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7cm (2.76 inch) Taller
Brown Leather Elevator Dress Shoes To Add Height Classic Shoes For Men Wedding Shoes

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CMR CHAMARIPA Brown Leather Elevator Dress Shoes To Add Height Classic Shoes For Men Wedding Shoes





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  • Increased Height7cm (2.76 inch)(Totally invisible)
  • Upper MaterialCow leather
  • Lining MaterialPigskin Leather
  • Outsole MaterialRubber
  • Insole MaterialPU
  • OccasionWork
  • Shown ColorBrown,Black
  • StyleFormal
  • SeasonSpring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
  • FunctionHeight Increasing
  • GenderMan
  • Material Selection The shoes upper and lining can be made from a variety of materials, with the most popular being leathers, textiles, synthetics. If you want to change the shoe upper material or lined material, please contact us! For example: if you are an Animal Lover, we can choose non-animal leather.


CHAMARIPA shoes can immediately increase your height by 2-5 inches, it will make you taller than your


CHAMARIPA shoes can immediately increase your height by 2-5 inches, it will make you taller than your girlfriend or friends and makes you stand out on any occasion.

A great present for yourself, husband, boyfriend, best friends, colleague, etc. You will change their life and boots self-confidence.

Please Keep in mind, everyone's feet are different and there's not a scale that fits all! So before you place your order please be sure to carefully review our return & exchange policy ( return policys )! Happy Shopping!

Men Size Chart
US Men Inches CM Euro UK
6.5 9 1/4 23.5 37 5.5
7 9 1/2 24.0 38 6
7.5 9 5/8 24.5 39 6.5
8 9 3/4 25.0 40 7
8.5-9 10-10 1/8 25.5 41 7.5-8
9.5-10 10 1/4 - 10 1/2 26.0 42 8.5-9
10.5-11 10 5/8-10 3/4 26.5 43 9.5-10
11.5 11 27.0 44 10.5
12 11 1/4 27.5 45 11
We do no offer HALF SIZES between US 8 and US 11.
For US8.5 please order US9; For US9.5 please order US10; For US10.5 please order US11. For US11.5, please order US11.5.


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  1. Shuaib   Nov 27, 2020

    Best Elevator Shoes!   Verified Purchase

    Initially I was bit apprehensive about buying these that they may look bulky but when I tried it today for the first time I fell in love with these shoes! They look so elegant and stylish and it is really difficult to distinguish them from normal shoes. They look very much like any other shoes at first glance, you need to be a pro to tell these are elevator shoes! It's bit pricey but its worth every penny. Highly comfortable as well. Just go for it..
  2. Sammy   Apr 4, 2019

    Should have better lace quality   Verified Purchase

    I ordered two pair of shoes...they arrived in days, not weeks. The shoes were well packed--nice boxes and I love them ! Very high quality...comfortable...and nice looking. Plus--there is no way to tell these are height adding shoes....they look perfectly normal.
    The only negative I have---and it's not a big deal.... is that the shoestrings are rather....pedestrian....your simple flat black cloth kind found on tennis shoes for example.....easily changed.
  3. Aussie   Apr 4, 2019

    Love the website experience   Verified Purchase

    I enjoy shopping from this website. I've purchased over 10 pairs and keep coming back. These shoes not only make you feel better but are very well made and long lasting. You can bet that I'll be a lifelong customer if they continue to make great quality and comfortable shoes.
  4. Andrew   Apr 4, 2019

    Great looking tan brown leather   Verified Purchase

    Beautifully constructed shoes that last. The materials are very nice and comfortable enough for all day wear, even with a lot of walking. Will be back for more because I love them!! Thanks for the shoes!
  5. Andrew   Apr 4, 2019

    4 stars!   Verified Purchase

    In general I am very satisfied with shoes although product quality is sometimes not up to scratch for the price charged. Speed of service though is exemplary and the response of customer service is prompt even if the replies are somewhat "stock" responses rather than personalized and specific to the question raised. Style wise the shoes are great and, on the whole, comfortable. This is my personal experience so far.
  6. Marcos   Apr 4, 2019

