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13CM Elevator Shoes High Heel Men Dress Shoes that Give You Height 5.12 Inches
  • Invisible & Secrecy Design
  • Lightweight & Comfy
  • Boosting Your Confidence
  • 3rd Generation Height Increasing Layer Technology
  • Features
  • Return Policy
  • 100% Height Guarantee

Tips: If you're new to wearing elevator shoes, we suggest choosing a shoe with a height increase of 2 to 3 inches for optimal comfort and confidence. For any questions or concerns, our team is here to help.

Free Lifetime Replacement CMR Height Increasing Layer
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CMR CHAMARIPA 13CM Elevator Shoes High Heel Men Dress Shoes that Give You Height 5.12 Inches



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If you're new to wearing elevator shoes, we recommend starting with 5 cm to 7 cm elevator shoes.

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    • Invisible & Secrecy Design
    • Lightweight & Comfortable
    • 100% Height Guarantee
    • 3rd Generation Height Increasing Layer Technology

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    Engineered to resolve height issue perfectly


    100% Height Guarantee
    Return Policy
    Size Chart
    Product Details
    • Height Increase13 CM/5.12 Inches
    • Upper MaterialCow Leather
    • Lining MaterialPigskin Leather
    • Color SelectionBlack
    • SeasonSpring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
    • Features Introducing our stylish and comfortable black leather elevator shoes for men, designed to give you a height boost and enhance your overall appearance. Crafted from premium quality leather, these shoes are durable, long-lasting, and comfortable to wear for extended periods. With a height boost of 13 CM / 5.12 Inches, these shoes are perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd and boost their confidence. The elevator shoes feature a classic black color that complements any outfit, making them a versatile addition to your shoe collection. These shoes are perfect for casual occasions, including dates, parties, weddings, and more. The elegant design and superior construction of these shoes ensure they will last for years to come.
    • Material Selection The shoes upper and lining can be made from a variety of materials, with the most popular being leathers, textiles, synthetics. If you want to change the shoe upper material or lined material, please contact us!
  • ResellersYes
  • Material Selection The shoes upper and lining can be made from a variety of materials, with the most popular being leathers, textiles, synthetics. If you want to change the shoe upper material or lined material, please contact us!

  • Keep in mind, everyone's feet are different and there's not a sizing scale that fits all! So before you place your order please be sure to carefully review our return & exchange policy on return policys! Happy Shopping!

    Men Size Chart
    US Men Inches Foot Length(CM) Euro UK
    6.5 9 1/4 23.5 37 5.5
    7 9 1/2 24.0 38 6
    7.5 9 5/8 24.5 39 6.5
    8 9 3/4 25.0 40 7
    8.5-9 10-10 1/8 25.5 41 7.5-8
    9.5-10 10 1/4 - 10 1/2 26.0 42 8.5-9
    10.5-11 10 5/8-10 3/4 26.5 43 9.5-10
    11.5 11 27.0 44 10.5
    12 11 1/4 27.5 45 11
    We do no offer HALF SIZES between US 8 and US 11.
    For US 8.5 please order US 9; For US 9.5 please order US 10; For US 10.5 please order US11. For US 11.5, please order US 11.5.


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    1. ANDREW B.   Sep 17, 2021

      Great look and fit!   Verified Purchase

      These shoes look and feel great. The fit is true to size. The shoes also have a very classy look, yet feel very comfortable when walking around.
    2. Noah   Jun 1, 2019

      Unbelievable value for the quality   Verified Purchase

      The shoes fit so well and look so great, I immediately ordered another pair in black (I'm wearing the black ones now) as a back up in case they don't hold up. I was a little concerned about how uncomfy the bottoms might be but after about 30 minutes of wear, I got a better feeling and support. After an hour, they were as comfy as sneakers.
    3. Frank   Jun 1, 2019

