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Chamaripa tall men boots height increasing shoes for men khaki hidden high heel boots 7 CM / 2.76 Inches
  • Invisible & Secrecy Design
  • Lightweight & Comfy
  • Boosting Your Confidence
  • 3rd Generation Height Increasing Layer Technology
  • Features
  • Return Policy
  • 100% Height Guarantee

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Engineered to resolve height issue perfectly


100% Height Guarantee
Return Policy
Size Chart
Product Details
  • Height Increase +7 CM / 2.76 Inches
  • Upper Material Cow Leather
  • Lining Material Pigskin Leather
  • Color SelectionKhaki
  • SeasonSpring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
  • FeaturesThe Chamaripa ® height increasing lace-up boot is ideal for casual workplaces and laid-back weekend looks.Durable leather upper is made of soft, smooth-to-the-touch leather with a natural finish. Traditional lace-up style with braided fabric laces and six metal eyelets for a secure fit.Corner-stitched welt that double-stitches the sole to the upper for long-lasting durability.
  • Material Selection The shoes upper and lining can be made from a variety of materials, with the most popular being leathers, textiles, synthetics. If you want to change the shoe upper material or lined material, please contact us!

Keep in mind, everyone's feet are different and there's not a sizing scale that fits all! So before you place your order please be sure to carefully review our return & exchange policy on return policys! Happy Shopping!

Men Size Chart
US Men Inches Foot Length(CM) Euro UK
6.5 9 1/4 23.5 37 5.5
7 9 1/2 24.0 38 6
7.5 9 5/8 24.5 39 6.5
8 9 3/4 25.0 40 7
8.5-9 10-10 1/8 25.5 41 7.5-8
9.5-10 10 1/4 - 10 1/2 26.0 42 8.5-9
10.5-11 10 5/8-10 3/4 26.5 43 9.5-10
11.5 11 27.0 44 10.5
12 11 1/4 27.5 45 11
We do no offer HALF SIZES between US 8 and US 11.
For US 8.5 please order US 9; For US 9.5 please order US 10; For US 10.5 please order US11. For US 11.5, please order US 11.5.


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  1. Mayra D.   Sep 17, 2021

    my husband was very impressed   Verified Purchase

    my husband was very impressed with this shoes the leather is just beautiful they fit a little loose but the seller includes insoles and a shoe horse very nice.
  2. Benson H.   Nov 5, 2019

    Cool High Heel Boots   Verified Purchase

    I love wearing these elevator boots! They are very comfortable however, my feet tended to get a little sweaty at first, but then I got used to them. They are the most comfortable high heel boots I have ever worn and I don't care if I had to buy more shoes like that. They feel great and are easy to walk on and off.
  3. Bruno D.   Nov 5, 2019

    FANTASTIC SERVICE   Verified Purchase

    I fell in love with these casual khaki shoes the minute I put them out of the box —SO COMFY— Because of this pair of elevator shoes I have bought additional two pairs of high heel shoes from chamaripa in the last week!! You can't go wrong with these!!! Lightning fast shipping!! Thank you for the fantastic customer service!!!
  4. Wilhem H.   Nov 5, 2019

    My second pair of high heel shoes   Verified Purchase

    This is my second pair of elevator shoes from Chamaripa. I use these khaki shoes as my semi formal office shoes. I like the cushion of wearing them and the added smoothness of the lining. These have a lot more support than most elevator shoes and I like that.
  5. Gordon S.   Nov 5, 2019

    My all time favorite elevator shoes   Verified Purchase

    I have particularly wide feet and find most high heel shoes unfit for me. These are PERFECT!! Comfortable and great for casual outings. These elevator shoes are great to check your level of comfort with heels. As I did not like my 15 cm elevator shoes from an expensive brand. However, these are my all time favorite elevator shoes.
  6. Collin J.   Nov 5, 2019

    Great shoes   Verified Purchase

    Product is great quality, and is reasonably priced. These are great for outdoor use. I live in Florida, and the insulation inside the shoe is enough to feel comfy without getting sweaty. 7 cm elevation in these high heel boots are perfect for those who want to give a try to heels. I do recommend to have a conversation with the CS center about your size because they know better.
  7. Marcus T.   Nov 5, 2019

