 7CM / 2.76 Inches
  • Invisible & Secrecy Design
  • Lightweight & Comfy
  • Boosting Your Confidence
  • 3th Generation Height Increasing Layer Technology
  • Features
  • Return Policy
  • 100% Height Guarantee

Free Lifetime Replacement CMR Height Increasing Layer
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CMR CHAMARIPA Comfortable Height Increasing Shoes Black Mens Elevator Sneakers Sports Athletic Trainers 7CM / 2.76 Inches



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    • Invisible & Secrecy Design
    • Lightweight & Comfortable
    • 100% Height Guarantee
    • 3th Generation Height Increasing Layer Technology

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    Engineered to resolve height issue perfectly


    100% Height Guarantee
    Return Policy
    Size Chart
    Product Details
    • Height 7CM / 2.76 Inches instanlty and invisibly
    • Upper MaterialMicrofiber
    • Lining MaterialMesh
    • Outsole MaterialRubber
    • Insole MaterialPU
    • Color SelectionBlack
    • StyleSport,height shoes men, running shoes that add height
    • SeasonSpring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
    • <
    • Material Selection The shoes upper and lining can be made from a variety of materials, with the most popular being leathers, textiles, synthetics. If you want to change the shoe upper material or lined material, please contact us!

    About Chamaripa

    Chamaripa, top brand of international increase height shoes. Founded in 1996, Chamaripa Shoes corporation manufature premium elevator shoes for men relying on quality, service and integrity. Shoesmaking is our realizing art dream. Each pair of Chamaripa height growth shoes are carefully crafted by hand with over 32 separate steps. Supreme quality is the cornerstone of Chamaripa brand.

    1.Chamaripa height increase shoes for men is an online retailer & wholesaler focus on elevator shoes for men and women;
    2.Each pair of Chamaripa lifts for shoes is made of full grain genuine leather;
    3.Our high quality mens elevator sneakers can elevate your height up to 2-5 inch unobtrusively;
    4.Chamaripa height shoes men are comfortable with stylish design and excellent workmanship;
    5.Every order is delivered in fashion box via DHL/FEDEX;
    6.To make you look taller with premium increase height shoes with amiable service is our forever purpose.

    Keep in mind, everyone's feet are different and there's not a sizing scale that fits all! So before you place your order please be sure to carefully review our return & exchange policy on return policys! Happy Shopping!

    Men Size Chart
    US Men Inches Foot Length(CM) Euro UK
    6.5 9 1/4 23.5 37 5.5
    7 9 1/2 24.0 38 6
    7.5 9 5/8 24.5 39 6.5
    8 9 3/4 25.0 40 7
    8.5-9 10-10 1/8 25.5 41 7.5-8
    9.5-10 10 1/4 - 10 1/2 26.0 42 8.5-9
    10.5-11 10 5/8-10 3/4 26.5 43 9.5-10
    11.5 11 27.0 44 10.5
    12 11 1/4 27.5 45 11
    We do no offer HALF SIZES between US 8 and US 11.
    For US 8.5 please order US 9; For US 9.5 please order US 10; For US 10.5 please order US11. For US 11.5, please order US 11.5.


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    1. David H.   Sep 17, 2021

      Thank you very much.   Verified Purchase

      I found the shoes to be very comfortable and with a nice look to them. Will purchase again from your company. Keep up the good work and continue providing excellent service. Thank you very much.
    2. Mark   Aug 3, 2021

      Good for wider feet   Verified Purchase

      I bought these few months back and have used them primarily for my bike rides to date but also for when I return to the gym. I found these shoes (size 8) a little more roomy width wise and in the toe box than other Chamaripa shoes that I've ordered in this size. Still comfortable though. Not sure about durability or whether I would re-order again but it seems a lot of people like this shoe
    3. ibrahim   Apr 12, 2021

      Style Shoe Daily Wear   Verified Purchase

      I bought this shoe in 2020 And still in good condition
      Stylish, comfortable, i love it
    4. Darius   Apr 5, 2019

