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7cm (2.76 inch) Taller

Street Elevator Sneakers Height Increasing Sports Shoes Casual Men Taller Shoes 7 CM / 2.76 Inches

Price: $139.00


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Elevator Shoes Insoles - Natural Linen Comfortable Height Increasing Insole
height increasing sock
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  • Description
  • Size Chart
  • review
  • Height Increase+7CM/2.76 Inches
  • Upper MaterialCow leather/Elastic fabric
  • Lining MaterialElastic fabric
  • OutsoleRubber Bottom
  • OccasionSports,Outdoor
  • Color SelectionBlack
  • StyleLace up sneaker
  • SeasonSpring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
  • Wholesale YES
  • Custom YES
  • Shipping DHL
  • ResellersYes

Please Keep in mind, everyone's feet are different and there's not a scale that fits all! So before you place your order please be sure to carefully review our return & exchange policy ( return policys )! Happy Shopping!

Men Size Chart
US Men Inches CM Euro UK
6.5 9 1/4 23.5 37 5.5
7 9 1/2 24.0 38 6
7.5 9 5/8 24.5 39 6.5
8 9 3/4 25.0 40 7
8.5-9 10-10 1/8 25.5 41 7.5-8
9.5-10 10 1/4 - 10 1/2 26.0 42 8.5-9
10.5-11 10 5/8-10 3/4 26.5 43 9.5-10
11.5 11 27.0 44 10.5
12 11 1/4 27.5 45 11
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Customer Reviews

  1. Chakorn   May 21, 2019

    Nice shoes!   Verified Purchase

    Fits me really well and feel so comfortable, love Chamaripa !
  2. Mohamed   May 10, 2019

    Good sneaker   Verified Purchase

    Super comfortable .This is extremely useful as I usually go out at night a lot and to compete with other naturally taller guys in terms of getting attention from women. Thank you Chamaripa
  3. Clayton   Apr 1, 2019

    Excellent training shoes   Verified Purchase

    Feel and fit of a running shoe coupled with the support of a mid adds up to a great trainer. Light and sleek enough to not feel chunky when doing lateral moves but still plenty supportive. I love them plus everyone in the gym notices them! Classy and comfortable! Thank you Chamaripa for such a wonderful product.
  4. Killain   Apr 1, 2019

    hooked on   Verified Purchase

    I knew these shoes were comfortable, but didn't realize just how comfortable they were until I tried to wear a pair of Nikes after a month in the Chamaripa and couldn't make it more than a few steps without switching back. Style-wise, I get a ton of compliments on them (not surprising) and now have 3 pairs since they've done such a great job of launching new styles. I'm hooked on Chamaripa and not looking back!
  5. Jake   Apr 1, 2019

    height increasing is phenomenal   Verified Purchase

    Hi, Have not worn them out yet but, on trying at home, they just maybe a little large. May need something to stop forward movement. I usually wear UK Size 10.5 and these are US11. Order to delivery was excellent. if doesnt fit, i ll ask for replacement. I find height increasing method is phenomenal.
  6. Remington   Apr 1, 2019

    rock the height   Verified Purchase

    I love my new boots! The fit was just right with some extra areas for comfort and additional insoles to increase my height even further. My feet measures at 6.5, but I went with a 7.5 because I wanted to add at least 1.5-2 more inches via use of extra height increasing insoles. This is extremely useful as I usually go out at night a lot and to compete with other naturally taller guys in terms of getting attention from women. Thank you Chamaripa, you guys rock!
  7. Felix   Apr 1, 2019

    my girl impressed with height   Verified Purchase

    These shoes are amazing. Super comfortable and all! My girlfriend and I are almost the same height so when she wears I put these on an voila. Depending how tall her heals are going to be I sometimes slip additional heel gels to help a man out.Thank you Chamaripa. Wow
  8. Holden   Apr 1, 2019

