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Kit Harington Height - How tall is Kit Harington?

Kit Harington is an English actor who rose to fame playing the role of Jon Snow, a main character in the series Game of Thrones.

How tall is Kit Haringto?Like the heights of many male celebrities, the subject is up for debate.In a GQ interview he mentioned his height, claiming "I'm five feet eight"and in another interview the reporter mentioned "He's 5ft 6, he says"

We’re inclined to believe Kit on 5’8” because 2 inch height can be hidden easily without any traces in an elevator shoes ,which will help you appear taller and make people believe that you are just as tall as you look . So we don’t feel like Kit is inflating his numbers here. That’s why elevator shoes are so popular with the celebrities but few people know that they employed this smart trick.

Kit Harington Height Wiki:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kit_Harington

Kit Harington Height elevator shoes

Does Kit Harington need to wear height increasing shoes?

Man of the Night's Watch. The rightful heir to the iron throne. A Targaryen and not a Stark. Ned Stark's Bastard. Here are some of the names we associate with the actor, Kit Harington. But who is he exactly? Frist, he does know something. He is a 31-year-old British actor who rose to fame after portraying the lead role of Jon Snow, the bastard of the honorable Ned Stark in the HBO hit television show, Game of Thrones. He joined the Night's Watch in the said show and was killed and brought to life again by the Red Lady because he has a greater purpose to save the realm.

But his role and acting credibility are not what we want to discuss here. Sadly, not everyone is created equal and Mr. Kit Harington, with all his might and husky voice, has something that is not considered desirable to some.

While women drool over his physique, Kit Harington height is only 5 foot 8 inches. Since there is no shortage of bare women in the show and men who are eye candy to the female viewers as well as shocking deaths that keep us viewers on the edge of our seats, Kit Harington still falls short for a lead role in comparison to his co-actors. While this doesn't discredit him to being a force on television, we can't help but wonder what will happen if the stylists of the show decide to make him wear height increasing shoes?

It wouldn't really be a bad idea. Elevator shoes are worn by other Hollywood actors who aren't fortunate with Thor-like height. There's Tom Cruise and Daniel Radcliffe just to name a few. These hidden heel shoes are perfect for him since he is mostly in black anyway and there's a wide selection of black leather boots he can rock while he is next to Mother of Dragons. Since we are now approaching the last season of Game of Thrones, it is time for the showrunners to make Jon Snow taller than he actually is.

Okay. The reality is elevator shoes are cool and totally hidden. Aside from our recommendation to make him wear the said shoe on the shoes, we also encourage Mr. Harington to make elevator shoes a part of his lifestyle. While he is not really a fashion icon on the street, we still want to see him in white sneakers with lifts just so he will look taller than he actually is. We don't see anything wrong with that!

He is not a bad dresser and that's a fact. He is often seen on the street wearing clothes appropriate for his height. He knows the right cut to elongate his legs and he accessorizes himself with nice shoes and bags. He knows how to combine a black denim jacket with a cool-hued shirt. He can also make nerdy eyeglasses look sexy. The point here is Kit Harington has been a dream to most women that he can almost do nothing wrong. But can he do more to elevate him to Hollywood leading men status? Height. Take Tom Cruise for example. He wears elevator shoes on red carpet events just to look tall. There are hundreds of elevator shoe brands online such as Chamaripa Shoes and here are some of the styles he can try that can blend well with his personal style:

1. Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes

Not brogues, okay? Speaking in true Englishman's fashion, Kit Harington has been spotted several times in black oxford shoes. He wore it with sweatpants and a black shirt and during red carpet events. Elevator shoes offer a selection of oxford shoes with an additional 2.6 inches in height. Here, Kit Harington can achieve the same sartorial prowess, but with additional height.

2. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots

Based on his paparazzi shots, Kit Harington enjoys his suede Chelsea boots and for good reason. These shoes have been a style staple throughout the years and the fashion industry can't seem to move on from them. Elevator shoe brand Chamaripa shoes offer the same design of Chelsea boots but with 3 more inches in lifts found in between the insole and the outsole. Moreover, the said lifts are not obvious and too comfortable not to give it a try.

3. Formal shoes

Formal shoes

Kit Harington is a dapper gentleman. He attends the red carpet and other formal events with his beau, Leslie Rose. We want to see Kit Harington at least 5 inches taller than his lovely wife on red carpet events, especially on the annual Emmy Awards where Game of Thrones is a favorite. Leslie stands 5 foot 6 inches, while Kit is only 5 foot 8 inches. If he starts wearing elevator shoes, he will add an additional 2-inches up to 5-inches depending on his preference.

4. Sneakers


Kit Harington has been photographed several times wearing a loose shirt, skinny jeans, and nice leather sneakers. Like what we have established, any normal shoes you want, elevator shoes also have them! Even those street style sneakers that models, actors, and fashion icons want. The difference is the price point. Elevator shoes are not as expensive as those millennial clamoring sneakers but can compete with them in terms of design and quality.

Final question: Does Kit Harington need to wear height increasing shoes?

The answer is a sure yes. First, there's no harm in trying. Second, anything he wears or does looks good on him. So why not literally elevate it to a much higher stand? Gone are the days where elevator shoes are funny looking shoes that no one really takes seriously. Today, these height increasing shoes are just as posh as the other shoes available on the market today.

Lastly, other stars who have the same height as he does have joined the elevator shoe frenzy, and we mean A-listers from Tom Cruise to Robert Downey Jr. to Danielle Radcliffe. Being taller than he actually is can only amp up his leading man status to a much greater height.

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