      Delighted to have this   Verified Purchase

      Lovely shoes, good quality, slightly bigger than expected (for their size) be aware of that. This model gives you a good increase in high, the shoes elevator is not obvious at all but you might like to make your new trousers a little longer, try them on with the Chamaripa shoes for prefect fit. you need to get use to walking with them, no big deal though! they look great, I'm really happy, many thanks.
    5. Alex   Apr 5, 2019

      addicted to Chamaripa   Verified Purchase

      Great experience. I have never written a testimonial before. You guys deserve it. I bought my first pair 2 months ago and bought 3 pair since. I don't think I will buy from another shoe company again. It's cool to walk around the mall and not care to look at shoes. I have my shoe guy !!! My house keeper also wants to thank you guys Your shoes are awesome looking , amazing quality , perfect comfort. My name is Alex I am a shoe addict... Keep me posted on new styles.
    6. Leonidas   Apr 5, 2019

      great quality and nice look   Verified Purchase

      wow!! got my shoes today and they were better than what one could dream of great quality ,very nice look, i also have shopped else were for similar shoes,but no more. i will definitely buy many more pairs from Chamaripa. Earlier i was however a bit skeptical regarding if they would fit but they fit perfectly
    7. Frederick   Apr 5, 2019

      quality and affordability   Verified Purchase

      I recently purchased a pair of these shoes. Wonderful shoes accommodating, comfortable and deliver the promise. No money better invested or spent than in Chamaripa shoes, I will personally recommend this company to everybody cause it means quality and affordability
    8. Keith   Apr 5, 2019

      service is really good.   Verified Purchase

      I bought the show for my son online on Black Friday, it did not fit so I requested for replace. The customer care was prompt and replace the item free of cost. He loves it and have been wearing it everyday. if you want a little more room I’d suggest ordering a half size up. Either way they go with any and everything and they’re just cool to pair with your everyday outfits.
    9. Davis   Apr 5, 2019

      Light hip sneaker with height   Verified Purchase

      In first look these caught my eye. Reminded me of a style I wore in the past. When I bought this I thought I would look like those 50+ year old men wearing what they shouldn't, but I don't.Everyone that seeds them say they look great and they are so comfortable!
      Comfortable and stylish. They sit high as far as the sole. I like that look.
    10. Eden   Apr 5, 2019

      good height but too tight   Verified Purchase

      Got the for my s/o for Valentines day. especially because he wanted to look tall while going out with his girl. He was really happy wearing this one. But I would strongly recommend that you get a size up or at least half a size. They wear a size 9.5 so but I had to exchange it for a 10.5 and it fit perfectly. It is just pretty tight around the toes. Overall, it was a nice gift.
    11. Asa   Apr 5, 2019

      height increasing ability with stylish look   Verified Purchase

      I love my new Chamaripa sneakers. I bought them because of their astonishing height increasing ability, stylish look, their comfortability and the great price I got. These shoes fit my personality and I will be taking them with me on a trip that I have to Israel next week. Thank you.
    12. Chandler   Apr 5, 2019

      bit disappointed in the sizing   Verified Purchase

      I purchased these shoes because my husband was starting a new job and needed black shoes. Overall, they looked awesome but they run much much too small. My husband wears a size 9 and I bought a 9.5 and he could not finish his shift due to them hurting his feet. I shouldve bought a 10, but thought they would be too big. I was a bit disappointed in the sizing.
    13. Ema   Apr 5, 2019

      Stylish Shoes for men!!!   Verified Purchase

      I bought a pair for my husband; he loves them right away and he is one of the pickiest person on the planet!!!!

      Later on, I bought another pair as a birthday gift for my father in law. He loves them!