    Good shoes with cheap price   Verified Purchase

    Easily the best training shoe I've had. Super comfortable, looks great, great support. I get compliments on them all the time. I.The best workout shoes I’ve ever used. Incredibly comfortable. They provide a great base for lifting. highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you for the excellent service. Keep Up
  9. Cayden   Apr 1, 2019

    No break in period   Verified Purchase

    Took a chance on these and glad I did. The best workout shoes I’ve ever used. Incredibly comfortable. They provide a great base for lifting. Love these shoes. Absolutely no break in period required, they come ready to roll out of the box. all in all a good shoes available in the market.
  10. Josue   Apr 1, 2019

    Durable, and stylish   Verified Purchase

    I bought these shoes as I started at a boxing gym and my bro recommended looking into shoes that would benefit me at my new gym. I love them! They are so light but provide more ankle support than my other sneakers would when I am working on footwork. Definitely spreading the word on these and will keep saying great things! Since these pair, my dad has bought 2 pairs, my bro has bought one and my trainer even bought some! We love them
  11. Darek   Mar 31, 2019

    Durable, light weight, and Stylish   Verified Purchase

    I bought these in December of 2017 and have been using them in the gym 6 days per week since. Not only have they held up to the punishment in the gym but they recently took me up Mt. Baldy in 2 hours in 12 minutes! I highly recommend these as your dedicated footwear for the gym, but also as your everyday sneakers. I get compliments regularly and really like how York uses subtle branding on their products. Definitely getting another pair or two in the near future
  12. Zander   Mar 31, 2019

    Excellent product   Verified Purchase

    ought these shoes one year ago and wear them nearly everyday. I'm thrilled with how durable they are. Easily my favorite pair of shoes I've ever had. The quality is on point, comfort levels are insane and they always look fresh. LOVE THIS SHOE!
    Very comfortable, Chamaripa customer service is top notch too!
  13. Jorge   Mar 31, 2019

    Cool Shoes   Verified Purchase

    I’m a sneaker snob. Received my first pair of Chamaripa yesterday. I rarely leave reviews on things but couldn’t resist. These shoes rock & for the price a steal. True to size, super comfy immediately out of the box, light as hell, clean, and versatile for the gym or a night out. Fast shipping. I’ll be buying more Chamaripa shoes, you can count on that.
  14. Matias   Mar 31, 2019

    everyone loves Chamaripa   Verified Purchase

    I work in them, on my feet, 10 ours a day. I walk everywhere in them. I work out 5/6 days a week in them: lifting, lateral work, jumps, sprints, skipping, ALL OF IT. I don’t buy any other shoes. And the community around me is slowly popping up in Chamaripa! I don’t know what I would do with out them.
  15. Israel   Mar 31, 2019

    own more Chamaripa   Verified Purchase

    I've seen these shoes around my gym a lot lately and I had to see what all the hype was about. Let me tell you - it's real. They are not only sturdy and supportive, but comfortable and breathable as well. I've worn them in a variety of workouts (boxing, strength training, interval training, etc.) and they've been nothing short of amazing. I feel so strong in these shoes and I can't wait to own more Chamaripa!
  16. Barret   Mar 31, 2019

    Height raising is USP   Verified Purchase

    Always looking for a comfortable shoe to wear in my gym, and only for my gym. Purchased this shoe about 3 months ago. I train mostly power lifting techniques. Love the sneaker, love everything about it. Stability, comfort, good looks, arch and height raising...loved it so much I just bought a 2nd pair. Afraid these will wear out and the sneaker will be discontinued. Usually wear Reebock in the gym, not any more. Try them, they will become your gym shoe as well.
  17. Jaden   Mar 31, 2019

    fighter in real sence   Verified Purchase

    These shoes are marketed to "fighters" in the literal sense, but I've found that they are great for a different sort of "fight" with the urban landscape in the daily grind, amid the concrete jungle where it's just you vs your own mind, and in those moments when passion, play, and struggle seem to meld together.
  18. Knox   Mar 31, 2019

