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mens high heel shoes to increase height tall men shoes 9 CM / 3.54 Inches
  • Invisible & Secrecy Design
  • Lightweight & Comfy
  • Boosting Your Confidence
  • 3rd Generation Height Increasing Layer Technology
  • Features
  • Return Policy
  • 100% Height Guarantee

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CMR CHAMARIPA mens high heel shoes to increase height tall men shoes 9 CM / 3.54 Inches



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    • Invisible & Secrecy Design
    • Lightweight & Comfortable
    • 100% Height Guarantee
    • 3rd Generation Height Increasing Layer Technology

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    Engineered to resolve height issue perfectly


    100% Height Guarantee
    Return Policy
    Size Chart
    Product Details
    • Height Increase 9 CM / 3.54 Inches
    • Upper MaterialCow Leather
    • Color Selection Black
    • Style Formal Men's High Heel Shoes
    • SeasonSpring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
    • Features These black Derby elevator shoes are made from high-quality cow leather and feature a sleek, classic design. With a 9CM / 3.54 inch height increase, these shoes offer a subtle lift for a taller, more confident appearance. Perfect for formal occasions or everyday wear, these shoes are both stylish and comfortable, with a durable rubber sole for long-lasting use.
    • Material Selection The shoes upper and lining can be made from a variety of materials, with the most popular being leathers, textiles, synthetics. If you want to change the shoe upper material or lined material, please contact us!

    Keep in mind, everyone's feet are different and there's not a sizing scale that fits all! So before you place your order please be sure to carefully review our return & exchange policy on return policys! Happy Shopping!

    Men Size Chart
    US Men Inches Foot Length(CM) Euro UK
    6.5 9 1/4 23.5 37 5.5
    7 9 1/2 24.0 38 6
    7.5 9 5/8 24.5 39 6.5
    8 9 3/4 25.0 40 7
    8.5-9 10-10 1/8 25.5 41 7.5-8
    9.5-10 10 1/4 - 10 1/2 26.0 42 8.5-9
    10.5-11 10 5/8-10 3/4 26.5 43 9.5-10
    11.5 11 27.0 44 10.5
    12 11 1/4 27.5 45 11
    We do no offer HALF SIZES between US 8 and US 11.
    For US 8.5 please order US 9; For US 9.5 please order US 10; For US 10.5 please order US11. For US 11.5, please order US 11.5.


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    1. James M.   Sep 17, 2021

      Great quality and fit well!   Verified Purchase

      Great shoes! Comfortable and fit great! They give me the little height boost I wanted!
    2. Simon K.   Nov 13, 2019

      My favorite high heel dress shoes   Verified Purchase

      I have never wore a more comfortable high heel shoes first day. Owning several pairs from Chamaripa and I can tell you that the durability of the product is above my expectations. When I search for new high heel dress shoes, it is always Chamaripa!
    3. Anthony H.   Nov 13, 2019

      Best elevator shoes For office   Verified Purchase

      I have several pairs high heel men's shoes for work and tend to walk a lot on customer visits.
      These things are amazing!
      Look good and comfortable for the whole day.
      I'm definitely getting more high heel shoes from Chamaripa.
    4. George W.   Nov 13, 2019

      Traction is great!!!   Verified Purchase

      Most comfortable pair ofhigh heel dress shoes I've purchased. First time buying shoes from Chamaripa, I love everything from the leather finish, the soft inserts, and the stretch fabric built into the shoe near the tongue to make putting on and taking off so much easier. I also like the rubber grip on the shoe bottom, I much prefer that high heel shoes over the slippery smooth finish I've experienced on previous dress shoes with heels.
    5. Daniel S.   Nov 13, 2019

      Heels are perfect!!!!   Verified Purchase

      I was pleased with the overall appearance of this heel shoe. The inside pig leather lining is very comfortable. Laces are waxed and hold my feet perfectl. I was mainly concerned that shoes may cause a bouncing affect and slip out of my feet. All my concerns aside, these are great elevator shoes and I am very happy with my purchase.
    6. Cain S.   Nov 13, 2019

