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Why Choose Elevator Shoes From Chamaripa? And what shoes make you taller?

As the top and most professional international elevator shoes brand, CHAMARIPA elevator Shoes Corporation was founded in 1996, manufacture premium men's elevator shoes using the philosophy of quality, service and integrity. Taking shoemaking to the level of an art form, each pair of CHAMARIPA shoes is carefully crafted by hand in a process that includes at least 32 separate production steps. No detail is too small, because supreme quality is the cornerstone of the CHAMARIPA name. Wearing our CHAMARIPA elevator men shoes will help you walk straight, it will also help you stand with shoulders straight and head up. The heel lifts for shoes give support to the arch and they also add spring in steps to gain people's confidence, shoe elevator will make man more charming, The elevator shoes always remind you the feeling of being higher!Our goal is to offer you a wide selection of high quality, comfortable, and stylish shoes that will make you appear 2"-5" taller.

Here Is 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Chamaripa Elevator Shoes, and help you to reslove what shoes make you taller :

6 Advantages Why You Should Choose Our CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoes:

1. We have our own professional elevator shoe factory. We have mature expertise in making these elevator shoes. Our shoes will make you feel comfortable and healthy, even correct your posture when you are wearing them. The principle of design follows "human physiology mechanics", it also complements with a curve to best fit the foot by using scientific design by increase layers. So the shoes compare to normal shoes are more comfortable to wear.

2.Provide private an exclusive tailored service for more than 300 celebrates and more than 120 dignitaries.

3.CHAMARIPA serves more than 11 million worldwide customers.

4.Wearing CHAMARIPA elevator shoes will help you walk straight, it will also help you stand with shoulders straight and head up. The shoes give support to the arch and they also add spring in steps to gain people's confidence and the shoes will make them more charming, the shoes always remind you the feeling of being higher!

5.Every order package we ship will use professional international express companies (i.e. DHL/FEDEX) to ensure the package arrivals.

6.CHAMARIPA provides a perfect customer service team to help you solve any presale and after sales problem,to give you more professional service. CHAMARIPA always give the buyer 100% confidence and satisfaction whatever in the shoes quality and service. Above all reason for you to choose the CHAMARIPA shoes is your best choice.

If you want to find where to buy elevator shoes and want to know what shoes make you taller, Do not hesitate to buy CHAMARIPA height increasing shoes online.

The Cassification of CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoes

Men's shoes are highly important for any man in his daily life. Footwear is important for various purposes. Apart from their functionality and the protection factor, elevator shoes are now the most important fashion accessory for men. Shoes make the whole attire of any person complete.For men, there should be at least four different pairs of shoes in their closet. This should include sneakers, dress shoes, casual shoes,sandals, and boots. This makes sure that you are prepared for any occasion, rather it means going to work, attending meetings, banquet, wedding,heading to the beach, or out for a night on the town.


For many men, a quality pair of leather brogues are an absolute must have. The distinctive brogue detailing on these shoes instantly sets them apart from other styles. They are perfectly suited for smart casual occasions, and can be paired with everything from trousers to jeans to chinos, making them a very versatile addition to your footwear collection. Our collection of brogues includes some of the finest designs in the world, and because we only care about providing you with the best, you can be sure the quality and design will be second to none.

For an instantly recognisable men’s shoe style look no further than the stylish Oxford. Men’s Oxford shoes are elegant, sleek and stylish, so it’s no wonder they’re the shoe of choice for any formal occasion. These men’s Oxfords all have the distinctive V-shape split where the shoe fastens which is characteristic of this style of shoe.

Every man needs a pair of stylish loafers in his wardrobe. These comfortable men’s shoes are the epitome of smart casual footwear, and we have an impressive collection of leather and suede loafers which we think you’ll love. Timeless styles and classic designs help to ensure these loafers will be a smart long term investment in your footwear collection.

Derby shoes for men are a wardrobe staple, and the go-to shoe of choice for many men who need to dress to impress. Our elegant and sophisticated collection of derby shoes for men encompasses all your favourite things – great design, superior craftsmanship and exceptional choice.

Effortlessly bridging the gap between smart and casual footwear are the humble monk strap shoes, and we’ve got an impressive collection for you to browse. Our monk shoes are beautifully made by master craftsmen with exacting attention to detail, and available in an array of colours and finishes, using only the finest quality leather of course.


Elevator boots are a wardrobe staple for any time of the year, and we have a huge collection of men’s leather and suede boots available, in a range of fittings, colours and styles so there’s a pair for you whatever your style might be. Choose between laced boots, pull-on boots, Chelsea boots and desert boots, and find the perfect fit for you.