    Great shoes- versatile for everything   Verified Purchase

    I've had these shoes for about a year now and they have become my go-to shore for just about everything. I do and teach parkour for a living and these shoes are a welcome change my shoe collection as they are functional (great grip on a variety of surfaces, sturdy and able to take a pounding with limited wear, have degree of flexibility that allow me to retain a good "touch" / ground feel through the sole), stylish (I can wear them in train, but they are sleek enough to get into a variety of settings where normal trainers don't fly) and durable (I've worn them for about 11 months, in 6 countries, and through just about every weather condition).
  19. Javier   Mar 31, 2019

    Kick Ass Shoe   Verified Purchase

    This was my first purchase from Chamaripa earlier this year and since then I've purchased a second pair . I absolutely love them! I lift 4+ times a week and they are the most stable, supportive, and light shoe I've owned. I especially love the high top style on leg day for the extra ankle support. The heel is very supportive, I have high arches and this shoe has helped with some issues related to that. Overall, an awesome shoe. My friend also owns two pairs of Chamaripa
  20. Bradely   Mar 31, 2019

    My latest stuff for cardio   Verified Purchase

    I was just telling my students that these are THEE BEST shoes I've ever worked out in ... Weight training ... cardio ... Boxing ... Kickboxing ... Bag-training and just walking around ... I will kontinue 2 promote, support and wear these shoes ... They are absolutely essential 2 my workouts ... U can only make Ur athletic existence better by purchasing these kicks
  21. Omar   Mar 31, 2019

    want to look taller   Verified Purchase

    Everyone stops and asks how am i looking so tall, i told the truth abt these shoes and they want to own such nice shoes for them. I have recommended them with this online website. Great minimalist combo of a boxing and running shoe. Good for boxing, crossfit and weightlifting exercises.It makes me feel like a ninja.
  22. Colin   Mar 31, 2019

    Tall Shoes   Verified Purchase

    i look tall after wearing these shoes where so many people have commented that they want them having these features.. Definitely appealing, sharp, comfortable, and light weight - I will also report that they have provided me with a blister free experience! HIGHLY recommend - I love them! I won't work out with any other shoe.
  23. Brady   Mar 31, 2019

    Increase speed   Verified Purchase

    Love these shoes. Super comfy and they look great. I put them through the gauntlet and they're still hanging tough. A seriously solid sneaker.So comfortable and easy to do any workout in right out of the box. The light weight has helped my feet move quickly during dynamic workouts at an increased speed.
  24. Backett   Mar 31, 2019

    Boxing and gyming   Verified Purchase

    I tried using regular boxing shoes on hard wood floor in the gym while hitting the bag and I had knee pains. I also tried using cross trainers which were ok. Then , one day, I ordered this shoes online about three months ago and I’m so happy. This is my favorite boxing shoe ever. It feels comfortable, light and is great for lateral movement. I recommend this show to all boxers who train with the bag and focus mitts on gym floors
  25. Paul   Mar 31, 2019

    Wow,nice elevator shoes!   Verified Purchase

    May be the best workout shoe i have ever owned. Aside from some normal scuff marks from a rowing machine or stair climber, there is zero wear on these. Have had them over a year and feel Brand new every time i put them on. Comfort is second to none. You will not regret owning a pair. Mine are still going strong.
  26. Milo   Mar 31, 2019

    Simply Awesome   Verified Purchase

    i had tried trainers from New Balance, Nike and Adidas before and then i took a chance with Chamaripa.

    had gone through this phase where i wanted to use brands which are not mainstream hence the initial chance taken with Chamaripa. but to my surprise, the fit / the comfort / the lightness has really taken me by storm. i enjoyed going for walks / runs with the shoes. really enjoyed it more than my previous trainers.