      Great value..   Verified Purchase

      You get what you pay for. I do not wear dress shoes for several hours or so or often. You cannot beat the price of these shoes at less than half the price of others that look exactly the same because these are very unique height increasing shoes. They also provide great support and balance.
    4. Dominic   Jun 1, 2019

      Good quality for its price   Verified Purchase

      This is a really good looking shoe and was comfortable to wear. I got a good amount of use from these shoes for what I paid so I am giving it a perfect 5 star rating review. It is light and I like the fact that it can increase height for men by a few inches.
    5. Kingston   Jun 1, 2019

      Great height shoes for men   Verified Purchase

      If you work an office job or maybe you have a high position then these are great shoes for you especially for the quality and durability! The first day at the office, I have gotten lots of compliments. If you work on your feet most of the time in the office, I would really recommend these shoes.
    6. Ryker   Jun 1, 2019

      Really nice!   Verified Purchase

      They are really not bad at all. The color is very trendy, and the design is very modernized and they've held up well over the past 3 months, which is a job well done for Chamaripa. They are very comfy and because these are height increasing shoes, they are worth the buy!
    7. Jonell   Jun 1, 2019

      They are comfortable   Verified Purchase

      For the price, these shoes are well worth it. I've bought four different pairs of dress shoes on this site. My dog chewed up my first pair so I ordered a new pair. My second pair are getting a little worn out but they still look good enough, I just wanted new shoes for special occasions. I'm hard on my shoes and these have held up to my abuse. I am a Chamaripa repeat customer.
    8. Christian   Jun 1, 2019

      Look really nice   Verified Purchase

      They look nice and I have gotten compliments on them. I love these shoes. I could never go wrong with these height increasing shoes, and neither can anyone. They are worth every penny because of the awesome high quality materials used to make these shoes. You will enjoy every benefit these shoes have to offer.
    9. Andy   Jun 1, 2019

      They are just amazing   Verified Purchase

      I just came back to buy another pair because I lost these when I went on a vacation in Latin America. I have 5+ pairs of expensive dress shoes and I didn't realize that these were among the best. They were my favorite shoes and when I ordered them again, I remembered I needed to leave a review because they're great!
    10. Carter   Jun 1, 2019

      Nice sole   Verified Purchase

      These shoes are the best dress shoes I have ever bought because they have interesting high heels for men that make these shoes stand out from the rest of my dress shoes. I have plenty of dress shoes because I need those types of shoes in my work. Overall, very impressive product.
    11. George   Jun 1, 2019

      Best thing I've bought recently. Great quality.   Verified Purchase

      They are prolly the best thing I've bought from online shopping this year. They fit perfectly and even felt great. They are my first height increasing shoes, not really a bad idea to have these type of shoes, these look great and I've been getting compliments on them regularly. They're very comfy, extremely bright and sharp looking.
    12. Wyatt   Jun 1, 2019

      they are perfect   Verified Purchase

      These are the perfect dress shoes for my brother, he needed this color for a wedding this summer. They look a little big when we took them out the box but they fit great on him and he really adores these height shoes, he has never had these type of shoes in his entire life.
    13. Ledrick   Jun 1, 2019

      a little better than I expected   Verified Purchase

      Got these for a good deal and was surprised at how comfy they really were, even though they have high heels for men, it was a little bit better than I expected. Really awesome for a dress shoe. I wear these more than my casual shoes and everyone complimented me on the looks.
    14. Bruce   Jun 1, 2019

      Good deal.   Verified Purchase

      Nice shoes for the price you pay! A truly amazing deal. They look great on me, and my girlfriend likes them on me. I find them to be comfy, durable. I like the stitching of these shoes. I can tell that these shoes were made from high quality materials. Overall, a good product for what you're paying.
    15. Henry   Jun 1, 2019

      Love em   Verified Purchase

      These are very nice dress shoes. Not too crazy about the stitching but I still like them, I like the perfect craftsmanship of these shoes. The color was great and the leather was smooth. They are super comfortable light weight. If you are looking for a nice pair of dress shoes, these are definitely what you're looking for.
    16. John   Jun 1, 2019