    Good shoes for my narrow—wide feet   Verified Purchase

    Elevator shoes are the only shoes I can wear as I have very small, wide feet that need support. I love this pair due to the cushioned inner part. I find these khakis a great bang for my buck. Best combination of tough cow skin leather and soft pig skin leather. Recommended highly, inner lining is soft and footbeds are nicer than most elevator shoes.
  8. Andreas V.   Nov 5, 2019

    Thank you   Verified Purchase

    I’ve loved these elevator shoes. My wife got these for me and I'm glad she did so. Wearing these Khaki elevator shoes will make you question why you ever bought crap from other brands??? I love the deep colours and comfortable heels of these shoes. Leather is great as well. Best high heel boots and casual shoes I’ve ever owned.
  9. Maurice W.   Nov 5, 2019

    5 star shoes.   Verified Purchase

    This is one of many pairs of elevator shoes I own. It is worth the money to buy premium elevator shoes from Chamaripa. I love how these shoes are slip resistant as they prevented slipping me on the wet days in Alaska. Besides that my feet feel warm when worn with socks. 5 star rating is a must for such amazing shoes.
  10. Selena H.   Nov 5, 2019

    My son's favorite   Verified Purchase

    They fit great. My son loves them for wearing in parties.... Easy to slip on— laces are too good for un tying the knot. The lining is soft and adjusts according to the weather for your feet. My son calls the inner part of the shoes "magic chamber" lol. He loves how the inner pig skin lining adjusts it's temperature.
  11. Rick G.   Nov 5, 2019

    Nicest looking shoes with good heel   Verified Purchase

    I have tried every sort of high heel shoes on the market last year and only these Chamaripa khaki boots keep my feet from aching. That is weird!!! But it's so nice to be pain free. I would suggest anyone with feet issues give these 7 cm heel boots a try. They will never look like a dress shoe but they are one of the nicest looking shoes you could get.
  12. Steve S.   Nov 5, 2019

    Comfortable Good Quality Good Price   Verified Purchase

    I use casual flat shoes for my night shift at a call center. My job is sitting at one place and does not require extensive movement but I walk to home on my foot after my shift. I like that I can break out of my khakis quickly like tape lock sneakers. Laces are made up of very high quality materials and they do not tangle. I MUST SAY "BEST ELEVATOR SHOES" they are.
  13. Ron C.   Nov 5, 2019

    excellent support service by Chamaripa   Verified Purchase

    I love these... they are surprisingly soft and comfortable with a pig skin lining. My only issue was the were the heels... was afraid to try them because non of the elevator shoes worked for me in the past. The customer service was great about getting the right ones out for me. I would be looking forward for buying more elevator shoes from Chamaripa Shoes hoping that they would be comfortable too for my feet.
  14. Vickie M.   Nov 5, 2019

    Just perfect !!!   Verified Purchase

    Hey, these khaki elevator shoes are the most attractive shoes and they are super comfy!!!! I wear flatter shoes with no heels mostly but these 2.76 inches of heel fit me perfectly. These are my go to shoes when I'm too lazy to break in the formal shoes. Color, design, price everything is just perfect!!!
  15. Drew B.   Nov 5, 2019

    So comfy   Verified Purchase

    I was a little concerned that elevator shoes wouldn't work right for me and i should get regular shoes. I usually don't wear heels. I ordered these khakis from Chamaripa site and they fit me perfectly. I slipped them on my feet - ahhhh. So comfy. I rarely, ok never, say this phrase, but I am kind of looking forward to
    use my Khaki high heel boots at my road trip.
  16. Chorei R.   Nov 5, 2019

    Perfect casual shoes   Verified Purchase

    I purchased elevator khakis from chamaripa shoes as a party shoe. Ive been wearing them for a week. It took a few days to get used to the heel inside the shoe. I simply find these height increasing shoes perfect, comfortable and supportive. I had a bad history with elevator shoes as too much high heel makes my feet slip towards the toe room but these are perfect.
  17. Glen M.   Nov 5, 2019