      Promisingly, I will buy another pair when my husband's ones are worn down. Please keep producing as well as selling this style in Chamaripa!!! Thank you for carrying selectively nice and affordable shoes.
    14. Enrique   Apr 5, 2019

      Microfiber, excellent breathable material   Verified Purchase

      I found this pair in black and they are the only shoe my husband will wear for work in the summer. It has microfiber which are wear resistant easy folding,feather soft which makes it ultra comfortable. In addition these are excellent breathable material. He is on his feet all day and loves them.
    15. Ariel   Apr 5, 2019

      exceptional featured lace, close to perfection   Verified Purchase

      Thank goodness for Chamaripa so carefully designed lace, close to perfection !
      It has a cotton lace which is woven and firm, otherwise most of shoes lace loosen once i run for a mile. In same time these are durable and very easy to clean,which makes it like new every time i clean them. The quality and visual effects are exceptional.
    16. Brycen   Apr 5, 2019

      Rubberised buttom and light weight   Verified Purchase

      I m working as insurance agent, i have to walk for amost 10 kms per day to visit my clients door to door. I wanted a shoe that is durable , comfortable and and good looking. Then i found these shoe which has rubberised buttom, so light weight and comfortable wear resisting. best work sneakers feet dont get wet when rains or when on wet grass, soles wont ware out or fall apart
    17. Scott   Apr 5, 2019

      excellent breathable and is soft and comfortable fabric   Verified Purchase

      My husband works for UPS and is on his feet all day. These are the only shoes he will wear. It has mesh fabric , which is excellent breathable and is soft and comfortable fabric to prevent foot friction. They hold up pretty well, and he has no issues wearing them 12 hours a day. We bought 2 pairs this time because it rains a lot in the summer in FL and this way he always has a dry pair.
    18. Nixon   Apr 5, 2019

      all weather shoe   Verified Purchase

      As i need to spend a lot of time on foot in different weather conditions i need reliable protection for my feet. Here you have what you need. These are all weather shoes, can be wore in summer /winter/rainy. These shoes made to meet my needs absolutely. Great bargain for your money..
    19. Stephnie   Apr 5, 2019

      super comfort for my guy   Verified Purchase

      I purchased these shoes for my boyfriend two years ago and they have become the best work shoe he has ever worn. He is on his feet all day long and this pair of shoes gives him a lot of support and his feet and back no longer hurt at the end of a 9 hour day.
    20. Oakley   Apr 5, 2019

      increase height with comfort   Verified Purchase

      i have bought shoes focusing on my short height, as advertised, it had increased my height almost four inches, i am feeling more confident in approaching people. It has complete makeover my life ..this shoe is comfortable enough for training but a great fit for court use...great arch support and stability for a low cut...
    21. Rhys   Apr 5, 2019

      Excited to wear them.   Verified Purchase

      The Chamaripa Sports Athletic Trainers Sneakers Shoes are excellent, and very comfortable. I have had a pair before and they not only look good, but comfortable and long lasting. Material selection in these are also very good with leather uppers.

      Earlier, I was skeptical of this shoe at first, it is not one of the best looking shoes on the market, but it is comfortable beyond belief! I actually look forward to wearing them, since years of triathlons and marathons have ruined my feet.
    22. Alijah   Apr 5, 2019

      eye catching and trendy   Verified Purchase

      This is my first pair of in black Chamaripa Sports Athletic Trainers Sneakers Shoes. This pair fits equally well, but is a lot more stylish and versatile as the logos are suppressed. That said, I wear them in casual dress situations and have received numerous positive complements from both family & friends.

      Overall this is a great shoe that is extremely versatile as well as comfortable.
    23. Benson   Apr 5, 2019

      extreme comfortable   Verified Purchase

      This is one of the best pair of shoes I have ever bought for working out. They are extremely comfortable yet perform well. I do elliptical, ride a bike, and lift weights. These shoes perform well under all circumstances.
      I already had a white pair but with winter coming on needs something that doesn't show as much dirt when working in the yard. These black are ideal.
    24. Braylon   Apr 5, 2019

