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Women High Heel Height Increasing Sneakers 8 CM / 3.15 Inches
  • Invisible & Secrecy Design
  • Lightweight & Comfy
  • Boosting Your Confidence
  • 3rd Generation Height Increasing Layer Technology
  • Features
  • Return Policy
  • 100% Height Guarantee

Free Lifetime Replacement CMR Height Increasing Layer
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CMR CHAMARIPA Women High Heel Height Increasing Sneakers 8 CM / 3.15 Inches

Out Of Stock Model: W91W115D602D
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Engineered to resolve height issue perfectly


100% Height Guarantee
Return Policy
Size Chart
Product Details
  • Height Increase 8 CM /3.15 Inches
  • Upper Materialknitted fabric,
  • OccasionOutdoor,Sports
  • Color Selection White
  • Stylehigh heel sneakers,chunky sneaker
  • SeasonSpring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
  • Material Selection The shoes upper and lining can be made from a variety of materials, with the most popular being leathers, textiles, synthetics. If you want to change the shoe upper material or lined material, please contact us!

Keep in mind, everyone's feet are different and there's not a sizing scale that fits all! So before you place your order please be sure to carefully review our return & exchange policy on return policys! Happy Shopping!

Women Size Chart
US Women Inches CM Euro UK
4.5 8 1/2 22 34 2
5 8 3/4 22.5 35 2.5
6 9 1/4 23 36 3.5
7 9 1/2 23.5 37 4
8 9 3/4 24 38 5
9 10 24.5 39 6


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  1. Haven   Apr 28, 2019

    Extremely comfortable   Verified Purchase

    I work as a nurse and thankfully we can wear sneakers shoes in the hospital as long as they are white. I am glad I bought these because I could use them in the hospital with ease. They are so comfy and breathable. I specifically work in the ER which would require me to run from time to time because I need to act fast and these shoes are perfect for the job!
  2. Rosalie   Apr 28, 2019

    Favorite shoes!   Verified Purchase

    After buying these shoes, I decided to try them out at the gym and I am very happy with the results!

    The shoes are very comfortable. I did different types of activities, both light and heavy and was surprised to find out that these shoes are sturdy and durable!

    I tried running with them and they are lightweight!
  3. Elisa   Apr 28, 2019

    Lightweight   Verified Purchase

    I am so happy they finally arrived and they are way more fantastic than what I expected them to be! The style is so cute and clean. I never though elevator shoes would be comfy and lightweight! It feels so good walking while using them. I will definitely come back for more.
  4. Daniel   Apr 28, 2019

    My wife likes them   Verified Purchase

    My wife likes working out and everyday she jogs. I bought these shoes for her on our anniversary and she can't thank me enough. She's been using them ever since the day I bought them for her. She says that these shoes have great sentimental value because I know what she likes and they come from me. Thank you, Chamaripa, for helping me make my wife happy.
  5. Margaret   Apr 28, 2019

    Nice buy   Verified Purchase

    I love the design and style of these shoes! The color and design come exactly as pictured! The description are true. They made me slightly taller and I don't feel any pain at all. They are so comfortable, whether you are walking or running, the comfort doesn't go away. Also very breathable and lightweight.
  6. Dorothy   Apr 28, 2019

    Most comfortable shoes   Verified Purchase

    I AM SO GLAD I BOUGHT THESE SHOES! They are the MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES I have ever bought. So comfortable, it's like you are walking on the clouds. The shoes are also breathable, lightweight and very supportive. Also the design is very cute. Clean and simple. Price is definitely reasonable.
  7. Mary   Apr 28, 2019

    Pretty running shoes   Verified Purchase

    These are the best shoes I have ever bought. They are so comfortable you would want to use them everyday and might not even take them off. They can be worn without socks because they fit perfectly. They are also great for short girls who are active and want to feel more confident because they do make you slightly taller. They are the perfect elevator shoes.
  8. Madison   Apr 28, 2019

    Good Chamaripa shoes   Verified Purchase

    My sister is very active. I decided to buy these shoes for her on her birthday and she was very surprised and pleased! She absolutely adores these shoes because they fit her perfectly and she said that they were very comfortable for her feet. Ever since I bought them for her, she has stopped using her other shoes.
  9. Elizabeth   Apr 28, 2019