      Great shoes and Price   Verified Purchase

      I walk a lot at work, 5-10 miles a day and these high heel men's shoes have held up better than literally anything so far. I’m actually buying them again due to the 8 cm heel and I never do that. I’m always on the hunt for something better, but I don’t think I have to look anymore! And the price under 200 USD is also a big plus.
    7. Alex J.   Nov 13, 2019

      excellent Shoes with 8 cm heels!!!   Verified Purchase

      I own brown pair of high heel shoes from Chamaripa and I have been looking for more designs shoes with heels in black. I got these and my feet are very comfortable and I can walk all day around the office or the office complex without my feet hurting. Excellent choice to buy for a classic black leather shoe.
    8. Abel S.   Nov 13, 2019

      Perfect High heel shoes   Verified Purchase

      These high heel chamaripa shoes look good and are super comfortable from day one. So, if you have to wear them to a party, no worries because there's is no break-in time required. I personally ordered 1/2 size down and they fit me perfectly well.
    9. Benjamin C.   Nov 13, 2019

      Great shoes and great heels   Verified Purchase

      This is the most comfortable hidden heel shoes from Chamaripa Shoes. I'm so glad that I have had the pleasure of wearing of these elevator shoes. There is so much support when walking in these shoes that it virtually feels like walking on soft foam - if it were possible that is. Would definitely purchase this brand of shoe again for their amazing heels.
    10. Henry K.   Nov 13, 2019

      Overpriced!!!!   Verified Purchase

      These height increasing shoes are great and are holding up for the 9 months. But I think these are little overpriced. Heels are quite good though. Would buy them again in sales.
    11. Liam M.   Nov 13, 2019

      Excellent High Heel Shoes!!!   Verified Purchase

      I have worn this high heel shoe almost every weekday for the 15 months and they have held very well. The inner and outer heels of the shoe does not wear down as fast as some others in this category. Usually I would have to had changed out the shoes because of worn heels but not this shoe. The leather uppers have held up well win an office environment with chair legs getting the way too often.
    12. Mark A.   Nov 13, 2019

      Nice construction of these high heel shoes   Verified Purchase

      These are some very comfortable high heel shoes right out of the box. Very nicely constructed by the manufacturer. Chamaripa's products always seem to last for a long time. Can’t wait to see how these hold up and age over time like my other hight increasing Chamaripa Shoes.
    13. Clark P.   Nov 13, 2019

      Great Quality Shoe   Verified Purchase

      Great quality shoe with appropriate 9 cm, but more importantly, very comfortable. The fit is as expected, and the inner sole has a nice padding which increases my height and make them comfy for all day wearing. I was concerned ordering shoes online because sometimes shoes don't fit truely, which leave your feet hurting just after a few minutes. The look is classic, and clean and they have a polished or shined look, so be ready for loads of compliments.
    14. Skyler D.   Nov 13, 2019

      Everything is recommended!!!   Verified Purchase

      This pair of high heel shoes are not only comfortable instead they are incredibly comfortable to walk around in. They have a classic look, heels are hidden in the inner sole which is great. These elevator shoes are reasonably priced, and are comfortable. Everything I look in a high heel dress shoe is here. Highly recommended.
    15. Ajay S.   Nov 12, 2019

      5 Star Shoes With Amazing Heels   Verified Purchase

      Traveling to town from my rural home is always so time consuming and difficult, especially when even in a larger town the high heel shoe selection is limited for those of us with short fat feet. I finally purchased my first pair of high heel shoes and they fit exactly as expected. No discomfort due to heels.
    16. Derek R.   Nov 12, 2019