      Great for Youngster who love to play   Verified Purchase

      I bought this shoe last month for my son who has special needs and is very flat footed. In the past I had great difficulty finding a shoe that allows him to play and get the right shoe support. This was awesome for him. His ankles are well supported. He runs and jumps with ease. His balance is superb. This was definitely one of the best shoe purchases I have made for him.
    25. Sage   Apr 5, 2019

      free delivery and returns   Verified Purchase

      The Sports Athletic Trainers Sneakers Shoes is designed to do it all. Durable construction means it can stand up to rigorous training, while lightweight cushioning delivers protection and a comfortable fit. In addition online shopping at Chamaripa offers ease of free delivery and returns! I save gas and time, and shop worry free!
    26. Jayson   Apr 4, 2019

      fit and ultra comfort   Verified Purchase

      I purchased these shoes 2 weeks ago after injuring my foot and I needed a shoe that would provide ankle and side foot support. These shoes are just what I needed. I expected them to be heavy, but they aren't and my feet aren't tired at the end of my work day.
    27. Drake   Apr 4, 2019

      feather comfort.   Verified Purchase

      Generally hardly any shoe fit into my requirement, as i have wide and flat feet, selection of shoe become and herculean task. with most of the shoe,i end up hurting myself. Since I bought these shoes my feet no longer hurt at night. They are so comfortable and I feel as if they support them very well. Best money on shoes that I ever spent, and worth every penny.
    28. Kasen   Apr 4, 2019

      Great fitting shoe!   Verified Purchase

      From the first time I put this shoe on my foot, it has felt great. I am a teacher and I am on my feet most of the day. At the end of the day, my feet aren't tired or sore, and it looks great with whatever I wear. It's also been great for walking. I have never been disappointed in Chamaripa shoes.
    29. Corey   Apr 4, 2019

      Snug Fit True to Size with Excellent Padding   Verified Purchase

      I purchased these because I wanted good sole padding when doing aerobic workouts at the gym. They have not let me down. I jump rope and the sole is thick enough to provide a good amount of cushion for the impact. In addition, they are comfortable and are a true fit to size. I feel that I have the proper amount of support around my feet and they have become my exclusive gym shoes. In fact I like them so much I am considering getting another pair for every day use.
    30. Royce   Apr 4, 2019

      No Squeak and great comfort all day   Verified Purchase

      I purchased these shoes for my son to wear to work. He has casted arch support which he wear for each foot. He works at a grocery and is on his feet all day. Other shoes tend to squeak as he work all day. He said that they are very comfortable and he enjoys wearing them.
    31. Maximilan   Apr 4, 2019

      Perfection in black!   Verified Purchase

      I wear these for work as part of my uniform which requires black shoes. I am on my 2nd pair and ready to purchase a 3rd as my 1st are worn out and I like to rotate my shoes. It is hard for me to find shoes/sneakers that are appropriate and comfortable while also sturdy enough to hold up to the demands of my job. My original pair was purchased back when these were first on the market and lasted longer than previous styles I have tried. I will continue to buy and wear this style until they are no longer available. Hopefully by that time I will be stocked up!
    32. Milan   Apr 4, 2019

      Perfect shoe for a soccer ref!   Verified Purchase

      Needed to replace my outdoor soccer ref shoes, and thrilled that I could get an exact replacement! These are water resistant, supportive and easy to run in. They're not the most comfortable shoe, but they're great for what I need.They protect my foot soles from the hot Dallas summers, and keep my feet warm in winter. My former shoes lasted about 3 years!
    33. Matthias   Apr 4, 2019

      few weeks to break in period   Verified Purchase

      I'm janitor at a sheet metal place constantly walking, pushing, and lifting things for 10+ hours a day. I bought these on a whim knowing nothing about shoes but knowing enough that I need something nice to separate me from the ground. They're solid and do the job; only gripe is they're kind of narrow at my foot's widest point which really bothers me because my feet aren't that wide and my skinny skate shoes don't have this problem. It took a few weeks to break them in somewhat but given the extreme task I give these shoes, I'm happy with them regardless. Won't buy them again but I don't regret them for what they are
    34. Francis   Apr 4, 2019

      all purpose sports shoe   Verified Purchase

      I bought one pair and found it to have great support something more expected from a leather shoe. So I wore it for Golf and found it comfortable and very stable for Golf. When I swing my clubs the shoe was as good or better then my golf shoe. a good alternative as a all purpose sports shoe.
    35. Ronald   Apr 4, 2019