      Prepare yourself for the...   Verified Purchase

      Prepare yourself for the compliments because these dress shoes are marvelous! I get comments on these every time I wear them out. They are great quality and hold up really well. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to be a bit taller with these nice tall men shoes. They are comfortable.
    17. Miskorav   Jun 1, 2019

      Great Value!   Verified Purchase

      A nice looking shoe for the price.
      fits a bit snug for me and amazingly comfortable.
      The shoe is also somehow light. Also a decent shoe because it fits me well even though I have a wide foot. It wears well in the heel and the length is pretty accurate.
    18. Diego   Jun 1, 2019

      really nice for what they are worth   Verified Purchase

      They are very comfortable, the leather is very solid and overall I'm very happy with them. Nice stitching and great craftsmanship on these shoes. The quality of comfort was never compromised. I received them in perfect condition. They're stylish, affordable, decent quality, and comfortable! What more could you ask for?
    19. Gusion   Jun 1, 2019

      solid quality for the price   Verified Purchase

      I have no regrets buying these expensive dress shoes because they have boosted my confidence and self esteem because I always become taller whenever I am wearing them. Really good benefit no matter how much it is. These shoes are CRAZY nice! I've never worn anything like them despite spending much more than they cost.
    20. Dante   Jun 1, 2019

      Classy shoes.   Verified Purchase

      These shoes come with class and are comfortable since day 1. They are well-made and excellent quality, my feet did not hurt ever. It's been 2 weeks already that I have been using these shoes and I am still going pretty strong with these shoes. I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. I hope this keeps up.
    21. Charles   Jun 1, 2019

      Very nice   Verified Purchase

      I was surprised by how much I like these shoes and how I adore their uniqueness because they are height shoes. They fit nicely and look handsome. I wore them for several hours the first couple of times and they were very comfortable the entire time, even though most dress shoes are not.
    22. Geiar   Jun 1, 2019

      Fits and comfortable   Verified Purchase

      -- expensive but worth the price for the awesome quality of these shoes
      --Look. These things do look sharp
      --Did not tear my heels up like other shoes I've bought from other online stores
      --Did not break easily so I am expecting that they will hold up to a decade
      --nice elevator shoes
    23. Galdon   Jun 1, 2019

      Oh yeah!   Verified Purchase

      I have already had a couple of compliments about how good the shoes look and how they make me taller. I have wide feet, so I did the widening, stretching break in method and they adjusted in a just a couple of hours. Depending on how well they wear, I may buy them again.
    24. Charlie   Jun 1, 2019

      Good looking.   Verified Purchase

      They are good looking height increasing dress shoes. They look great with anything dark. I like these dress shoes a lot. They are the first pair of dress shoes I've ever bought online and so far I am very happy with the purchase. They fit me perfectly. I can't complain.
    25. Ignacio   Jun 1, 2019

      Nothing can beat these shoes   Verified Purchase

      They look pretty slick, comfortable, don't make a lot of noise while walking. They are very classy shoes, and for their price tag, they are indeed really expensive looking in person built with expensive materials with awesome craftsmanship. You get what you pay for. Remember its price, you won't regret buying it.
    26. Alejandro   Jun 1, 2019

      Stylish and expensive   Verified Purchase

      These shoes are stylish and highly recommended dress shoes for short guys who want to achieve being taller because of these shoes' high heels for men. It might not be that comfortable at first as you need to adjust to these height shoes. But they are sturdy. Overall you get what you pay for!! Their style and comfort definitely make this shoe a worthy buy.
    27. Jerry   Jun 1, 2019

      Impressive   Verified Purchase

      Wow, what a pleasant surprise when I bought these shoes even though I was a bit hesitant. At this price point, I was expecting serious foot pain at the end of the night, but quite the contrary. After using them all day long in the office, my feet still felt great. Remarkable elevator shoes.
    28. Reynaldo   Jun 1, 2019