    plus the good minimalist look of the shoes has been getting me compliments. really looking forward to purchasing other models. much love from Canada!
  27. CAden   Mar 31, 2019

    better than well known brands   Verified Purchase

    I received mine today and was a bit hesitant to wear them from the box to class but they were insanely comfortable. Super supportive yet they give you great feel below. Very grippy on a good floor. The shoes can be compared with any of the well known brand
  28. Jax   Mar 31, 2019

    height increasing concept   Verified Purchase

    Let it be said that after a long and frantic search for height increasing shoe without compromising comfort and style, I have finally found the one. Chamaripa shoes is the best. Thanks guys. I am working towards collecting every pair you dish out. Highly impressed by your height increasing concept.
  29. Aidan   Mar 31, 2019

    fits into all occasion   Verified Purchase

    I have a standing desk so I’m always on the lookout for comfortable flat/neutral sneakers that I can wear in a corporate casual office. This fit the bill. I have not run or worked out in the yet but the have good stability and cousin so I can only assume they would be great.
  30. Lukas   Mar 31, 2019

    great look and comfort   Verified Purchase

    I have been wearing these shoes for about a month now. I would estimate about 36 different classes of weights and cardio. They are fantastic through every move. Feels good fit perfectly and look very stylish too. I can also for CrossFit workouts and absolutely love them!! Stunning, thank you Chamaripa
  31. Andres   Mar 31, 2019

    Light, flat, comfortable and stylish   Verified Purchase

    I have a standing desk so I’m always on the lookout for comfortable flat/neutral sneakers that I can wear in a corporate casual office. This fit the bill. I have not run or worked out in the yet but the have good stability and cousin so I can only assume they would be great.
  32. Kenneth   Mar 31, 2019

    Great Shoe   Verified Purchase

    Phenomenal product, I’ve been buying through Chamaripa athletics for about 4 years now and love the shoes. I’ve run marathons in them and work out regularly about 4-5 days a week. Great quality shoe and good company. I won’t go back to another brand as long as this quality stays up! Keep it up the good work guys!
  33. Brian   Mar 31, 2019

    good option   Verified Purchase

    I've just received this shoe and only wore it a couple of times. It's a tight shoe with a built in non movable tongue so it gives extra support to your ankles. That's great for me because i have a bad right ankle. I will give another review once i start using this shoe with my boxing trainer. So far so good.
  34. Thiago   Mar 31, 2019

    excellent service   Verified Purchase

    First off, my customer service experience has been amazing. From all stages of pre-purchase, to post delivery, Chamaripa had my back with answers to my questions. These shoes are super supportive, tight, compact, and comfy af. Not to mention the leather sidings look amazing. All around great shoe. 10/10
  35. Kyrie   Mar 31, 2019

    comfortable and look awesome   Verified Purchase

    I was a little worried about buying white shoes but so far these appear quite durable. Love the style, I have multiple pairs of shoes from Chamaripa. I’m on my feet all day and these have been perfect support and style. Love the shoes, comfortable and look awesome on. Everything you could want in a training shoe Thank you!!
  36. Charlie   Mar 31, 2019

    For all sports   Verified Purchase

    I've tried them all, and this is by far the most versatile, well-built and best-looking. I wear the elevator sneakers for basketball, running, lifting and CrossFit. What a great shoe, super comfortable and lightweight. Love the design features as well The quality is unparalleled, and the customer service from Chamaripa makes it all the better
  37. Peter   Mar 31, 2019

    well-built and best-looking   Verified Purchase

    This shoe is slick looking and super comfortable. I've tried them all, and this is by far the most versatile, well-built and best-looking. Love the leather detail and the mesh-like material. I have only worn them once and already received several compliments. Now eyeing the Concrete version too! Thank you Chamaripa
  38. Myles   Mar 31, 2019

    Form fitting and comfortable   Verified Purchase

    I've only worn my shoe for a few workouts, but so far I'm impressed with the "surround sound" feel of the shoe as well as the lightness and sense of touch. I'm used to more barefoot-style workout shoes and these give me a similar feel with a bit more support that I've been missing, especially when running. I've also gotten quite a few compliments on the look of the shoe.
  39. Kyle   Mar 31, 2019

    5+ days a week at the gym + highly active job   Verified Purchase

    I’m extremely picky with my shoes when it comes to performance. Initially I was attracted to the design/fact of this being an athletic sneaker.