    Great corporation   Verified Purchase

    What an extraordinary company.
    I have tried a number of height-enhancing shoe companies and not one of them comes close to the quality and comfort of these shoes. I would never switch. Keep up the great work, guys!
  7. Sandral   Apr 4, 2019

    excellent customer service   Verified Purchase

    Fantastic service! I have basically small feet that sometimes fit a size 5. It didn't unfortunately and returns were slightly complicated as i wanted a monetary refund. A certain sales person dealt with my returns and was very reasonable and courteous. Very efficient and went the extra mile for my request. Impressed. Thanks man !
  8. Richard   Apr 4, 2019

    great service   Verified Purchase

    Successfully received the shoes. Thanks - excellent shoes and brilliant customer service. I feel very happy now. Good luck.
  9. Babul   Apr 4, 2019

    Good shoes   Verified Purchase

    I'm glad I found these Shoes online. It serves the purpose beautifully well and also my comfort is never compromised ever since I bought my first pair about 2 years ago. I have ever since bought 4 pair of shoes and would love to buy many more going forward. Thanks guys!!!
  10. Kim   Apr 4, 2019

    Thanks Chamaripa   Verified Purchase

    maintain your personality thanks to chamaripa height
  11. Neel   Apr 4, 2019

    nice shoes   Verified Purchase

    Great service, I ordered once from chamaripa and now will be a client as long as they keep this quality.
    It's really a blessing to have a company like them that makes stylish, quality shoes that add those extra inches that we seek.
    If you are in doubt, just try chamaripa I'm sure you won't regret!
  12. Samar   Apr 4, 2019

    customer for life   Verified Purchase

    Wow! This is my 4th pair of shoes from this online store. The quality of the shoes is outstanding, very comfortable and high-quality merchandise. Got many compliments from friends who do not know these are height-enhancing shoes. I am truly a customer for life.
  13. Sandra   Apr 4, 2019

    Adds height to your personality   Verified Purchase

    I ordered a pair of shoes from this website for my husband as a birthday present and I am immensely pleased both with service, delivery and the quality of my purchase. The delivery was incredibly fast and convenient, the package arrived safely and the shoes are wonderful. The came with a little shoe helper as a present and a pair of shoe pads. The shoes look very good on my husband, they absolutely match the photos, they are done with quality and precision and definitely are worthy of their price. My husband says they are very comfortable to wear and add some extra height to him, without drawing any unnecessary attention to them being elevator shoes. We are both very pleased and will, surely, buy from chamaripa again.
  14. Jalun   Apr 4, 2019

    Greatest variety   Verified Purchase

    Great quality, style is amazing, and the comfort is surprisingly good. I used to buy height increase shoes from other sites, but I didn't want to sacrifice style for some height. This website wins for 4 reasons:
    1- Lots more options for men.
    2- Great styles
    3- Reasonable prices. This shoes I bought at just $159.
    4- Amazing customer service (from buying to shipping to delivery)
    I will definitely be a returning customer.
  15. from_Brazil   Apr 4, 2019

    Good website to get high heel fashionable shoes   Verified Purchase

    These Shoes is the best in terms of quality and comfort.
    east or west chamaripa is the best. the style, the charm, the sheer elegance. There are no words that can explain the true worth of these Shoes.. The best in its category in the class of its own. Good website to get fashionable shoes
    Great elevating Shoes.
  16. Du   Apr 4, 2019

    Very positive!   Verified Purchase

    I am glad to have found this site store. My wife is taller than me and these shoes have been one of my most favorites place to shop for shoes. They are very comfortable and give me the height boost needed for my everyday work and social activities.
    I see that I will continue shopping here for a long time. Thanks very much, Chamaripa!
  17. Bellam   Apr 4, 2019