      Free return!!   Verified Purchase

      The shoes look good that is the reason i bought them. I bought them a size big so they would be comfortable but when i put them on they were very tight. I was hoping they would loosen up but unfortunately they did not. I had to return the shoes and It got replaced at free of cost and service was courteous and prompt.
    36. Mathias   Apr 4, 2019

      Classic, Comfort, Support, Style   Verified Purchase

      Really a great product * I've been wearing sneaker-shoes well over several years, & these definitely don't disappoint. This apparently is the perfect type of shoe for me. I instantly noticed the comfort fit, & feel, Very good insulation / shock absorbing /well balanced support. Truly a well designed comfortable shoe. The Black/Grayish white goes very well with my scrub - uniform too.
    37. Bowen   Apr 4, 2019

      Squeaky!   Verified Purchase

      This is the third or fourth of these shoes I have bought. My feet are very hard to fit, and this is one of the few that fits me comfortably, but I keep having the same problem. Within a few days of starting to wear the shoes, they start to squeak! It drives me crazy. I wear an orthotic so I remove the footbed, but I wear orthotics with other shoes and they don't squeak. What is the problem? Is it cheap materials?
    38. Dax   Apr 4, 2019

      nice shoes but short life   Verified Purchase

      I,m on prob. on my sixth or seventh pair of these shoes,and i love the shoe.I find it hard to find a shoe that fits and this one does fit very well and the price is reasonable.The life of the shoe is where a little short coming takes place,don't dare get these shoes wet from walking in grass,they have a bad habit of separating from the sole.If companies would go back to the stitching around the sole to the leather,this would not happen,otherwise i love the shoe,but $$.$$ a pair adds up when you have to buy 3 pairs in a year.Just saying the stitching would prob. fix this issue or waterproofing the shoe,or waterproof glue on the sole,because you don't have to soak the shoe inside for this to happen.Thank you for listening.
    39. Jennifer   Apr 4, 2019

      No break in period   Verified Purchase

      Just bought my husband yet another pair of these shoes, have lost count how many he’s had over the years. They are super comfortable and supportive as his works shoes, yet nice enough to wear outside of work as well. I like the sturdy sole, which provides support all day long. No break in required.
    40. Drew   Apr 4, 2019

      comfort for old ppl   Verified Purchase

      I buy these shoes for my uncle. He is a dairy farmer and with his joint problems, they are super easy to get on and off compared to boots. He says they give him the support he needs to be on his feet all day. He loves them and it is all he wears!
    41. Kian   Apr 4, 2019

      sturdy and comfortable   Verified Purchase

      We wanted purchase online a standard gym shoes for my husband to wear to work,
      and we found this in Chamaripa. We received them at home in 3 days. The shoes are sturdy and comfortable. Great price and even better customer service. My husband likes his shoes and the support they give is exceptional.
    42. Tate   Apr 4, 2019

      Value for money   Verified Purchase

      I have never had such expectation that this product will be a value for money. I am so delighted that I have chosen this product for running and walking purposes and that too in this price range. Just go for it. It is lightweight, value for money, fits so well, comfortable and many more.
    43. david P.   Oct 15, 2018

      I love it, very nice shoes for the gym   Verified Purchase

      I love it, very nice shoes for the gym, it feels so comfortable. I'm 9 sizes but I decided to order a 10 just in case and was perfect. So if you going to buy this shoes I will recommend ordering 1 size more. After all, those shoes are so cool.
    44. Joshua H.   Oct 13, 2018

      Awesome bang for your buck shoes!   Verified Purchase

      Comfortable shoe and very stylish. Looks almost like a Nike, but without the logo. I enjoy having a shoe without the logo on it!
    45. Larry   Aug 30, 2018

      excellent quality shoes   Verified Purchase

      i have been buy all my shoes, boots, sandals & sneakers from chamaripa shoes for years now and have always been extremely happy with the service & the product.
    46. jasper   Aug 12, 2018

      Mesh sneakers   Verified Purchase

      Nice shoe for the money and fast shipping too.
    47. Nicholas   Aug 10, 2018

      Easy site to navigate   Verified Purchase

      Great selection. Products are well displayed. Checkout is easy.
    48. Donald   Aug 8, 2018

      Great Website   Verified Purchase

      Amazing! You guys are great! I only wear your shoes lol...
    49. jamie   Aug 3, 2018

      very good   Verified Purchase

      Shopping experience has gone well. The site is easy to navigate.