    Awesome shoes by Chamaripa   Verified Purchase

    I love these and before they arrived, I had hopes. When they arrived, I was NOT disappointed at all! These elevator running shoes are very comfortable to begin with. I am also amazed at how lightweight these shoes are. It was such a breeze walking and running with these shoes, they are now my favorite shoes!
  10. Mia   Apr 28, 2019

    Delightedly pleased   Verified Purchase

    I am delightedly pleased when they arrived because they arrived in timely manner. The fit is perfect from what I expected. They are lightweight and very breathable. In my personal opinion, they aren't good for everyday use because the design is too cute, and I personally wouldn't want them to get dirty but if you don't mind maintaining clean shoes then you can use them everyday.
  11. Abigail   Apr 28, 2019

    Just what I was looking for   Verified Purchase

    I can't believe how comfortable these shoes are. I am usually in pain whenever I am walking but I love the support these shoes provide because when I used them, I felt no pain at all, it's like walking on clouds with them and the fit is perfect too! I highly recommend them.
  12. Olivia   Apr 28, 2019

    Comfy and cute   Verified Purchase

    They have great arch support, are very comfortable and super lightweight. They have now become my favorite running shoes. It is also true that they can make you a bit taller. If you are small and active, I would recommend these shoes to you. The price is also very reasonable and I never had issues with the delivery.
  13. Emily   Apr 28, 2019

    Pleasantly surprised   Verified Purchase

    I really find these shoes to be adorable and extremely comfy. I love them because I can feel the breeze through them even when I am running with them! These shoes are sturdy that I am so glad I bought them. They fit perfectly as well. They are now my favorite shoes.
  14. Ava   Apr 28, 2019

    These are now my fave shoes   Verified Purchase

    I love the unique design of these shoes. I find them to be very flattering. They make me quite tall too. I can wear these shoes without socks because they are extremely comfy and lightweight. It feels so good to run with them. Aside from running, I will use them for everyday use.
  15. Emma   Apr 28, 2019

    Great shoes   Verified Purchase

    I would say they are great for running because they are lightweight and very comfy. Very breathable and are true to size. The price is also very reasonable and design is also good. If you are looking for a simple but cute and comfortable running shoes, I highly recommend them!
  16. Sophia   Apr 28, 2019

    Very comfy   Verified Purchase

    I love how comfy these shoes are, they are lightweight and they fit the bill. When I first tried them out, it was like walking on clouds with these shoes, I like how lightweight they are. No socks needed and very easy to take on and off. I am very happy that I purchased them.
  17. Corrie   Apr 28, 2019

    Amazing   Verified Purchase

    I would say these shoes are appropriate for light use only because they are just too pretty you would want to preserve them especially if you are a shoe collector but that doesn't mean these shoes are not durable as Chamaripa uses great technology to make these type of shoes. They are very comfy and perfectly sized.
  18. Tara   Apr 28, 2019

    Excellent brand!!   Verified Purchase

    I am impressed with Chamaripa. The shoes fit as expected. They are comfortable and snug, I can even wear them without socks! But I would recommend wearing socks if you are going to run with them ;)
    The look is simple but still pretty and neat. I am excited to use them everyday. Seems very durable too.
  19. Kryza   Apr 28, 2019

    The heels make a difference!   Verified Purchase

    Chamaripa is true to its word because these shoes will definitely increase your height a bit. The shoes are beautifully made without the quality being compromised. They are super comfy, lightweight and breathable. I enjoy running around with these shoes. The price is also very reasonable. I am so obsessed with them now.
  20. Junaise   Apr 28, 2019

    I love them! Chamaripa you are the best!   Verified Purchase

    The shoes have finally arrived and I love them! Very, very unique yet beautiful design! The shoes are not only comfortable but also very sturdy and durable! Chamaripa deserves to be praised because not only does it focus on making beautiful shoes but it also maintains making comfy, sturdy and lightweight shoes! Another awesome addition to my shoe collection!
  21. Trissie   Apr 24, 2019

    love this shoes,no fatigue   Verified Purchase

    I have to walk a lot at work. I have been buying this model for years. At this point I can't remember how many pairs of these I have owned. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I can walk miles in these shoes without foot fatigue. I always keep a pair of white & black ones. I'm think I will get two pairs of each color, so I have them for nice wear and work wear.
  22. Audie   Apr 24, 2019

    tall and confident   Verified Purchase

    hi i am writing this to let you know i have received my shoes today .thanks for designing this types of height enhancement shoes now i feel really confident in walking and approaching anybody for my work and friendship. it has revamp me completely. I highly recommend this shoes to all who wants to look tall.


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