    I easily have put 100+ miles in these shoes over the past month between lifting, running and walking around a tradeshow floor (7-10+ miles a day). The fabric is incredibly easy to clean and the leather has not cracked yet which is impressive. Additionally, the comfort level is incredible.

    I would recommend these to anyone/will be purchasing another pair eventually.
  40. Bryan   Mar 31, 2019

    the best shoes   Verified Purchase

    Just got my pair of these shoes. Such a tasteful shoe that I’ve already received many compliments on. You can immediately tell that a lot of thought is put into the structure and support, while not compromising style. The true pinnacle of athleisure, I can’t wait to sport these shoes all over (and cop another pair soon). Thanks Chamaripa.
  41. Kaden   Mar 31, 2019

    fits all occasion   Verified Purchase

    These shoes are well worth the price point. If you're looking for great gym shoes- buy these. You could even pull these off on jeans day in the office. . If you're looking for great causal shoes - buy these. If you are looking great all around shoes - buy these. You won't be disappointed.
  42. Emiliano   Mar 31, 2019

    Style, all occasion   Verified Purchase

    I definitely plan on wearing them both in and out of the gym.I can't wait for my next workout in these shoes. Hands down the best shoes I've worked out in but could easily double as casual shoes. They have a great minimalist look that doesn't lack style.
  43. Judah   Mar 31, 2019

    Can be used for all type of training   Verified Purchase

    The shoes have a snug but not tight fit. They are true to size. They have a great floor feel to them, solid support without being too supportive. Also have great lateral support as well. You can tell these shoes would work for any type of training (weightlifting, running, boxing, explosive movements, whatever)
  44. Paxton   Mar 31, 2019

    Used on Gym, wow   Verified Purchase

    I thought it will be a issue with my flat feet, so decided to return them but my wife objected once she saw them. Put em back on the next day and they were mush less restrictive. Wore em to the gym today and the width is no longer an issue.
  45. NIcholas   Mar 31, 2019

    Ultra comfortable   Verified Purchase

    They are ultra comfortable without excess cushion, lightweight and they looked awesome. in addition, They are snug and supportive without being uncomfortable, which is what you want for precise footwork and kicks. On top of all of this, almost everyone remarks on how cool the shoes look. I am 100% sold on these.
  46. Brooks   Mar 31, 2019

    comfortable even for wide feet   Verified Purchase

    These shoes are awesome. Wasn't sure at first because I have wide, flat feet and these types of sock fit shoes usually are too narrow. In person they look even better. When I took them out of the box, the quality was beyond apparent. When I tried them on they were a little tight width wise.
  47. Mark   Mar 31, 2019

    feather light sneakers   Verified Purchase

    These hug my feet perfectly, yet are some of the lightest sneakers I've ever worn. On top of that, they provide plenty of cushion for jump rope and sprints. When I first got them I noticed that they were a tiny bit shorter and narrower than other shoes of the same size, but they only fit that much better.
  48. Zane   Mar 31, 2019

    best fit   Verified Purchase

    I'm nearly 50, and these are no doubt one of the most comfortable pair of athletic shoes I've ever worn. I use these for martial arts training, where a stable base and, most importantly, strong lateral support are crucial. That drew me to these shoes, with the leather supports on the sides.
  49. River   Mar 31, 2019

    Will not disappoint   Verified Purchase

    All too often I buy stuff online and am crestfallen when the product shows up. Not with these shoes! I love them. Very lightweight yet supportive, very breathable, durable, super sharp looking. Wearing them both to work out in and all around. I will probably buy some backup pairs to keep in storage, 'cause I don't want them to change even a little bit.
  50. Nate   Nov 2, 2018

    Good but can be improved   Verified Purchase

    Got this shoe, I also got the other sneaker design and that one was a lot lighter and more comfortable but this particular model layer insole felt noticeably harder than the others and it’s not very comfortable although I like the style, you guys should stick with the softer insole so it’s more comfortable

