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Wedding Bells: Spotting Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men

Whether you are attending as a guest, the best man, or the groom himself, wearing appropriate shoes in a wedding is paramount because you would want to distinguish yourself from other men there. As the groom, you would want to spend on quality shoes to complement your fiancé’s gorgeous and well-thought of gown. You also have to ensure the dress shoes for men that you wear will accentuate the suit that you are wearing. Looking good is never an easy task, let me tell you that, but with the correct footwear, you will realize looking sharp can take you to places, and in this case, the end of the altar waiting for the most special woman in your life.

dress shoes for men

However, if you are the groom and is on the shorter side in terms of height, it is imperative to look for the perfect pair that will give you additional length because your wife will surely wear killer heels. After all, you want to dress your part accordingly and you would not want anyone stealing your thunder because it is your special day! Here are the top priorities must consider when deciding on which is the best dress shoes for men:

1.Comfort Is Everything

From the church to the wedding reception, you are left with nothing but your shoes, your clothes, and your presence. Make sure you buy comfortable dress shoes for men because who knows what that night can offer. You might even find your future wife there (if you are the best man) or if you are attending as the groom, you will definitely have a slim chance of sitting to take a breather from all the chaos because you need to welcome everyone who is in attendance to witness the union between you and the love of your life.

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Second, weddings equate to excessive dancing and you are not, by any means, allowed to complain! Most men's wedding shoes are designed to survive a long night of walking, chatting, smiling, posing for the camera, and yes, dancing. You would want to be comfortable the whole evening because you don't want to miss out on every special moment on the very day just because you are starting to have blisters. Just remember, no matter how expensive the shoes are, it will still hurt at the end of the night – at least be comfortable while waiting for the upcoming pain!

2.You Must Find A Way To Be Taller Than Your Wife

Women throughout the years have perfected walking in 5-inch platforms. They do it almost every day of their professional life and they can withstand the pain without sweating for one bit. If you are about the same height as your fiancé or shorter than her, you need to be aware of this thing called elevator shoes.

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They have been in the market since the seventies to help men who are in not blessed with long limbs and legs. They come in various designs, even men's dress shoes black or brown are available to fit any occasion. These elevator shoes provide the additional height up to 5-inches that you need especially when you are short. One glorious feature of the elevator shoes is its ability to make someone seem taller than he usually is without anyone noticing it because the elevation is placed in the insoles, hence hidden for the public eye.

3.Dress The Part, Buy Special Shoes For Your Special Day

Looking for the perfect shoes can sometimes be as hard as finding the engagement ring. Some women get emotional once they find the perfect wedding dress. This should be the exact case when you are looking for men's wedding shoes. You should find the joy in shopping for them and knowing what fits you best. If you are short, find shoes that have outsole heels and if you are feeling greedy, look for elevator shoes for added height.

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One great and sometimes scary thing about weddings is how you are being watched the whole duration of your special event. Don't give your peers a space to judge just because you didn't buy the time to look for appropriate footwear.

4.Remember That All Weddings Are Documented

We are in the era of social media and our every moment is being documented by the photographer we hired and our friends who post stories on their Instagram. They say a picture paints a thousand words. Men who are generally tall do not have to work twice as hard as to those who are not because they just simply stand out. If you remember the guide in numbers 1, 2, and 3, it is also important to be aware that every moment of that special day is documented. So, with the proper shoes, you should account the that aside from having to spend the rest of your life with the woman you love, you will also have special social media moments looking so tall and lean.

men's wedding shoes

There's more to elevator shoes than the additional height it provides. They also fix your posture which is important if you want to look more confident and taller. Stand up straight. Be proud of this momentous event. And precisely do it with the proper posture. If looking tall was something you have been insecure about in a long time, at least now you know the solution for that situation.

Final Take

They say a wedding is a woman's event and the rest of their lives is for men to provide for their future. I say make your wedding a special day for you by looking dapper in every element of your physical appearance from head to toe. Remember that wedding photos cannot be changed, and all those precious moments are documented. Lastly, looking good, especially for short men, is not easy but it can be done with comfort. Yes, we have to tailor fit everything to suit your height disadvantage, but this does not mean it can't be accomplished!