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Kanye West Height

Kanye west is a well known record producer, rapper, musician and a singer residing in Chicago, Illinois.

Wondering Kanye west Height, he stands at 5’8″ tall (173cm). But should Kanye be adding a little height in his high increasing shoes? We think so. Mr. West could definitely benefit from tall men shoes to put him at the grand stature he holds himself. 

As his announcement in his now legendary rant against Wiz Khalifa, “Maybe I couldn’t be skinny and tall, but I’ll settle for being the greatest artist of all time as a consolation.” We know that he could be tall by wearing elevator shoes. In addition to making you look taller, height increasing shoes improve your posture. You can walk straight, and stand with your shoulders square. Improving your posture immediately makes you look more attractive, You can easily discover elevator shoes before and after.

Kanye West Height elevator shoes