      Shoes are OK!   Verified Purchase

      I've used these high heel boots for three weeks solid, and while my feet are a bit sore at the end of the day, it's only because I've been on my feet so long. Otherwise everything is great about these high heel men's boots.
    17. Rufus C.   Nov 12, 2019

      Up to the mark high heel shoes   Verified Purchase

      I've worn elevator dress shoes from Chamaripa to work since I found the brand and they make the most comfortable dress shoes with heels I've ever had on my feet. As expected these high heel men's shoes are of great quality too. These shoes feel like wedge heel slippers instead of high heel dress shoes, just like all of the Chamaripa's dress shoes I've owned. I am glad I discovered this brand.
    18. Noah K.   Nov 12, 2019

      Excellent choice   Verified Purchase

      Could not have made a better choice. These elevator shoes look great, fit great, and more importantly they are COMFORTABLE. Most men's heel shoes are not that great in comfort but they unarguably surpass the most. You actually WANT to wear them more, not less. Important if you're gonna be on your feet all day but a good silky sock. Harsh fabric may ruin your experience. Buy these, you won't regret it
    19. Walter J.   Nov 12, 2019

      Third pair!   Verified Purchase

      This is my third pair of formal shoes from Chamaripa. I loved the first pair so much that I had to get another one. The first pair lasted 3 years with me wearing it to work all year. To be honest, I can still wear my first pair.. I just need a new lace. I was so pleased with the heels in shoes that I needed to get another pair and I got two pairs. I highly recommend this high heel dress shoe for its reliability, comfort, quality and design.
    20. Martina S.   Nov 12, 2019

      Shoes are well made   Verified Purchase

      My husband is a little bit short not much but he is little conscious about his looks. He needed new heel shoes for short men to wear with his suits and tuxedos at high class events. These elevator shoes fit perfectly .... he doesn't complain about having sore feet after attending the 2-1/2 hour lodge meetings. Would definitely buy again!
    21. Bosco S.   Nov 12, 2019

      One word, EXCEPTIONAL   Verified Purchase

      These high heel shoes exceeded my expectations! wore these heels for 8 hours standing, dancing, and moving around almost nonstop at a friend's wedding. The comfort and support exceeded my expectations and was a pleasant suprise. Nice Job Chamaripa
    22. John B.   Nov 12, 2019

      Great Quality!!!   Verified Purchase

      This pair of heel shoes fit perfectly to me, and they are unbelievably comfortable. Since these elevator shoes will be worn on an occasional basis, so they should last a long time. The quality of the building materials is excellent. This will not be my last purchase from the Chamaripa Shoes.
    23. Chazz B.   Nov 12, 2019

      my husband loves the height!!!   Verified Purchase

      My husband said these elevator shoes fit true to size and are surprisingly comfortable. He loves the 9 cm the most in these shoes. They do have a little bit of padding on the inside and nice rubber tread pads on the bottom for grip. Overall, a nice pair of shoes with multiple features at a fair price.
    24. Zayn D.   Nov 12, 2019

      Comfortable after a few days   Verified Purchase

      Got a rash initially and stopped wearing them. After a few days, tried them again and they became really comfortable. I've now been wearing them mon-fri since May, and they're really comfortable and are holding up very well. I am buying another pair of Chamaripa high heel shoes today in a different design. I may try 13 cm variant in black.
    25. Richard P.   Nov 12, 2019

      Good elevation Dress Shoes   Verified Purchase

      These high heel men's shoes fit true to size and they look exactly like their display picture maybe even a bit better. The cushioned insoles gives the height and made up of nano foam beads. I guess beads may be the right word. Cow leather is a good choice for a durable pair of elevator shoes. Pig leather However, is quite gentle on the feet.
    26. Mason G.   Nov 12, 2019

      Best hidden heel shoes   Verified Purchase

      Been wearing these high heel men's shoes for the past week, expecting that I needed to "Break them in" well didn't have to. They are comfortable, for my frequent traveling school. No binding nor gouging. I ordered at the size I normally wear for boots and sneakers and it worked perfectly fine. I appreciate the way these shoes increase my height without revealing my secret.
    27. Eliot T.   Nov 12, 2019

