Why You Should Add Our Whatsapp?

1.After adding our whatsapp, we can tell you all details about your orders:
   1).You can get the delivery time of your order.
   2).You can get your tracking number easier.
   3).You can get any details of the deliver, if the package arrive to your site, we can inform you in time, then you can sign your shoes in time.
   4).Your views or any comments are very valuable for us. you can send it to us by whatsapp,we will solve it or improve our service in short time.

Of course, we also will send the message to you by mail, but sometimes, you are busy and no time to check your mail, or our mail was covered in many mails of yours, then you will miss the message of your orders. So, whataSapp would be the quick and effective contact method between us and you.

2.Add our whatsapp, we can let you know our activities firstly:
  1).New styles publish.
  2).Any discount activities.

3.Add our whatsapp, you can get $5 discount on your first order.
   After your adding, we will send the discount code to you in whatsapp.

How to add whatsapp?

Step 1: Use Smart phone Your Upload whatsapp software, then install it on your phone.

Step 2: Keep our phone number to your phone.

Step 3: Open whatsapp,you can see our account was showed in your contact list, then you can chat with us now.