    I highly recommend it   Verified Purchase

    My experience with this company has been absolutely fantastic. Excellent and very unique company, I stopped buying any other shoes after I found this website. Delivery is very fast, shoe quality excellent, the design on par with any possible rival. I highly recommend it to all those reading this testimonial. I will continue using them all my life! Great job!
  18. Duke   Apr 4, 2019

    breathy and comfortable   Verified Purchase

    I have had very good experience with chamaripa Shoes for many years. I am satisfied with the quality and also with delivery services. There are the shoes which I wore out completely (great!) and which I had to change because of the sole (too thin). But all the shoes were (and are) comfortable, light, and airy. This is the reason why I am still loyal to this brand registered in America.
  19. Andy   Apr 4, 2019

    good for short height men   Verified Purchase

    I just wanted to give a short feedback. I have been ordering shoes from chamaripa online and offline since 2015 and I have never been disappointed. All the shoes are great, as always, and even my first pair still looks good after several years. I have.. it becomes a part of me that makes me feel happy. and most of all I don't feel very small anymore..Thank you for the excellent shoes.
  20. Fiora23   Apr 4, 2019

    Beautiful designs   Verified Purchase

    I have a cruise planned, and these formal shoes for dining in are absolutely perfect. I purchased four pairs at this very reasonable price of $159. After receiving the shoes, my wife commented on how sharp they looked and they feel great. Great quality and you won't be disappointed once you tried
  21. Levi   Apr 4, 2019

    Very high end leather products   Verified Purchase

    I have always had the best experience as a customer with chamaripa. I would recommend them over and over from my past dealings, although shoes go away (discontinued) too quickly. I must say great Corporation that produces amazing Shoes! The leather seems worth $$$
  22. Carlos   Apr 4, 2019

    No risk of buying online   Verified Purchase

    It has been an AMAZING experience with these Shoes.I don’t purchase shoes in any other online store than chamaripa. Great website and great products. Its easy to order and return the shoes so no risk in getting a pair that doesn't fit.You guys are the BEST!!!
  23. Chris   Apr 4, 2019

    Nice new collection!   Verified Purchase

    Since 2017 , i did my first purchase, until today chamaripa really changed my life! I became more confident and strong! keep up the good work guys! beautiful shoes at affordable prices! Also nice new models for the summer of 2019
    best regards Chris
  24. Sandala   Apr 4, 2019

    Found this website and loved its experience   Verified Purchase

    I have used other American sites before but quality was an issue. I needed a really good quality brown dress shoe for my daughter's forthcoming wedding so I picked this site chamaripa and I recently received a beautiful pair of elevating brown formal shoes. They are very well made and look very good with my suit. I did choose a slightly bigger size than normal and the shoes fit me perfectly. I would highly recommend.
  25. Canny   Apr 4, 2019

    best hidden secret!   Verified Purchase

    The shoes are the best-hidden secret. There amazing in comfort, style, & price. It's the only shoes I walk in. I have had an amazing experience with this brand of shoes, always very durable and long lasting and of very high quality. Look forward to buying more in the future
    This review is for the good deals too, bring out some deal chamaripas!
  26. Miguel   Apr 4, 2019

    The best elevator   Verified Purchase

    Best elevating shoes in the business. Each day when I am feeling a bit down when I wear them my self-esteem automatically rises. I love chamaripa. They are incredible, very responsible, very fast too, and principally is true the one that they promise.
  27. Minh   Apr 4, 2019

    great service   Verified Purchase

    I have been a loyal customer to chamaripa since 2013 before it started with this brand name. I'm very happy with all the shoes I bought here. The shoes were all made of high-quality materials and they are very unique. Not only they help to increase my height but also boost up my confidence because of their uniqueness and the special way they were made as if I was wearing regular shoes. Since becoming a chamaripa online customer, I have come back and buy more shoes every year. They also has professional customer services. I have returned and exchanged my shoes without any issues.