    Superb Shoes   Verified Purchase

    These casual khakis are great shoes. I bought them as a slip on shoe for quick outside trips. I have sneakers too but I prefer to have a pair of casual shoe as well. These high heel shoes are very comfy and the pig skin lining makes them great for all weathers. I would definitely be suggesting these superb shoes to others.
  18. Holly J.   Nov 5, 2019

    Perfect Khakis   Verified Purchase

    Got these for my hubby, since they were on his X-mas list last year. He loves to have shoes with tid bit of heels. 7 cm heel is perfect for him. Not too high not too low. He have to move around quickly in his office and that's why he loves the slip resistant technology of Chamaripa Shoes. These height increasing shoes are really his favorite in all aspects. The price is ok too for what they are. would be buying more shoes from Chamaripa Shoes at this X-mas too.
  19. Reyes Y.   Nov 5, 2019

    Cow Skin Leather in these shoes is awesome   Verified Purchase

    I have never owned a pair of elevator shoes before but with my exceptionally large feet flat I decided to use elevator shoes. They are made well and very comfortable to walk in. Upper Cow Skin Leather is great. While on a walk a boy with the skating board bumped into me and his skate board hit my feet with a massive blow. My khaki shoes lived with blow and my feet were saved from being injured. I'm really impressed by my khaki shoes.
  20. Joe D.   Nov 5, 2019

    So far one of the best elevator shoes from Chamaripa Shoes   Verified Purchase

    These khakis are by far the best to use with casual attire. I have gone through many pairs of height increasing shoes but non of them could satisfy me. They either cause pain or bulky in size. At first I thought the size was a little small, but after wearing for a bit they now fit nicely. I love the slope of the inner heel that is quite comfortable and helps me in walking. No doubts, one of the best elevator shoes by Chamaripa.
  21. Frank M.   Nov 5, 2019

    Amazing color and comfort   Verified Purchase

    These khaki elevator shoes are great. I get zero foot pain and blisters after wearing them for a long day which is a great achievement for any height increasing shoe. No more trips to foot doctor for me. Style wise, they are very noticeable and go well with most of my casual outfits. I love the mustard undertones in these shoes.
  22. Bryan D.   Nov 5, 2019

    Super breathable lining and amazing arch support   Verified Purchase

    These elevator shoes are different than most height increasing shoes available at the internet because of the lining and their structure. This lining is super breathable and makes it an awesome shoe for casual outings in all kinds of weathers. Comfort wise they’re just as great as the regular shoes without heels and arch support is great as well.Long story short, I highly recommend these high heel khaki shoes. Thank you Chamaripa Shoes.
  23. Pete A.   Nov 5, 2019

    Crazy fast shipping!   Verified Purchase

    Got them in 1and half day. I adore the pig skin lining in these high heel shoes; especially in comparison to its standard fabric lining. I use these khaki shoes as my job shoes due to their comfort level. You’ll appreciate the extra room, as opposed to your heel sitting on the back lip of The shoe because it’s too small for Your foot. I love how these khaki shoes have a 7 cm heel which supports the arch of my feet. I'm quite happy with these.
  24. Monsieur M.   Nov 5, 2019

    Nice gift from my wife   Verified Purchase

    These were a gift from my wife or I never would have considered buying them because I have never liked the way height increasing shoes fit or feel on my feet. Well, I just LOVE these khaki shoes from chamaripa shoes. I usually wear socks that are a tad bit thicker than regular socks and my feet never feel like they are being squished. I even have room in the shoe to add another arch/heel support cushion. Very happy with my khaki elevator shoes.
  25. Shane B.   Nov 5, 2019

    Just wow   Verified Purchase

    I was pleasantly surprised by these khaki shoes. I got these shoes from Chamaripa Shoes because a friend swore by them, and I decided to prove him wrong by trying them. Well, the first time I put these high heel shoes on, I noticed the tight inner place in the shoes, but after a few minutes, literally, that loosened up. The toe depth is perfect, the roomy fit is perfect, and I've been wearing them exclusively for two months now! Well, I did save one pair for Christmas, and to my delight, they fit better than the first pair.
  26. Joanna M.   Nov 5, 2019