      These elevator shoes are an excellent value!!!   Verified Purchase

      Appearance-wise, they are solid. Comfort-wise, these are maybe the most comfortable lace-up dress shoes with heels I own. 9 cm heels are medically the highest point for wearing wedges for men. Furthermore, there is good room throughout the shoe. The shoe doesn't need to be broken in. What I like though is that the sole has memory foam that does not loses it shape after long wears. Good traction on the outsole which is always a plus when fall leaves and rain create slick surfaces.
    28. Andrew G.   Nov 12, 2019

      Best Buy SO Far!!!!   Verified Purchase

      The look is on par with most shoes of its type, but the comfort of these Chamaripa height increasing elevator shoes is far above others I have worn in the past. I appreciate the cushion feel of these elevator shoes and love the fact that I can get up and walk around the office without feeling like I need to either take my shoes off or wear another pair to work. Best Buy So Far!!!!
    29. Claude R.   Nov 12, 2019

      Extra toe room   Verified Purchase

      These heel shoes are very comfortable especially for the price. Trust me you cannot get a legit pair of leather shoe under 300 bucks especially with some elevation stuff. The sole is very comfortable and the width fits perfect. The only kind of bad thing I have to say would be is that there is about a quarter inch too much space in the toe box. Rest is quite fine.
    30. Bryan W.   Nov 12, 2019

      My brother's favorite heels   Verified Purchase

      My brother loves these elevator shoes so much that be bought two pairs: both pairs are doing absolutely perfect. He works 10 hour days, and when he gets home, he never complains that his feet hurt. Height increasing foam is super comfy. He always says these Chamaripa shoes are the most comfortable heel shoes he owns.
    31. Owen G.   Nov 12, 2019

      Fully Satisfied   Verified Purchase

      Fits perfectly, no break-in, upper and insole leathers are flawless and stitched well. Built in arch support suits my feet very well. I wear these heel shoes daily in an office environment with some outdoor sidewalk exposure. There is no visible heel from the outside and no one can guess that you are wearing a 9 cm heel. At $189, I'll buy a second pair and rotate them. These elevator shoes seems quite durable after 4 months of usage. I should be able to get several years out of them.
    32. Norman B.   Nov 12, 2019

      Best leather heel shoes under $200   Verified Purchase

      I bought these high heel shoes because the winter weather was causing severe damage to a somewhat expensive pair of my formal shoes that I usually wear to work, so I wanted an inexpensive pair of shoes to wear during the winter months and the 9 cm height was the real factor for buying them. This is the best pair of shoes your money can buy under $200. They look professional and stand up to everyday wear without a scratch ,although I specifically bought black because I expected to wear them in dirty conditions.
    33. Colt H.   Nov 12, 2019

      Excellent Surface Grip!!!!   Verified Purchase

      These high heel men's shoes fit great and are very comfortable and the black color is as dark as I expected. I was looking for a pair of leather shoes in jet black and they are purely black. 9 cm heel may bother some people before buying but the traction does the justice. Excellent surface grip.
    34. Cain F.   Nov 12, 2019

      Best high heel Shoes   Verified Purchase

      I was having foot pain from over working my feet due to my long hour, long distance walking in catering. There is some really good padding on the heal, leather of the shoes support arch and ball of the foot. My doctor advised me to use some heels for arch support. Each day my feet are not only making it through day, but my feet are starting to feel normal again after wearing an underrated brand. Undoubtedly they are my first and best high heel shoes.
    35. Jake A.   Nov 12, 2019

      I'm all praise about this shoe   Verified Purchase

      I bought these high heel men's shoes a few weeks ago and my first impressions of the shoes are actually pretty good. It only took me about three full work days to break them in and now they fit excellently. These elevator shoes are great but those who do not wear heels may need some adjustment time. Overall, I'm all praise about these.
    36. Del P.   Nov 12, 2019