    Chamaripa Reply:

    Thanks for your feedback, we will improve our design and make the best comfortable shoes.
  51. david bytheway   Oct 13, 2018

    Great deals!   Verified Purchase

    Fast shipping, excellent condition, nice and comfortable. Highly recommended!
  52. Joshua Zhang   Oct 12, 2018

    so far so good!   Verified Purchase

    Good quality good price. Highly recommend them.
  53. juan c. ramos   Jun 13, 2018

    Very good sneakers, extremely comfortable   Verified Purchase

    Very good sneakers, extremely comfortable. I give 4 stars instead of 5 because of thin leather. I wish it would be a bit thicker.
  54. Will   Jun 12, 2018

    really nice   Verified Purchase

    Very good quality shoe. I get many compliments and it does not feel or look like an elevator shoe!
  55. Brad   Jun 8, 2018

    Comfortable and fashion sneaker   Verified Purchase

    Great sneaker for when you want to dress up the casual look or dress down the stodgy look. Super comfortable, well made and great fit. Already getting complements on them from members of the younger set.
  56. Laura Uribe   Jun 2, 2018

    A great deal on some comfortable sneakers the comfort and security   Verified Purchase

    Fit good feel good will see how they work,look taller invisibly. I go thru shoes pretty often. So far they will do the job.Would buy these again.
  57. John Crew   May 16, 2018

    Absolutly peachy   Verified Purchase

    Thanks for Chamaripa,these elevator shoes is very comfortable.Great packaging, awesome shape, brand new, great deal!
  58. Victor Brito   May 12, 2018

    Good   Verified Purchase

    Fit great and they are surprisingly comfortable.These heel lift is comfort than The price was great as well. I bought them to wear around while in Germany and have had no complaints.
  59. Monette Pangan   May 8, 2018

    good elevator shoes for daily use.   Verified Purchase

    Very comfortable and light. Looks nice but not too flashy.I likes them.
  60. Ashley Hale   Apr 4, 2018

    a bit big for my shoes   Verified Purchase

    Good quality made, you get what you pay for expect nothing less. but I ordered my regular size. Was a bit big. I need to put the insoles.
  61. Michaelny   Mar 20, 2018

    great comfort   Verified Purchase

    No problems!! They are 100% fit to size.
  62. happymeduza   Mar 10, 2018

    Lightweight sneakers   Verified Purchase

    I love them , they are very comfortable , it fits very nicely , and the color is as same in the photo online
  63. Stephen   Jan 5, 2018

    Great Shoe   Verified Purchase

    Great Shoe unfortunately ordered a 9.5-10 in Dec 2017 and stared to wear them in March, but realized they are to narrow in the tips. Should have ordered a 10.5 - 11 as that might have been a more comfortable fit

    Chamaripa Reply:

    Thanks for your comment,Stephen, the model H72C11K163D - Size US 11 available,you could choose a wider one.
  64. Griffin   Nov 16, 2017

    refunded   Verified Purchase

    Item was two sizes too small. Not what I actually ordered. Loved the shoes, but working on an exchange due to wrong size was a joke. Customer service was pleasant and did give me a refund. Don't think I will order from them again. However, to each his/her own!
  65. Arthur   Apr 20, 2017

    Difficult to slide may be defected pair   Verified Purchase

    Writing a review after using it for a month... It is very difficult to slide my foot in the shoe as it does not have opening/cuts on the sides. this shoes is really great but i guess it is a defected shoes pair. dejected by the quality and design.
  66. Leon   Nov 10, 2016

    wrong size and used   Verified Purchase

    I had ordered this Shoe and had to replace it due to Size. To my surprise I received a used shoe as a Replacement and it has clear traces of the shoe being used and the Box also was tampered and Ducktapes put to cover the box. which is not a original Packing.

Reviewing: Street Elevator Sneakers Height Increasing Sports Shoes Casual Men Taller Shoes 7 CM / 2.76 Inches

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