    I love my khaki elevator shoes   Verified Purchase

    My khaki elevator shoes from chamaripa came on time and as expected. They have yellow and brown under tones with round laces, actually laces are the best part of this shoes. Check the size chart as it is accurate. Bought these khaki shoes since I can't get a good pair of casual shoes with support. Happy to say love love love these shoes! Good looking and most important they are very comfortable. I'm gonna these buy again.
  27. Quintin F.   Nov 5, 2019

    Little bit of looseness   Verified Purchase

    Nice pair of khaki shoes definately but they are a little bit loose at my feet. I got them in the smallest size and their smallest size turn out to be quite loose for me. I'm wearing them with extra footbeds and they are doing great.
  28. alfred K.   Oct 29, 2019

    My favorite casual khakis   Verified Purchase

    I was a nerd at college and used to wear old dress shoes given by my brother due to less money. TBH I had never worn a casual shoe before that. My brother had a job and he was used to buying dress shoes only to save a few bucks. Now I earn my money and decide to do my makeover. I swore not to wear any dress shoes until my job. I selected these elevator shoes from Chamaripa because of its dusky color and high heels. I'm super satisfied!!!!! and happy, of course!!!!!!
  29. Pounthavy S.   Oct 29, 2019

    Superb CS   Verified Purchase

    The look and quality of these khaki hidden heels are perhaps twice the cost. When I saw those shoes I had an instant crush over these high heel men's shoes. Ordered two pair of shoes and asked the consume support department to deliver them after a month a specific time and date. I was glad to see my order receiving at the exact instructions. I'm really impressed by Chamaripa's team of CS.
  30. Sam J.   Oct 29, 2019

    Beautiful shoes   Verified Purchase

    The look of the shoes is aesthetically pleasing. That's why i purchased them for disguising as a dress shoe for casual meetings. The bottom of these made up of high-quality slip-resistant material. The top part has two types of leather. Inner pigskin leather to keep feet comfortable and tough cow skin leather to fight off moisture and dirt. My feet never feel suffocated in these tall men's shoes from Chamaripa. The best part — no sweat and stink.
  31. James K.   Oct 29, 2019

    Good elevation shoes for casual evenings   Verified Purchase

    Chamaripa has done it once again. No one can super comfy elevator shoes like Chamaripa. I recently replaced my old moccasins with my new Khaki elevator shoes for casual evenings. The material is incredibly softer than most versions of leathers and offers balanced raise in height and supports healthy posture. I'm happy with my new tall men's shoes and they deserve a 5 star rating.
  32. Solomon H.   Oct 29, 2019

    recommended   Verified Purchase

    All I can say is wow for these super cool shoes. I was looking for a nice pair of casual shoes under $200 to wear to the office. I decided to give these elevator shoes from Chamaripa a shot after doing my research and I could not be much happier than I'm with these Chamaripa high heel shoes. The shoes look much more expensive than the $169 I paid. Plus they are much more comfortable than expected. Will definitely look at their other styles as well.
  33. Samuel S.   Oct 29, 2019

    High-quality leather Khakis   Verified Purchase

    These high heel shoes look great. I do love the pig-skin leather in the interior linings and overall craftsmanship. I love the simplicity in design and craft. The padded sole is made with nanotechnology and does not lose its elevation after continuous. With time the leather adjusts its texture and these elevator shoes get incredibly comfy. I can say that these khakis are comfortable can be wear for long walks. An excellent piece of Chamaripa shoes!!!
  34. Peter R.   Oct 29, 2019

    Good experience   Verified Purchase

    Nice shoes for the money. Not sure how they will hold up over time but they are very comfortable, except for a little rub in the heal. The leather tag for aesthetics is in the way, causing a slight blister. May trim that little problem. The is no label anywhere of who makes these shoes. I guess they are generics.
  35. Sebastian .   Oct 29, 2019

    Best slip resistant shoes   Verified Purchase

    I would give 5-stars to these high heel shoes for men. I loved the way how these shoes give me a steady grip over the slippery ground of my restaurant. I work in a restaurant so I am constantly on the move and have to be sure of my footing and these shoes have not betrayed me a single time. If the floor is wet, they show incredible traction and don't let me slip. The shoes fit fine and they look phenomenal.
  36. Melissa G.   Oct 29, 2019