      Not an everyday shoe   Verified Purchase

      The heel for men is high, so it's not an everyday shoe. They look nice (as pictured) in terms of color and maybe in terms of its goal or description. I would recommend these to my friends. They are very comfortable. However, If you are looking for an everyday shoe, this is not your shoe. Gotta remeber its price tag
    29. Luke   Jun 1, 2019

      Nice shoes, quality and class   Verified Purchase

      Very nice shoes for my money's worth. I like them because they are comfortable, height increasing shoes, and affordable. Good quality and look way nicer than you pay. It's important to remember the price you are paying. For the price, these give you really nice value. They are a special occasion shoes.
    30. Timothy   Jun 1, 2019

      Certified Awesome Shoes!   Verified Purchase

      I am really glad that I bought these shoes a few weeks ago and I have been wearing them nearly every day to work. They fit as expected. And it's true, these are elevator shoes which will add a few inches to your height whenever you wear them and their comfort is not compromised.
    31. Dylan   Jun 1, 2019

      really good   Verified Purchase

      I was concerned with purchasing these shoes because they did not have any feedback yet and the price is hefty but I've been pleasantly surprised. They look nice and shiny out of the box, and still have much the same look or maybe slightly better looking in person. Overall, a very good product and I made a wise decision.
    32. Kade   Jun 1, 2019

      Nice shoes for the price   Verified Purchase

      The shoe looks really great on me and the size is as expected. The speed of the delivery is as expected as well so a job well done to this company. They are comfy right out of the box. The packaging is also fantastic because it was not cheap. Great buy.
    33. Vladimir   Jun 1, 2019

      good for its price   Verified Purchase

      I personally find them to be great looking shoes even though they have high heels for men. For the price point, I have to say these shoes are a good value, they hold up very well regardless of hours of walking in them a week. They are also comfy, never had any sores or discomfort with these shoes.
    34. Kyle   Jun 1, 2019

      Never disappointed   Verified Purchase

      Seriously, I have never been disappointed with this brand. It's my second time to buy from this site. The comfort is great, the fit is great, but possibly the most important, the price is just right for the high quality materials of these handsome dress shoes. They fit me perfectly as well.
    35. Raymundo   Jun 1, 2019

      Fit is nice   Verified Purchase

      I thought they would be uncomfortable to use because of the heels for men but guess I was wrong. The fit is also nice, never expected it would be. I can say that I have never experienced comfort in dress shoes as I do in these. No inserts needed. No sore feet. Great experience.
    36. Khalil   Jun 1, 2019

      Dress shoes   Verified Purchase

      I knew I needed some nice dress shoes. I had this style in mind because of its uniqueness, I was curious to try these elevator dress shoes and I am very much happy with the result because they added a few more inches to my height and yet they are very easy to use.
    37. Jomar   Jun 1, 2019

      Sweet   Verified Purchase

      These shoes fit better than expected to be honest. I have no regrets about buying them. I have always wanted to upgrade my wardrobe for the longest time but I was hesitant to do online shopping but now I am glad I did because these are probably the best dress shoes with great heels for men.
    38. Yunik   Jun 1, 2019

      Just perfect dress shoes for me   Verified Purchase

      When I first saw these shoes online, I had no idea what to expect with these shoes. Fortunately, I was very surprised! These dress shoes are true to size, really surprising indeed. They are also super comfy, and they have interesting heels for mens. I am really taller with them on.
    39. Danny   Jun 1, 2019

      Unique   Verified Purchase

      One of the best and most unique dress shoes I've ever had! They sure do look amazing in person, they are very well made, look exactly as described and most importantly - they are height increase shoes for men! I get a lot of compliments by just wearing these unique shoes!
    40. Jerry   Jun 1, 2019

