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Elevator Dress Shoes For Men - Formal Height Increasing Shoes for Men -  10CM / 3.94 Inches
  • Invisible & Secrecy Design
  • Lightweight & Comfy
  • Boosting Your Confidence
  • 3th Generation Height Increasing Layer Technology
  • Features
  • Return Policy
  • 100% Height Guarantee

Tips: If you're new to wearing elevator shoes, we suggest choosing a shoe with a height increase of 2 to 3 inches for optimal comfort and confidence. For any questions or concerns, our team is here to help.

Free Lifetime Replacement CMR Height Increasing Layer
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CMR CHAMARIPA Elevator Dress Shoes For Men - Formal Height Increasing Shoes for Men -10CM / 3.94 Inches



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    • Invisible & Secrecy Design
    • Lightweight & Comfortable
    • 100% Height Guarantee
    • 3th Generation Height Increasing Layer Technology

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    Engineered to resolve height issue perfectly


    100% Height Guarantee
    Return Policy
    Size Chart
    Product Details
      Height Increase +10CM / 3.94 Inches
    • Upper Material Cow Leather
    • Lining Material Pigskin Leather
    • Color SelectionBlack
    • Style height increasing dress shoes
    • SeasonSpring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
    • FeaturesThis comfy and trendy formal shoe with a sort of classical noble design, demonstrating an elite manner of a modern gentleman with simplicity and elegance. Dress comfortably and then be confident. High-quality animal-friendly synthetic leather, soft and comfortable slightly. The cushioned footbed and skid-proof rubber outsole for more stability, the waxed closed lacing for a concise appearance and easy adjustment.
    • Material Selection The shoes upper and lining can be made from a variety of materials, with the most popular being leathers, textiles, synthetics. If you want to change the shoe upper material or lined material, please contact us!

    Keep in mind, everyone's feet are different and there's not a sizing scale that fits all! So before you place your order please be sure to carefully review our return & exchange policy on return policys! Happy Shopping!

    Men Size Chart
    US Men Inches Foot Length(CM) Euro UK
    6.5 9 1/4 23.5 37 5.5
    7 9 1/2 24.0 38 6
    7.5 9 5/8 24.5 39 6.5
    8 9 3/4 25.0 40 7
    8.5-9 10-10 1/8 25.5 41 7.5-8
    9.5-10 10 1/4 - 10 1/2 26.0 42 8.5-9
    10.5-11 10 5/8-10 3/4 26.5 43 9.5-10
    11.5 11 27.0 44 10.5
    12 11 1/4 27.5 45 11
    We do no offer HALF SIZES between US 8 and US 11.
    For US 8.5 please order US 9; For US 9.5 please order US 10; For US 10.5 please order US11. For US 11.5, please order US 11.5.


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    1. Ava   Sep 17, 2021

      Good purchase   Verified Purchase

      The shoes are for a wedding. The measuring chart was accurate I usually ware a size 10 but it call for size 11 and they fit just fine.
    2. Sandy   Apr 3, 2019

      loved the style and class   Verified Purchase

      It is the best on the market at any price. I'm a bit old fashioned but I think it will never go out of style. Once it is broken in, the comfort level is just as good as any I have ever worn. This is how elevator shoes should be made, not just hard insole and height but also comfort.

    3. Vicki   Apr 3, 2019

      great shoes!   Verified Purchase

      I wear them as dress shoes and they're very comfortable, even after many hours of wearing them. Comfortable right out of the box. They are very nice looking shoes. My husband loves them. These are the second pair he has bought.
    4. Balkesh   Apr 3, 2019

      Quality and reasonably priced   Verified Purchase

      At last, a truly well-built shoe that looks great and fits exactly as it should. They were a little stiff out of the box but after one use they became flexible without any rubbing or blisters. They don't crack or wrinkle badly. I would recommend it 100% . Would definitely buy again!!
    5. Jishnu   Apr 3, 2019

      I AM A BUYER OF THIS ALL THE TIME.   Verified Purchase

      they are always great!
    6. Chuck12   Apr 3, 2019

      I would recommend it   Verified Purchase

      I bought my first pair of chamaripa wingtipstwo years back and I still have them after many re-siblings. These are just as well made and fit my wide foot. Be prepared for a very stiff sole that needs lots of breaking in. But they are durable, genuine leather and lightweight.

