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Chamaripa Height Increasing Sneaker Dark Grey Mesh Chunky Sneakers Shoes that Make You Taller 8CM / 3.15Inches

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100% Height Guarantee

Free Exchange: shoe height less than the description (height difference >0.5 cm)

FREE Lifetime Replacement CMR Height Increasing Layer

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CMR CHAMARIPA Height Increasing Sneaker Dark Grey Mesh Chunky Sneakers Shoes that Make You Taller 8CM / 3.15Inches




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    100% Height Guarantee

    Free Exchange: shoe height less than the description (height difference >0.5 cm)

    FREE Lifetime Replacement CMR Height Increasing Layer


    Engineered to resolve height issue perfectly

    • Height Increase 8CM / 3.15Inches
    • Upper MaterialSuede Leather, Mesh
    • Lining MaterialMesh
    • Color SelectionDark Grey
    • SeasonSpring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
    • Features Smarten up your casual footwear collection with these super lightweight trainers from our men collection. A modern chunky sole and graphic print give these men' trainers an ultra-cool vibe. Traditional lace-up closure, thin tongue, cushioned collar allows for lasting comfort. Breathable mesh upper and built-in antibacterial finish help to keep feet fresher for longer. Non-marking soles that won't leave scuffs on your floor.
    • Material Selection The shoes upper and lining can be made from a variety of materials, with the most popular being leathers, textiles, synthetics. If you want to change the shoe upper material or lined material, please contact us!

    Please Keep in mind, everyone's feet are different and there's not a scale that fits all! So before you place your order please be sure to carefully review our return & exchange policy ( return policys )! Happy Shopping!

    Men Size Chart
    US Men Inches Foot Length(CM) Euro UK
    6.5 9 1/4 23.5 37 5.5
    7 9 1/2 24.0 38 6
    7.5 9 5/8 24.5 39 6.5
    8 9 3/4 25.0 40 7
    8.5-9 10-10 1/8 25.5 41 7.5-8
    9.5-10 10 1/4 - 10 1/2 26.0 42 8.5-9
    10.5-11 10 5/8-10 3/4 26.5 43 9.5-10
    11.5 11 27.0 44 10.5
    12 11 1/4 27.5 45 11
    We do no offer HALF SIZES between US 8 and US 11.
    For US8.5 please order US9; For US9.5 please order US10; For US10.5 please order US11. For US11.5, please order US11.5.


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    1. Estanislao   Oct 27, 2021

      Best Pair of Shoes!   Verified Purchase

      I bought these shoes over the weekend because I was in desperate need of a new pair of tall men shoes. I decided to try these out. So far I am in love. they work well to increase my height. The support is amazing and they aren't too tight so my feet are comfortable.
    2. BCkhadivi   Oct 27, 2021

      Unique elevator sneaker   Verified Purchase

      Great elevator sneakers, (very original) I was skeptical, but I walked several miles in them and they are very comfortable I would recommend them to anyone! In my Views, these shoes are great for price, I would order again.
    3. tonyvance   Oct 27, 2021

      Comfortable elevator shoe   Verified Purchase

      Shoes are super fit and lightweight. great for casual walking about. plus they have a lot of vent to keep your feet cool. If you are planning to do some change at height, I recommend to get it. These elevator seakers really would make you taller.
    4. Frank J.   Oct 27, 2021

      Work shoes   Verified Purchase

      My son loves these shoes. Love the fit and feel of the materials, They are trendy and comfortable. He bought them to increase height secretly. Well constructed and breathable will continue to purchase as long as they make them.
    5. Letica   Oct 27, 2021

      Highly recommend.   Verified Purchase

      I was very skeptical but decided to take the chance anyways. I'm glad I did. These elevator sneakers are like wearing socks! Most the time I can't tell they're on my feet they're so comfortable. They're not showing any signs of increasing height.
    6. Michael   Oct 27, 2021

      Pleasantly suprised   Verified Purchase

      The shoes came in before I was expecting them, which is good. Initial inpressions were these hide heel shoes boosted height obviously. I puted them on to walk and was pleasantly suprised at how good they felt. Im gonna have to order me a new set.
    7. Kyle S.   Oct 27, 2021

      Comfortable & Affordable   Verified Purchase

      These elevator shoes are very stylish and very comfortable. Non-marking soles are high end quality, that won't leave scuffs on your floor.. for the price they are outstanding!! Way better than what I expected or hoped for!!
    8. Augusto S.   Oct 27, 2021

      Love it !   Verified Purchase

      This height increasing sneakers comes really light and stylish. these shoes looks like the normal sneakers. It fits me perfectly that makes me fall in love of wearing it almost everyday. The ventilation is pretty good as well. You won’t feel sweaty or discomfort at all.
    9. Kapt.Khaos   Oct 27, 2021

      They fit and don’t slip off.   Verified Purchase

      These are the best made height increasing shoes I’ve purchased so far. Chamaripa is the deal with these types of shoes. These height increasing sneakers like you are wearing “stacked” heels. In my opinion it’s worth it.
    10. David   Oct 27, 2021

      Tall? Yes.   Verified Purchase

      These shoes look great and do what they are meant to do. They made me taller and gave me some confidence in myself that I haven’t had in a long time. It has brought more attention to the shoes, so much in fact. These shoes also are comfortable and fit.
    11. Elton   Oct 25, 2021

