7cm (2.76 inch) Taller
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Black Elevator Shoes Height Increasing Sneaker Lift Shoes Make You Taller 7cm/2.76 Inch

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7cm (2.76 inch) Taller
Price: $129.00
Model: H71C62V011D In Stock Sold: 269
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Elevator Shoes Insoles - Natural Linen Comfortable Height Increasing Insole

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About the Product
  • Height Increase: +7CM/2.76 Inches
  • Upper Material: Soft leather
  • Occasion: Daily casual,outdoor
  • Color Selection:Black
  • Style: Sneaker
  • Season:Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
  • Wholesale: YES
  • Custom: YES
  • Shipping: DHL
  • Resellers:Yes
  • Get free shoes:Yes
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Reviewing: Black Elevator Shoes Height Increasing Sneaker Lift Shoes Make You Taller 7cm/2.76 Inch

Customer Reviews

  1. it's not bad. Jay1204

    by Jay1204 on Mar 2, 2017Verified Purchase

    Great fit, style and comfort
  2. These elevator sneaker suitable for standing and running R. Denning

    by R. Denning on Feb 22, 2017Verified Purchase

    I wore these shoes daily working as a valet in a fast paced environment. All my life I've been an expert at wearing out shoes, and these got some serious punishment both from clocking miles and regular exposure to bad weather. All told, I was extremely happy with how well they performed and held up,at the same time, I get the height what I want.

    One caveat- I am making no claims about these being stylish, but for functionality they are nearly impossible to beat for the price. For almost two years I put a couple of miles on these daily and they were not only still holding together well, but comfortable to stand in as well. The second point is also important to me, as the job required both a lot of running and a lot of standing. All told, I'm very impressed with how well these shoes managed to perform in both of these aspects. If you are looking for an actual running shoe, however, there are far lighter/better options for that more specific use.
  3. comfortable Sco-Pi

    by Sco-Pi on Feb 12, 2017Verified Purchase

    I LOVE these shoes...they are so comfortable.
  4. Great price JoshieLegendo

    by JoshieLegendo on Jan 10, 2017Verified Purchase

    Love em amazing how many compliments these get!!! Great price!!
  5. beautiful shoes Mike

    by Mike on Jan 5, 2017Verified Purchase

    Nice shoes. Once break amazing comfort and adds height.
  6. Great shoe for the price Repko

    by Repko on Dec 28, 2016Verified Purchase

    Great shoes for the price. They arrived packaged in individual bags for protection, and even came with a little shoehorn too. I am completely satisfied with the quality and looking of the shoes, especially considering how affordable they are.
  7. Great choice Cust

    by Cust on Nov 25, 2016Verified Purchase

    Great quality. Very good fit. Its not possible to notice that these shoes are height increasing. Just look like normal high quality dress shoes. I highlyrecommend.
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