      Amazing traction on snow   Verified Purchase

      These elevator shoes arrived quickly and were in great shape upon arrival - no scuffs, packed well. I were dress shoes 5 days a week and normally alternate between 2-3 pairs I have. These have held up very well over the past few months. These high heel men's shoes even held great at snowy weather of Alaska. These high heel shoes have done pretty well with traction in those conditions.
    37. Noel T.   Nov 12, 2019

      Highly recommend elevator shoes   Verified Purchase

      Once again, Chamaripa shoes prove why I love this company for their heels. Fit was perfect and as expected compared to other high heel shoes available in the market. Extremely comfortable with sufficient toe room. I'm on my feet on hard surfaces 8 hours a day and walk 3-4 miles during the course of an average day. These shoes have held up extremely well and never left my feet hurting. And all for a great price. 5 months and highly recommend elevator shoes for short men.
    38. Argus D.   Nov 12, 2019

      Perfect Black Leather Shoes   Verified Purchase

      They fit well, and they are very comfortable I must say. My feet stay dry through out the day due to airy build of the shoes. Cow skin leather is quite adjustable from the start and regular shoe polish revamps them. After wearing these elevator shoes for 6 months I have realized these heel shoes may exceed a lot of expensive brands offering heels for men.
    39. Felipe N.   Nov 12, 2019

      Stunning black shoes   Verified Purchase

      Amazingly comfortable dress shoes with 9 cm heels. They were comfortable right from the start. Cushioned insole actually gives you height without stressing foot muscles and soft pig leather inside lining make these shoes feel like butter soft. I would definitely buy and recommend these elevator shoes to other people.
    40. Shaun D.   Nov 12, 2019

      Fit Like A Glove   Verified Purchase

      I bought these heel shoes to be "everyday" office wear. Well these elevator shoes can be worn for top meetings and look good with suits. And, like most designer brands normally are, they fit like a glove from the get-go. They have rubber soles with stud traction so they are very quiet. I've worn them for three weeks, so I'll see how they last. So far everything is in peace.
    41. Novak K.   Nov 12, 2019

      Great leather and heels   Verified Purchase

      For the price, these high heel men's shoes are a great value. Super comfortable indeed. I was looking for a shoe with high heels I could wear all day. This means you need good rubber outsoles that do not hurt your feet. These high heel shoes offer 3.54 cm heel which suits most short guys. Upper black leather is true black and like most low quality leathers it does not have a reddish hue. Under $200 I'm definitely buying these elevator shoes from Chamaripa.
    42. Kolton   Apr 4, 2019

      tall and chick   Verified Purchase

      Bought this for my father and he loved it. He is glad that he never looked so tall in all those years, even though he tried many tricks in past. More over he finds it not only comfortable but it looks very chic. He has gotten plenty compliments one it. He is requesting me to buy another pair for him of same brand.

    43. Dexter   Apr 4, 2019

      Super-Stylish and Surpringly Comfortable   Verified Purchase

      I was looking for a black dress shoe for my Company’s Holiday Party. This shoe is of excellent quality, this shoe is both classy,and elegant, with extreme comfort. I could able to dance whole day with each and every member. more over its looks unmatchably great. Received Many compliments co-workers and bosses.
    44. Jonas   Apr 4, 2019

      look tall with comfort.   Verified Purchase

      These shoes went perfectly with my husband's attire for a recent black tie affair. The beauty of these shoes is increasing height, wow he looks so tall with these shoes, i am so impressed...moreover, they can dress up or dress down depending on the occasion. Hubby also claims they were very comfortable and lasted all night for him.
    45. Cade   Apr 4, 2019