      I love this tall shoes !   Verified Purchase

      I love these elevator shoes! They’re comfortable, easy to slip on and off quickly, they look great with anything you like to wear, they are made well, and they get tons of compliments!
    12. Chloe   Oct 25, 2021

      Comfortable, versatile, casual shoes   Verified Purchase

      Incredibly comfortable height shoes that don't pinch or constrict my boyfriend's feet. He really enjoys wearing these shoes.
    13. Denis   Oct 25, 2021

      My favorite pair of elevator shoes   Verified Purchase

      Perfect fit. Good quality. Comfortable. I really like these shoes. They have been holding up very well, but I do regularly clean them. If you like the way these look I say, go ahead and buy a pair. You won't regret it.
    14. Chasel   Oct 25, 2021

      Strong and high quality.   Verified Purchase

      Finally got this tall sneaker and I am very pleased! I knew I would love these at first sight! Nice quality leather and well put together. Amazing and worth every penny!
    15. Chad   Oct 25, 2021

      Fits well   Verified Purchase

      Elevator shoes do not fit well or tend to be heel-heavy, but this pair is very light, and fits well. Keep up the good job and keep improving! I shall wear shoes made by your company only in the future - Chamaripa!
    16. Cash   Oct 25, 2021

      high heel shoes for men   Verified Purchase

      This shoe makes me appear taller while looking very natural. The quality and craftsmanship are so nice I will have to order another one.
    17. Lilith   Oct 25, 2021

      Quality Product   Verified Purchase

      These shoes bring my man a perfect height. Cute and comfortable. My husband used these for his trip and he didn’t have any foot pain! The fit was perfect and he looked fantastic.
    18. Cameron   Oct 25, 2021

      Better than expected   Verified Purchase

      I was pretty skeptical of the comfort and quality of these shoes before I ordered them but I was pleasantly surprised. They fit well and you can't even feel the raised insole.
    19. Caleb   Oct 25, 2021

      Good height increase shoes, great customer service!   Verified Purchase

      Giving this product a 5 out of 5 because the customer service was amazing! They are comfortable to wear and help give you a bit of a height sneaker.
    20. Benno   Oct 25, 2021

      What a fantastic shoe!   Verified Purchase

      Quality tall shoes. Looks and fits right. I have no complaints. Didn’t dislike anything about it. Perfectly fits my size, wouldn’t upsize or downsize. Just order you're normal size without worrying.
    21. Peter M.   Feb 1, 2021

      Perfect shoe for daily wear   Verified Purchase

      These fit so perfectly and are so comfortable, he wears them all the time, and is on his third pair! The flexibility of the sole is provided by its thinness, which, when worn daily, will tend to wear down and eventually crack at the ball of the foot from constant flexing. Great, comfortable shoe!
    22. Kalu U.   Feb 1, 2021

      Great sneaker.   Verified Purchase

      I have been buying these shoes exclusively since I first stumbled on the 5 or so years ago. They don't last forever but they're so comfy.
    23. Ryan P.   Feb 1, 2021

      Perfect fashion sneakers   Verified Purchase

      Five stars. These shoes are extremely comfortable and very stylish. They fit exactly as I hoped they would. They have the overall fit and feel of a minimalist running shoe, but of course, most people will not be running in these. As for walking, I have spent all day walking around town in these shoes and they remain incredibly comfortable all day long.
    24. J A.   Feb 1, 2021

      Great   Verified Purchase

      These were the last resort and I found them to be so much better than expected. They are also working great on my bicycle, which was a large reason to get them. I’m very pleased with this purchase and would get another pair. Plus two sets of laces. Win-win in my book.
    25. Rick M.   Feb 1, 2021

      Super Comfortable Minimalist Shoe   Verified Purchase

      My wife sold me on these shoes after she got the women's version and said they were the most comfortable shoes she's ever owned. After a day at Disney World, she said that her feet were not tired or sore at all. I decided to try them, and they are super comfortable! I'm not sure how I'd like them as a running shoe; I'm not a runner. As a walking shoe, they are great. There's not much to the sole; you can feel bumps and texture of the ground, but I like that. This is my new everyday shoe.
    26. Eric   Feb 1, 2021

      Perfect for Narrow Feet and Kicking around!   Verified Purchase

      This is the second pair I have owned and dearly love them. They are a great kick around the shoe for daily use and a great casual shoe. The shoes fit short and narrow, which is perfect for me. Don't complain that they don't have much Arch support. To you sir, go spend real money on real running shoes.
    27. Brian L.   Feb 1, 2021

      Attractive, versatile, and extremely comfortable.   Verified Purchase

      I usually hate writing reviews, but every now and then I get the itch to do so based on either a awful experience or an outstanding one. This one falls on the latter. This pair is my second pair, just in a different color. These shoes, outside of being extremely attractive, are beyond comfortable. They fit almost like a slipper would with amazing flexibility. Some people may not find the flexibility of the shoe to be beneficial based on their needs, but for me they are perfect. I use these to go to the gym to do weight training and cardio. However, these things look amazing with a pair or shorts or a nice pair of jeans.


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