  28. Anonymous   Apr 4, 2019

    Love the heel   Verified Purchase

    Absolutely great shoes: the quality of the materials stands up, they are solid at touch and pleasant to see. I still wear all my 4 pairs after more than 3 years, they seem not to deteriorate.
    Comfort in some types can be improved
  29. Yancourt   Apr 4, 2019

    Great footwear   Verified Purchase

    An occasional chance, I found this website, At first glance, I didn't know is elevator shoes,I look like formal shoes,I found them very very beautiful,amazing shoes,I think I should own them,so I bought one pair,but now, I found that I can't leave them, I love them, I want to get more them,they have good quality,and free shipping, i will buy more them

  30. don   Apr 4, 2019

    I was attracted by the 7cm brown wedding elevator shoes...   Verified Purchase

    I was attracted by the 7cm brown wedding elevator shoes the first time I go to the online shop, there are many style height shoes on this store. the shoes have chic appearance. and the quality of the shoes make me satisfied. I enjoyed wearing these shoes on formal occasions.
  31. Sandy   Apr 4, 2019

    Best elevator shoes in the market   Verified Purchase

    Class is the word comes to mind as soon as you see the shoes. A big thumbs up for Chamaripa. The shoes speaks for themselves and the fit and feel is so good ! And the Packing was super amazing too !! I like the height increasing technique a lot which is not visble to naked eyes.

    Would recommend it to everyone !
  32. Jordy   Apr 4, 2019

    Loved the product   Verified Purchase

    I highly appreciate your service and the quality of your shoes. I do not have words to express my satisfaction. The product is just mind blowing and the way it was packed was an icing on the cake. I was so happy to even receive the insoles which were super comfy, it just shows how much you care and think about your consumers. Thank you so much. I assure to reach out to you guys for the smallest of my footwear requirements. Looking forward to building an enduring relationship with Chamaripa.
  33. Jackky   Apr 4, 2019

    I would give it 5 stars!   Verified Purchase

    I was a little skeptical before I ordered my shoes here but they turned out to be brilliant....love the shoes. Very smart and super pricing! When I received it, it felt like no more than a beautiful gift. Loved them. Really. Its leather has great quality and doesn't form creases like other formal shoes.
  34. Jordan   Apr 4, 2019

    RECOMMENDED 100%   Verified Purchase

  35. Sean H.   Apr 4, 2019

    Perfect with 7 cm elevation   Verified Purchase

    I initially got the wrong order delivered but this was quickly handled by the sales team guy on the other side who sent me the correct shoes promptly the next day. I think this was a very quick learning point on their part.
    And when my shoe arrived, I was delighted with the DESIGN AND THE FIT and hugged my feet with ease. I was really elated at the grip of the sole, which apparently looks slippery, but was indeed quite gripping despite having a hard leather material installed. Thanks
  36. Suel   Apr 4, 2019

    great shoes   Verified Purchase

    Great product + amazing packaging + beautiful presentation.
    Fits perfectly for a size 7.
    Finally, a pair of formal shoes that I know I can rock the entire year long! Thanks guys
  37. My_man   Apr 4, 2019

    Great shoes for wedding   Verified Purchase

    Chamaripa team is awesome. I had ordered shoes for my groom to wear with his sherwani. But unfortunately, the size was a little small and with little time left, I had to get it exchanged well in time. The understood my concern and immediately dispatched the exchange. Received them and they fit perfect. The shoes are amazing and are total royalty. The quality and making of shoes is absolutely perfect.
  38. Jean P.   Apr 4, 2019

    love love   Verified Purchase

    I would recommend people to order one size more. Delivery, presentation of shoe was really good. One change that I request the team to do is on waxed cotton laces. Please add more shine to it. I have seen the same for your other shoes. Overall I recommend this product!
  39. Jimmy   Apr 4, 2019

    excellent elevator shoes   Verified Purchase

    I am a shoe collector and this is one of the best purchase online. The quality of the shoe is good. The smell of the leather also from which you can get to know more about the leather. The only problem i had was the size. Chamaripa should make more half sizes.... The presentation was really good..... Will also look for next purchase soon
  40. Ankush   Apr 4, 2019

    5 stars   Verified Purchase

    I like the overall finish on the shoe, a nice rich tan color with darker highlights on the front and back. Would like to buy a dark brown also in the same. At $159 its a must have deal!
  41. Steve   Apr 3, 2019