      shoe for a party and clubbing   Verified Purchase

      I purchased this shoe for a party and clubbing. I was like talk of the occasion and everyone was asking, where did get it so nice!! when I answered online and definitely Chamaripa. They could not believe it. more importantly their mouth dropped at the price. I could able to impress many there.
    46. Zachariah   Apr 4, 2019

      looks and comfort   Verified Purchase

      Classic design, smooth shiny leather, very nice looking shoe. Moderately comfortable - certainly more comfortable than 100% leather soles but of course not as comfortable as 100% rubber soles. Cuts a good compromise between looks and comfort. Too early to comment on wear and durability. Definitely deserve not less than four stars.
    47. Derrick   Apr 4, 2019

      Increase height so your confidence   Verified Purchase

      I am 5'7" height, after wearing these shoes my height increases upto 5'10".one cant believe unless he try these shoes himself. Now it is giving me confidence to speak in front of ladies. I can approach to them more confidently. this shoe goes well with classic wear and suit. Excellent finish maintains a shine. Leather / rubber sole is best of both worlds.
    48. Bruce   Apr 4, 2019

      nice shoe but slightly hard.   Verified Purchase

      Nice shoe but its slightly hard and the rubbing of the shoe against the back of my foots causes blistering so I can’t wear them often or I have to use moleskin.I have slightly sensitive skin, so may be this is happening with me only. You might have a different experience. Rest i found, Its pretty lovely
    49. Albert   Apr 4, 2019

      Comfortable once break in.   Verified Purchase

      I bought this shoes one month ago, they are very elegant, they are shiny and can be used with a Tuxedo. It’s a stiff shoe so takes a bit to break them in. once break in, They are also very comfortable! Otherwise I’m very happy with my Purchase. I will definitely recommend this shoes.
    50. Catherine   Apr 4, 2019

      glossy shine   Verified Purchase

      My fiance is pretty picky about his shoes, but this one was an instant winner! He hasn't worn them yet for our BIG day..but he's truly excited to do so..It glossy shine will go awesome with his tuxedo. According to his specifications, this style and it's quality is unbeatable! :)
    51. Esteban   Apr 4, 2019

      Great right outta the box   Verified Purchase

      Always buy wide width shoes,but these caught my eye. Well made and looks great but not available in wide width but they felt great,so I bought them and wore them for 7 hrs the next day. And the only time I thought of my new shoes was someone said “nice shoes” or I thought how comfortable they were for new shoes. Easily my new favorite shoes
    52. Cyrus   Apr 4, 2019

      customer since 20 years   Verified Purchase

      I have purchased Chamaripa shoe for the past 20 years and it is one of the best dress shoes that I have ever worn. I use to have problems with my feet before I purchased the shoe. I had to go and see a doctor two time a year in order to get an ejection in the heel of my foot due to not wearing a quality shoe. But after I started wearing the Chamaripa shoe I never had to go and see a foot doctor again in over 20 years. The shoe is excellent for wearing to church and official functions and they go well with dress pants. However, I strongly recommend that you do not/not wear the shoes in the rain or walk in water since water slowly destroys the soul of the shoe, its shininess, and its comfortability.
    53. George   Apr 4, 2019

      goes great with my tuxedo and other formals   Verified Purchase

      I have purchased these Chamaripa shoes three times! I like the style so much that all I need to consider is which color I currently need for my wardrobe. The shoe goes great with my tuxedo and other formals. But it can be wore in anywhere with any occasion! These are Durable, stylish, and yet very comfortable!
    54. Philip   Apr 4, 2019

      Yes, I will continue to by you guys shoes.   Verified Purchase

      I am old "skool", I've been wearing Chamaripa for most of my adult life, and this is my favorite selection of shoes.I love this shoes, people admire them when I wear them. Brings back memories . I simply love Chamaripa shoe. Highly recommended for all age people. Thank you and God bless.
    55. Marcos   Apr 4, 2019