      Decent for the price   Verified Purchase

      I am really amazed with these legit height increasing shoes made by Chamaripa. They are sold at a decent price. These are really comfortable all day long in the office (my job requires a lot of getting up from behind the desk and walking back and forth) and I'd say these shoes have held up so far.
    41. Bane   May 31, 2019

      Really, really great   Verified Purchase

      These shoes are just really, really great! I LOVE the classy looks, they are very classy and have been good in multiple occasions - work, casual, Church and any formal settings. I've worn them with formal clothing and jeans and they look great either way. What I love most about these shoes is their height increasing capability.
    42. Silas   May 31, 2019

      Adore this product   Verified Purchase

      Great quality materials used on these 13cm elevator dress shoes because the material outside is very sleek and durable. So far no cracks, splits, or creasing which is very interesting. I have had quite a few compliments on these shoes so far. They look really great. Comfy and sharp-looking and they make me very tall.
    43. Dekzan   May 31, 2019

      awesome 13cm tall shoes   Verified Purchase

      Absolutely adored this product and received a lot of compliments, awesome 13cm elevator shoes. I am very happy and impressed. Definitely worth the buy. I love the look and style of these shoes. The style is phenomenal as before. These shoes - a MUST buy for anyone who wants to achieve being taller!
    44. Nathan   May 31, 2019

      Great elevator shoes/dress shoes for men   Verified Purchase

      The fit for me was excellent and is comfortable, and these elevator shoes for men are made with real leather. Out of the box, these shoes look exactly like the photos, and they are shinier in person. I really look very tall whenever I wear them, thanks to the 13cm!
    45. Victor   May 31, 2019

      Amazingly beautiful   Verified Purchase

      This beautiful pair of shoes by Chamaripa is definitely worth the buy. Right size 12 here and I am amazed at how these shoes fit me perfectly. Amazingly beautiful. To be honest, even though these shoes do not have any reviews yet, I was not at all skeptical to buy them because I have always known Chamaripa to be a trusted brand.
    46. Melvin   Apr 26, 2019

      Great fit and all but   Verified Purchase

      The look very nice and for the price, you can't complain because the shoes are made from superior quality materials. I am giving them four stars because when it comes to comfort level, I would not say that these are the most comfy shoes I have ever worn. Maybe because I am still adjusting to their high heels for men.
    47. Angelo   Apr 17, 2019

      Unhappy with them   Verified Purchase

      These shoes have great style but I think they have horrible build and comfort because they are very painful to wear, I experience foot pain. I think the high heels for men on those shoes are the reason why my feet are hurting. Also, the delivery took awhile, it took 10 days for them to deliver.
    48. Argon   Apr 17, 2019

      Not very comfy   Verified Purchase

      For the price, they are just too pricey. I would have to say for a fact that the quality is top notch. However, do not expect these shoes to be too comfy. Remember, they have high heels for men so if height shoes are not your thing, then it is either you get used to them or do not try these.
    49. Ezekiel   Mar 14, 2019

      These are great dress shoes.   Verified Purchase

      The shoes look great and feel great, however, I personally think 13 cm elevator shoes might be a bit too much, maybe it is just me because I am not a fan of high heel shoes for men. I ordered these just to try them out, really good quality just don't like the high heels.
    50. Emmanuel   Mar 13, 2019

      Horrible shopping experience   Verified Purchase

      I ordered these because I thought that these height increasing shoes would do me good and I didn't doubt them because of the price but instead I received a damaged product with damaged packaging so I had to return these. It was a very unpleasant shopping experience for me. I didn't even get to really try them on.
    51. Drod   Feb 20, 2019

      A bit comfy   Verified Purchase

      I'll start with the pros since they are short.
      They got great soles. The delivery was fast enough at least for me.
      They came in great packaging. They are very stylish.

      The cons:
      The shoes are too expensive, not a good buy for budget online shoppers.
      The high heels for men might be a little too high.


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