    7. Austin   Apr 3, 2019

      great shoes   Verified Purchase

      I used to have a pair of Chamaripa that our Newfoundland puppy chewed up. I have finally purchased a replacement pair, and they are wonderful.
      Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

    8. dick   Apr 3, 2019

      I would buy this shoes again   Verified Purchase

      great shoes. made to last.
    9. George   Apr 3, 2019

      A classic great shoes   Verified Purchase

      These shoes fit my feet like no other. I have suffered from Morton's Neuroma in the past, which I find is aggravated by some shoes, including athletic shoes. Not so with these. I can wear them all day long and my feet feel great. And they are repairable many times over when the soles or heals wear out. A classic great shoe.
    10. cahna   Apr 3, 2019

      great shoes   Verified Purchase

      Had this shoe for over a year and it's broken in nicely. I wear a 6.5 and appreciate that chamaripa carries small shoe sizes. Very comfortable. Double outsole sole supports standing and walking for long periods.

    11. Guy   Apr 3, 2019

      great shoes for those on there feet all day   Verified Purchase

      Chamaripa are the only dress shoes that I have worn in pat two years. I have a Black pair and looking for new colour addition but no luck. The platform/support is absolutely great and I can walk around in them all day and my feet do not hurt.
    12. sal   Apr 3, 2019

      best shoes I have ever own   Verified Purchase

      This is the second pair of this shoe I've purchased. I've worn the first pair 4 days a week for 2 years. They've been resoled twice and go with a suit or jeans. These are overwhelmingly the best shoes I've ever owned. I bought 2 additional pairs for my older sons who frequently borrow my shoes for elevation.
    13. Roy   Apr 3, 2019

      super classic shoes   Verified Purchase

      I love the classic model- For me it fits to a suite and to a casual outfit. Bravo chamaripa. The shoes are very sturdy and will take time to break in. The hard leather is why they last so long. However, the shoe laces constantly come loose regardless how tight I tie them. It would be better if they had waxed laces. Nevertheless, a great shoe!

    14. Doug   Apr 3, 2019

      Can't go wrong with these shoes!   Verified Purchase

      Perfect fit. Classic look. Wear for work and business casual. I have black and brown. Outstanding feel and look. This is a very dressy shoe. I like the height it gives to round out my options of height shoe to wear. It is sturdy but comfortable.
      I will give it 5 stars!

    15. Sanford   Apr 3, 2019

      get to business!   Verified Purchase

      Very pleased with this shoe, perfect for formal business attire. Well shined, well shaped. It drew compliments. 5 stars!
    16. Nick   Apr 3, 2019

      nice shoes   Verified Purchase

      Great looking and quality shoe. They fit perfect. These shoes are built on the Goodyear welt which will give you support for your ankles and assure no more ankle twists from soft faux leather type of dress shoes. I had an older pair, but wanted to purchase another pair to have as my go to shoe. Great product..
    17. jaddy   Apr 3, 2019

      new purchase   Verified Purchase

      I have received the new shoes. Excellent. They adjust very well although it looks and feels hard, unbreakable. It makes me taller 10 cm and I don't look awkward dancing with my fiancee now. Good part is they also have my half size (7.5) which is hard to find online
    18. Cred   Apr 3, 2019

      quick and easy!   Verified Purchase

      Easy to order online. The shoes showed up in a couple of days. I look forward to start another order!
    19. Lawrence   Apr 3, 2019

      good deal at $149   Verified Purchase

      I've had many other compatible prices brands that lasted a year before they had to be thrown out. I'm about to buy another pair and honestly believe that they will bury me in these shoes. The cushioning is so soft and breathable that you just love it. Thanks for the shoes

    20. Randy   Apr 3, 2019

      lifetime shoe   Verified Purchase

      I've owned and worn daily a pair of black and burgundy(in another cateogory) chamaripa's elevator for about 2 years of my career. I've owned 3 sets. Yep, you do the math. These shoes LAST. After they are broke in in about 2 weeks of wear, they are like butter. They don't crack or wrinkle badly. I would recommend it 100%
    21. Educuoro   Apr 3, 2019

      recommended   Verified Purchase

      Elegant. Durable. Is the best shoe that I have bought in years. I will give it 5 stars!
    22. Brian   Apr 3, 2019

      I would recommend it   Verified Purchase

      While it seems that makers of top_brands have not paid attention to quality control (especially given the price point), you can still find quality out there and not pay an arm and a leg. These shoes are comfortable and classic. While I am not partial to the more modern stylings offered by chamaripa, the elevator line is worth a look.
    23. David T.   Apr 3, 2019

      fine shoe, well made   Verified Purchase

      Seems like searching the Internet for reviews on quality men's shoes, Chamaripa isn't one of the top items to come up in searches. However, it should be! I admit, I have not purchased chamaripa shoes in years, but that will change. The quality of materials, fit, and finish of these shoes is top notch - up there with much more expensive shoes.
    24. Dicky   Apr 3, 2019

      I would buy again   Verified Purchase

      Very pleased with appearance and fit. Gave me around 10 cm increase in height.
    25. Charles   Apr 3, 2019

      mother of elevator shoes industry   Verified Purchase

      I have black, brown and cognac and they all make a unique, powerful statement. The burled leather on the balck makes the leather even more durable. I like that they can be restored so easily to look brand new for well over 1 year. It is must have for all short men.
    26. Jammy   Apr 3, 2019

      worth the effort   Verified Purchase

      It always takes a while to break them in, but it is worth the effort. Classic traditional shoes never go out of style. Fit and look great. Very comfortable with plenty of support. Very well made and good value for the money. Looks terrific with khakis, jeans or dress trousers. Add some pop with colored shoelaces for casual wear (if you have confidence).