      Best friend thought i need shoes.   Verified Purchase

      Chamaripa are the greatest and comfortable elevator shoes around my house for years. After my dog chewed the toe and heel of one shoe, i just had to re-order. Anyway my dog is still living! Love her, she's my best friend. and she knows what looks best on me. great :)
    56. Augustus   Apr 4, 2019

      eye catching shoes.   Verified Purchase

      This style shoe has continued to be my favorite. I would receive compliments on them daily, even from complete strangers. I owned two pairs and wore them out until they were unusable. The shoe itself was terrific and unmatched by any other company for the price!! I highly recommend the shoe for all occasion.
    57. Zaiden   Apr 3, 2019

      Waste of money   Verified Purchase

      Very cheap quality product, seems like manufactured at some cobbler shop with hand, glue is visible, both shoe damaged, better buy some branded product.The shine of the shoes went away in the first use! It was just covered with shiny polish nothing else total waste of money! Chamaripa need to work more on their quality before bringing it on market.
    58. Khalil   Apr 3, 2019

      not up to the mark   Verified Purchase

      I ordered this product a few days back, got it delivered to my doorstep in time, the packing was alright but the shoe quality is not as expected, after reading certain reviews of other customers i decided to order these but found that the shoes are not up to the mark, the pasting of the shoes very much visible and makes the shoes look untidy, as well as the shoes shape is a little bit deformed, seems like bend from the front end, not very comfortable to wear, they might work out for one time party-go shoes. I m disappointed in this product, wont recommend others to buy these shoes.
    59. Adan   Apr 3, 2019

      Steal Deal   Verified Purchase

      This is a 'Steal Deal' and complete value for money. Amazing product for given price, good finish, great look, comfortable, perfect fit. 1 star cut for quality of packagaing and the terrible smell noticed on opening of Box. It took considerable time for smell to go away. Otherwise all in all very good product.
    60. Abram   Apr 3, 2019

      perfect finishing and materials   Verified Purchase

      How always excellent, quality price, impeccable service. The boots of first quality, I say it because something I understand, my grandfather was a shoemaker, I feel like a glove, perfect finishing and materials. Not only I recommend it, but encouraged to buy it. Thank you Chamaripa for providing with a lovely piece.
    61. Hugo   Apr 3, 2019

      Nice texture   Verified Purchase

      This product is one of the best that I have ever seen. Its worth the price. From top-to the bottom these shoes gives you full satisfaction. It did came with a little delay but I am more than happy to have them.Very nice texture good quality and customized presies. Nice sole and feels good and nice when you walk
    62. Landen   Apr 3, 2019

      WorthMoreThanEveryPenny!   Verified Purchase

      These shoes are EXCELLENT!!!!! Comfortable and very good quality! I was concerned about the quality when ordering so I limited my purchase to one pair. But to my surprise, its simply worth at this price. Feather light comfort doest feel like u have wore a leather shoes. #WorthMoreThanEveryPenny!!!
    63. Nico   Apr 3, 2019

      perfect condition and size   Verified Purchase

      Sorry for not writing these words before. The product has arrived without incident, in perfect condition and the size is correct. I hope to enjoy my new shoes for a long time. The service, although slow, has come to fruition, just as I expected when I contacted you. A warm greeting from Canada.
    64. Kade   Apr 3, 2019

      good shoe to buy online   Verified Purchase

      I m placed at Brussels. I bought these shoe online. unfortunately we do not find these shoes in Belgium easily, but I ve found the way. I am Super satisfied, beautifully finished and fine-sized. its is ultra comfortable and fit in like gloves. amazingly beautiful shoe. Highly recommended to all my countryman here.
    65. Nasir   Apr 3, 2019

      clean workmanship   Verified Purchase

      I bought these shoe to gift my brother on his birthday. I find its of top quality, clean workmanship unsurpassed in performance if you compare with the price . It meets all my expectations. The size is also exact as i thought of my brother. These shoes are elegant and very good quality. I highly recommend this article.
    66. Finnegan   Apr 3, 2019