    Great quality and look   Verified Purchase

    I really wanted a brown pair of the whole cut Oxford dress shoes with elevated height and as soon as I saw these I loved the look of them. The fit of the shoes was true to size. They are very comfortable and stylish. They are handmade with a Goodyear welted leather sole. Definitely recommended.
  42. Jammy   Feb 1, 2019

    decent buy   Verified Purchase

    I was looking for more high end quality but overall good quality, good comfort and good service. Great style. Thanks, chamaripa Shoes! Recommended!
  43. Mando   Dec 28, 2018

    Fabulous buy!   Verified Purchase

    Let me leave on a positive note : Great shoes ! Warp speed delivery ! Clearance price made them a fabulous buy !
  44. dutch_customer   Dec 26, 2018

    Very expensive as compared to quality it provides   Verified Purchase

    Just got my first pair of chamaripa and I am not very pleased! Not only is the added height very noticeable, but the quality of the shoes is not par with $159. Had I bought something locally quality would have been much better as better price. Would not purchase another pair!
  45. Gala   Dec 19, 2018

    Pricing can be checked   Verified Purchase

    Went to the dentist today and the first thing they said was "what cool shoes!". Prompt shipping and great product. I'm happy that I found chamaripa though I would like to recommend that pricing can be improved. These brand comes in upper range of pricing and would like to see such things in range of $100 as you also have outside US customers who dont want to buy such high end shoes.
  46. Drake   Sep 13, 2018

    improvement needed   Verified Purchase

    Not very happy with the shoes. They are just average elevator shoes with average leather quality and expensive price tag. Even they should have provided one free pair of insoles like other brands. I would give it 3 stars and hope my comment is read so management makes some improvement.
  47. Jishnu   Aug 18, 2018

    2 stars only   Verified Purchase

    This is my testimonial about Bugarri shoes.
    I have purchased several pairs over the years and overall I am not very satisfied with the products that I have purchased recently.
    There has been some poor quality pairs over the years and sometimes the shoe sizes do not quite match what was expected. I would be giving it 2 stars with recent experience
  48. Jenny   Jul 20, 2018

    Average shoes   Verified Purchase

    Average quality and durability. At first I bought the shoes for the height, but the style and materials are not much better than all the brands I have had with regular shoes. There is no point shipping it all the way from the US. I wish they had more unique styles that you cannot find locally. bit of a disappointment
  49. Jassy   May 17, 2018

    More half sizes please   Verified Purchase

    I'm a loyal customer to this brand since 2015, most of the shoes I bought was very comfortable with good quality. I wish they would make more 10 cm designs. Also I would like to see these shoes in more half sizes. Overall I would give them 4 stars
  50. Will   Jul 7, 2017

    Better than your expectations   Verified Purchase

    Since I got this pair of shoes I have not stopped receiving complements. They are extremely comfortable. Very nice!!
  51. cynthia   Mar 7, 2017

    Good price, decent quality for the price   Verified Purchase

    Good price, decent quality for the price. But the shoes are smaller than the same size from other brands you get from department stores.
  52. Lois D   Feb 13, 2017

    Great shoes for a great price!   Verified Purchase

    Great shoes for a great price! I was in desperate need for some good looking dress shoes for work and these fit the description exactly.
  53. Bellamy   Aug 8, 2016

    Love these dress shoes   Verified Purchase

    I bought these model because of its design, but its great quality make me suprise. Love it !
  54. Sam   Aug 3, 2016

    Good quality shoes   Verified Purchase

    I was very impressed by the quality of the shoe.great quality and fit well.
  55. P.Martinez   Jul 26, 2016

    A little big   Verified Purchase

    A little big and heelish but good
  56. Mark   Apr 6, 2016

    good quality shoes   Verified Purchase

    Good company will shop again for sure. Thanks
  57. jose   Feb 24, 2016

    like chamaripa   Verified Purchase

    7cm higher is excellent for me, then i am in the perfect height, :) thanks so much, sophia. thanks for you help !
  58. Danoy   Jan 28, 2015

    Exactly as described   Verified Purchase

    Exactly as described, good looking and quality, shipping is fast


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Only registered users can write reviews. Please log in or register

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