    27. old S.   Apr 3, 2019

      best dress shoe   Verified Purchase

      I have owned a pair of these for seven months and I am looking forward to finally purchasing a new pair. I receive compliments on these regularly. May they never be discontinued. I love the breathable fabric texture it has and expensive looks that it gives. Doesn't look like less than $600
    28. Kendall   Apr 3, 2019

      Best shoes   Verified Purchase

      I've worn this shoe for years and my feet have stayed healthy. Then I got older and my feet stretched and the 11 gave me bunions and sores. I switched to the 12 and I'm such a happy walker again! I love the height it provides with comfort.
    29. Kevin   Apr 3, 2019

      Top quality from proven name   Verified Purchase

      Chamaripa has proven for me to be the best shoe for my professional wardrobe. I've been wearing it for 2 years now. I've tried other brands and they just don't hold up. The fit and finish are perfect. These are traditional wingtips and the perfect style for my conservative look, wardrobe and profession. I would recommend these shoes and in general, for any working professional.

    30. sales_guy   Apr 3, 2019

      handsome shoes with old school look   Verified Purchase

      I needed a quality dress shoe that was a combination of classic and trendy, The tip is classic and the grain and pebbling of the leather lens a more trendy look. These shoes are just plain handsome. They are breaking in nicely and feel good on my feet for a full day. You can pair them with a suit, dress pants for business casual, chinos, and probably jeans if they are not the super slim cut variety. Versatility is good given these are not inexpensive.
    31. Joyce   Apr 3, 2019

      Yes, I would   Verified Purchase

      I was so happy to have found your website. My husband has been wearing his old pair elevator shoes for many years so it was time for a new pair. We were both impressed with the quick arrival of the shoes I ordered for him. He is so happy with the new shoes. They are beautiful and fit him perfectly. Thank you.

    32. Sal   Apr 3, 2019

      Chamaripa IS THE BEST" YES,YES, I WILL BUY THIS SHOE   Verified Purchase

      This pair I just purchased is PERFECT ! The new comfort insole on the chamaripa is the most comfortable pair I have had. I have been wearing it since 6 months and will continue to be a loyal customer. I have tried other brands, and they all fall short. I am so happy that I am able to put my review on line. Thank you
    33. Carlos   Apr 3, 2019

      Nearly perfect pair of shoes   Verified Purchase

      Love your high insole formal wear. Thanks! Why no Five Stars? The black I ordered is a bit darker than I expected. In fact, when I first unpacked them, I believed the shoes to be not jet black, but confirmed the color with the tags and under very, very bright lights. That said, the fit was so doggone perfect, I will overlook this very minor, almost petty, concern. Be well.
    34. Robert   Apr 3, 2019

      Great product   Verified Purchase

      The shoes are perfect and the style that I always enjoyed. The shoes are new and still somewhat stiff and still need to be broken in. I like that they offer free shipping and money-back guarantee. I have returned another pair of casual shoes I ordered from here and got full and fast money back. Thanks, guys
    35. Miles   Apr 3, 2019

      I would give it 4 stars   Verified Purchase

      Shoes are nice but I didn't notice distinct dark border along edges of shoe,in picture. It runs around eye holes etc. giving the shoe a slightly different look than it would have otherwise. I had to adjust to the subtle extra look. You have to look hard at the picture to see what I mean. Also, shoe runs a little large. I wear a 12, a 11 would have worked as well but I can live with the 12
    36. Victor   Apr 3, 2019

      I never need to buy another pair of dress shoes   Verified Purchase

      I used to have a pair of formal elevator shoes that our Newfoundland puppy chewed up. I have finally purchased a replacement pair from this website and thought of giving new brand a try, and they are wonderful. I am a pastor, so on Sunday mornings I spend a significant amount of time on my feet, and it is nice to once again have a pair of shoes that don't hurt even with elevation.
    37. Prameet   Apr 3, 2019

      would buy again   Verified Purchase

      This is my second pair of these which should say it all. However, my first pair, took me many months to appreciate as they take a a while to break in. Once they did , they became my go to daily shoes.. Resoled once. And best part is they are available in my size too which is very difficult to find in online market.