CHAMARIPA Casual Shoes

Boat/Deck Shoes
Boat and deck shoes for men are the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe, when style and comfort are key. These shoes are ideal for casual wear, and we provide a range of colors, fabrics and styles to choose from. Similar to cow leather walking shoes,lace up leather shoes, these shoes are comfortable enough to be worn all day, and this signature style will soon become the shoe you rely on for the hot summer months.

Slip On Shoes
Slip on shoes are a great alternative to laced shoes for when you want to vary your footwear collection a little. Check out the CHAMARIPA stylish and beautifully made collection of slip on shoes for men, Suitable for any smart casual occasion.


Chamaripa Floatride Foam technology provides soft and lightweight cushioning for a responsive feel, Outsole tread rubber is engineered with a ripple design to provide consistent ground contact for a smooth transition from heel to toe,even these senaker with hidden heel lift, keep you comfortable.

Low Top Sneaker
This is the most common design when it comes to men's sneakers. The shoe is designed to cover the foot, but stops short, so there is no support or covering for the ankle. This style is the best for casual wear and it can have a full set laces or comes in a slip on design.You will find the low top sneakers in myriad patterns and colors; you can go for canvas sneakers or natural leather ones among many others.

High top sneakers
Unlike the low top sneakers, the high top sneakers are designed to offer coverage and support to most part of the ankle. They come with laces coming to the shoe top so there is added stability. This design of sneakers was derived from basketball shoes where quick movement and cuts as well as extra support for the ankle is very necessary. There are so many designs, colors and materials at your disposal, so you can get what works for you.

Slip-on sneakers
They are very popular as casual street wear and they are designed in such a way that you only need to slip them over your feet instead of lacing them up. The style usually has an elastic upper so that it is easy for the foot to slide right in and out as needed. This elastic upper also offers a snug fit so you have a comfortable time walking in the slip on sneakers.


Summer Sandals
When it comes to comfort, there really is no alternative to a pair of breathable sandals with calfskin lining for that added element of indulgence for your feet. Give your feet a break and treat yourself to a new pair of sandals, or alternatively why not choose a pair for the man in your life - they make great gifts. Find out more about our platform heel sandals and start relaxing in style.

CHAMARIPA Bespoke Shoes

Luxury Shoes
From shaping the last to polishing the shoe and each step in between, the journey of a CHAMARIPA luxury elevator shoe is a tale of craftsmanship worth telling again and again.The luxury materials found in every CHAMARIPA shoes collection reflect the brand’s playful discourse as well as a commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative design.

Custom shoes
Make your shoes as unique as you are. You choose your leather, your color, your sole and your details. We’ll handcraft your shoes to your specifications using the finest materials and bespoke workmanship. Find your perfect fit in our exceptional range of sizes, widths and lasts. The possibilities are endless.


A pair of Goodyear Welted Loake shoes can take up to three weeks to make. Some 130 skilled craftsmen, up to 75 shoe parts and over 200 different operations are involved.

1. Designing

Prior to production the design department produce the patterns for the last (the wooden form on which the shoes are made). From the pattern a prototype sample is made and test fitted. After any necessary adjustments to the patterns, a final sample pair is produced.

2. Clicking (Cutting)

This is the name given to the process of cutting the leather sections of the shoe uppers. The name “clicking” is derived from the noise that is made when the blade of the knife is removed from the leather when this is done by hand.

3. Closing

"Closing" is where the various sections of the shoe upper are stitched together. There are many operations carried out at this stage. For example, the thickness of the leather is “skived” (reduced) to avoid bulkiness and the edges of the leather are stained, seared or folded to improve appearance.

4. Lasting

The shoe upper is pulled over the “last” and attached to the insole at the toe, sides and seat. Before lasting, the uppers are “mulled” (conditioned) in a special room in order to impart sufficient moisture to allow the leather to mould to the shape of the last.

5. Welt Sewing

The "welt" is a strip of leather that is stitched to the upper and the insole, and to which the sole will also be stitched. Because welted shoes are sewn together, rather than glued, skilled craftsmen can dismantle and repair them.

6. Sole Stitching

This operation stitches the soles to the welts. The soles are lockstitched, using two separate threads, for maximum strength.

7. Edge Trimming

The edges of the soles are trimmed to shape before they can be stained. This is a highly skilled operation which is performed “freehand”. Later they will be waxed, ironed and polished.

8. Sole Staining

The sole bottoms are also stained and polished. These will be stamped and wheeled to add extra detail at a later stage.

9. Burnishing/Dressing

The final burnishing, dressing and polishing operations are very time consuming and have to be done entirely by hand.

And now do you know what shoes make you taller?

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