    50. Steven   Jul 30, 2018

      So far so good   Verified Purchase

      So far so good, looking forward to receive my shoes!
      I have already quite a few pairs and really fitting great
    51. Christian   Jul 29, 2018

      Nice website   Verified Purchase

      I have always been happy either by the shoes or the service.
    52. Fabio   Jul 11, 2018

      Great customer service   Verified Purchase

      Great customer service, will buy again and recommend to others.
      Thank you
    53. SAMUEL   Jul 11, 2018

      Great quality shoes and service   Verified Purchase

      Cheap price, fast delivery and great customer services:
    54. mark B.   Jun 26, 2018

      awesome shoes!!!   Verified Purchase

      this is my second pair of these shoes, they feel great, last a LONG TIME, but i would order one size larger cause they tend to be a size smaller, other than that, they will satisfy your expectations
    55. Zaid   Jun 21, 2018

      Quick   Verified Purchase

      Very easy website to use. Thank you so much and happy holidays to you and your families.
    56. William H.   Apr 27, 2018

      comfortable and fit as expected   Verified Purchase

      Great looking shoes, very comfortable and fit as expected. I've received several compliments while wearing them.
    57. J.mists   Apr 27, 2018

      Fantastic on all counts!   Verified Purchase

      I purchased this as a gift for my boyfriend, who happens to be a bit shorter than me (I'm 6' 1", he's 5' 10.5"). I had no idea how practical these shoes would be, but I thought it would be fun for him to wear "once in a while" when we're home alone together. When I got them, they were gorgeous and I was very impressed with the quality. When he tried them on, BOOM, he was a little taller than me for the first time in our relationship (fun!), but that wasn't the best part -- he found them ultra-comfortable, and wore them for an outing we had planned later that night. He said they didn't make his feet hurt at all, and could see himself wearing them regularly! Really unexpected. Also, for those with wide feet like my guy, I ordered a half size up and it fit him perfectly! So 5 stars, no question.
    58. Dave   Mar 23, 2018

      If half size order next size up. Great comfy shoes!!   Verified Purchase

      My brother LOVES these!! They breathe, they slip on with no socks needed and they are comfy. I'm so happy I got them for him. He wears 10.5 and I got 11 and they fit great.
    59. Petit   Mar 4, 2018

      The Shoe is really great. Fits perfectly   Verified Purchase

      Great quality pair of shoes at a good price. Very pleased. Fit as expected.
    60. Gunner   Mar 4, 2018

      I love these shoes and I wore them to gym   Verified Purchase

      I love these shoes and I wore them to the gym, I was on my feet the whole time. I most definitely would order these again.
    61. Marlee .   Feb 14, 2018

      Everyday shoes   Verified Purchase

      These are good everyday shoes. My husband wears them often and we re-order/buy them whenever the older pair wears out. They take a lot of abuse and they look great over time. They're not luxurious shoes, but they're good everyday shoes for casual wear.
    62. MSM   Feb 12, 2018

      As expected   Verified Purchase

      I ll buy another pair
    63. Brian   Feb 9, 2018

      No complaints   Verified Purchase

      products are worthy 5 stars.
    64. Feroy   Jan 10, 2018

      great service and great price   Verified Purchase

      I was honestly so surprised to see the sports that I've been looking for on this website for such an amazing deal! On top of that, my shoes fit for my feet! Amazing!
    65. bonbon   Oct 20, 2017

      good deals   Verified Purchase

      Love this shoes. I bought 2 other elevator dress shoes. Very light and comfortable. Good for walking and running.


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