    38. Dennis   Apr 3, 2019

      sturdy shoes in elevator cateogary   Verified Purchase

      The shoes are very sturdy and will take time to break in. The hard leather is why they last so long. However, the shoe laces constantly come loose regardless how tight I tie them. It would be better if they had waxed cotton laces. Nevertheless, a great shoe! Very pleased with appearance and fit.
    39. Jesus   Apr 3, 2019

      second pair   Verified Purchase

      I am a legacy owner of chamaripa. My original pair were given to me by my gf on last birthday. I liked the quality when they saw it. I ordered another pair and love these shoes. My only gripe is the new pair have inferior leather uppers compared to the originals, but they are still great shoes. I would recommend it to anyone looking for height at $149

    40. Joe   Apr 3, 2019

      Quality decresed   Verified Purchase

      I have been buying from this website to wear to work for the last few years. I have always been very happy with them. The quality has degraded. Even the cotton shoe laces are absolute garbage. If it matters these shoes are Made in some other nation and not delivering upto the mark. Hope management reads my comment.
    41. A.G.   Apr 3, 2019


      The shoes were in beautiful condition. Unfortunately, since my last purchase from here online, the brand has apparently been redesigned with a higher outside upper, causing it to cut into my ankle. This was the problem with the less-expensive oxford models I tried on several years ago, and I was elated to discover chamaripa, which was cut lower and therefore was worth the additional cost. Unfortunately, this version of the insole giving height of 10 cm dashed those hopes, and I have returned it.

    42. Bob   Apr 3, 2019

      What the Heck?!   Verified Purchase

      The very first day I wore this shoe I noticed a scuff on the left toe. I figured I had hit it and just needed to buff it out. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it was actually a bubble. I carefully picked at it and off came a dime sized piece of reddish plastic coating. I realized that the whole shoe is coated in this plastic coating which had begun to CRACK at the wear creases. A quality shoe should not come coated in plastic just to make it look better. I needed this shoe to wear to an event in two days. I took the shoes to a quality cobbler who removed the coating and had to re-dye the shoes in order to wear them. The cobbler said they are made of quality leather and what a shame chamaripa has lowered its standards and started spraying its upper line shoes with this stuff to enhance the look.
    43. Chuckh12   Apr 3, 2019

      terrible shoes   Verified Purchase

      Do NOT buy these shoes! Way too stiff and won't bend. Bought these for my daughter's wedding to go with a tux and there is no way these shoes could have been worn right out of the box for an entire day. Had a pair of these a number of years ago and could wear them immediately and were comfortable. Chamaripa quality has done hill over the years.
    44. S L.   Apr 3, 2019

      CHAMARIPA MAKES A BIG MISTAKE   Verified Purchase

      I have purchased with this shoe brand for years. Extremely disappointed and frustrated that my size is no longer available. I have a narrow foot and size limiting shoe choice. Also, the look of the redesigned chamaripa sucks. The non-matching sole color makes it look like a CHEAP shoe.
      Totally unsatisfied!
    45. Kris   Dec 11, 2018

      I love CHAMARIPA   Verified Purchase

      I love CHAMARIPA,My feet are very comfortable and I can walk all day around the office or the office complex without my feet hurting. Excellent choice to buy.
    46. Rocman   Oct 5, 2018

      Great shoe and value!   Verified Purchase

      These are great shoes for a great price. They are very comfortable and look great. They fit as expected. I wear a size 12 and they fit very well. This is the second pair of these shoes that I have owned. They are very durable too. I own them in two colors.
    47. Eileen   Aug 6, 2018

      top quality shoes   Verified Purchase

      Very pleased with shoes. Height elevation is very discreet and compfotable.

    48. Billy F.   Jun 4, 2018

      le mie scarpe comode   Verified Purchase

      Il mio primo paio di Chamaripa. Ho avuto queste scarpe per 6 mesi. Stanno bene e sembrano ancora nuovi. Anche il battistrada regge molto forte e io li indosso 4-6 giorni a settimana per 10 ore al giorno minimo. Sono molto confortevoli per tutto il giorno e sono facili da usare con le interiora in pelle. Per il prezzo credo che ne valga la pena. Li trovo più a mio agio dei miei Rockport o Bostoniani. Per me sono fedeli alle dimensioni e sono stati un ottimo acquisto. Acquisterò di nuovo Chamaripa.
    49. JDM   May 26, 2018

      Nice Shoes for the money!   Verified Purchase

      Shoes are great for the price and look more expensive then they are. They were slightly bigger then the stated size, but I actually like that extra room.


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