      best shoes but chemical smell   Verified Purchase

      First thing I noticed right out of the box was the incredible chemical smell! Seriously, it is powerful. I had to set these aside for a few days before I could wear them in public. That said, once I put them on they felt like butter on my feet. They are amazing looking and have been mistaken for bespoke shoes by friends who thought I paid $400+. The overall finish is superb, the leather is consistent from toe to heel. They feel a tad narrow (D width) to my feet, but it could be because the stitching is so tight they will likely loosen up a bit with more wear time. Very classy looking and surprisingly light to wear. Arent nearly as heavy as they look in the photo.

      Overall, Im EXTREMELY pleased with how these shoes look and feel. Would definitely recommend them to a friend. two star less for the smell of the shoe.
    67. Hayes   Apr 3, 2019

      for cousin's wedding   Verified Purchase

      The delivery time was spot on. A few days longer than advertised but I am on the other side of the world so expected and excellent delivery time. The shoes are fantastic and are identical to the pair advertised and fit perfectly. They will look awesome at my cousin's wedding. Thank you and I will be shopping again.
    68. Lennox   Apr 3, 2019

      perfect shoe   Verified Purchase

      They stink at the mothballs, so have to fly for a week, but its a nice leather pair of shoes. The colors of amber / light brown-blue fit very well together and the size is correct as well. The leather is gently smoothly lined and finished well! I am very happy with it! The order is packed neatly per shoe in a fabric bag and returned to a thick plastic bag in strong shipping package, quickly delivered. FINE!
    69. Roberto   Apr 3, 2019

      delayed but worth it   Verified Purchase

      Although it has been delayed a bit, it is worth it, the shoes respond to a very good price-quality ratio. Although the problem of the sizing is very difficult to solve, because sometimes they are small and others as in this case they are big, but I will try to solve them.
    70. Winston   Apr 3, 2019

      overall good choice   Verified Purchase

      Very light, affordable and good looking shoe. The rubber sole prevents the shoe from slipping. Overall the shoe is fine, but it feels a bit narrow, so if you have wide feet, it may fell tight. one star less for the same, i hope Chamaripa will work on feedback and improve on further models.
    71. Russel   Apr 3, 2019

      soft and gentle   Verified Purchase

      Cow leather is supple, with soft, fine fur that can feel a little bristly to the touch,hard wearing and durable, Leather - Leather shoes are a popular option in the footwear space. Not only because of comfort but also practical. If you already own leather shoes, then you know that you can never own enough.
    72. Ari   Apr 3, 2019

      Perfect fit   Verified Purchase

      I love these shoes! They caught my eye right away and then when I saw the great price, I just had to have them. They arrived rather quickly and they fit me perfectly. They are very well made and comfortable and they are now my new favorite shoes. Very happy with my purchase.
    73. AHMAD N.   Mar 2, 2019

      Haven't tried them out yet but will soon   Verified Purchase

      Needed one size larger. Initial fit was good. Haven't tried them out yet but will soon.
    74. Youssef F.   Feb 21, 2019

      Great work shoe   Verified Purchase

      One of the better choices out there, other brands don't even come close in fit, comfort or style, great value for the price, this is my 3rd time purchasing from Chamaripa
    75. Henry   Feb 15, 2019

      They fit perfect and are very comfortable !   Verified Purchase

      I have to say that Chamaripa makes a great elevator shoe and usually at the best price, hands down. Chamaripa makes a great shoe with style and quality, and it definitely shows in this shoe. This shoe has a great shine, foam cushion inside for comfort, and great quality leather. I own several other pair of Chamaripa, but this is definitely a winner.
    76. Tony J.   Feb 3, 2019

      Professional support and warranty   Verified Purchase

      This product is backed by a professional support team and warranty. I had a replacement situation after 5 weeks of using my pair and they helped and solved it.


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