    Incredible shoes   Verified Purchase

    I bought these tall shoes for my boyfriend for his everyday duty at the toy store. He said these high heel shoes are incredibly comfortable and have gotten a lot of compliments on his khaki shoes. They have a quiet sole which he loves most. His old shoes were quite noisy. He loved the way he gets the natural looking height without any pain. Thank you, Chamaripa shoes. I highly recommended your shoes.
  37. Duncan F.   Oct 29, 2019

    Exceptional product   Verified Purchase

    The khaki shoes fit and look amazing with my blue pair of jeans. For $169 these elevator shoes are very reasonable. These shoes are very easy on my feet and never gave me blisters like my old high heel shoes. They are easy to maintain as well. I use leather polish to clean them and they respond very well to my cleaning and look like a newly purchased boots. Would get more shoes in future.
  38. Archie G.   Oct 29, 2019

    perfect heels   Verified Purchase

    Not bad for this price. At first, on looking from outside, it appeared as if these elevator shoes would be large in size but they fitted me perfectly and are quite comfy too. The style and Khaki color is quite simple and classy, which is what I wanted and my high heel boots came with a 2.75-inch heel, which makes it more comfortable. The quality seems good as well. The material is soft on the top. Hoping they are durable too.
  39. Eli .   Oct 29, 2019

    Satisfied with my khaki shoes from Chamaripa   Verified Purchase

    I love these khaki high heel shoes. They are stunning and the feel and fit are also extravagant. The shoes appear to be very well crafted and they could last for a long time with normal care. Very happy with the purchase of hidden heel shoes and will purchase other styles from the seller in the near future as well. Further, the online purchase and shipping experience was straightforward and quick.
  40. Zachary .   Oct 29, 2019

    Lovely heels for my husband   Verified Purchase

    My husband loves his khaki heel shoes. They look great with his jeans and Ts. For work or dressed down with jeans he prefers to wear these hidden heel shoes. He said he wished he had ordered a size up, as they are a little smaller than he would like to wear. Next time, we'll select the shoe size carefully.
  41. Kaleb .   Oct 29, 2019

    silky soft shoes   Verified Purchase

    The leather of these khaki elevator shoes is so soft and feels like I’m wearing a massaging silk sock. Very comfortable to walk in. Heels also are balanced proportionately and give evenly distributed height. However, color was a little lighter than expected but goes good with jeans as well as khakis. Decent high heels for men and a thumbs up from me
  42. Leo R.   Oct 29, 2019

    Best shoes with secret heels   Verified Purchase

    I bought these Khaki heel shoes from Amazon and loved the way these shoes are given that unique shade of khaki. Side stitches on the exterior portion of the shoes make it more attractive for the buyers. However, I bought these elevator shoes for adding a few inches in my height and looking 6ft taller among my peers. I also appreciate the fact that your heels are hidden because not most people like men who wear heels.
  43. Rajendra G.   Oct 29, 2019

    shoes for my daughter   Verified Purchase

    It may sound awkward but I bought these shoes for my daughter Shanaya. She is suffering from hyperthyroidism and she grew taller and taller. Due to several hormonal problems, she feels pain in her feet and can't wear regular girly shoes. I've given her these elevator shoes due to their support cushions in heels. Shoes are good and help my girl walk with less pain.
  44. Pat D.   Oct 29, 2019

    My first heel boots   Verified Purchase

    My brother bought these elevator shoes to look cool and I bought them to look taller actually. I'm 170.5 cm in height and wanted to look tall like a 6ft tall man. I purchased these shoes to start my journey of wearing tall men's shoes. I'm using them for 2 weeks and doing their job pretty well. If I got along well with this pair of shoes I'd buy more high heel shoes from Chamaripa. Till now I'm satisfied with my hidden heel shoes.
  45. William M.   Oct 29, 2019

    size trouble   Verified Purchase

    I ordered Khaki elevator shoes from the official site of Chamaripa Shoes. Their consumer department is good but they couldn't guide me about their size schedule. Had to replace shoes for right size. Rest of the service and product was fine.
  46. Toby C.   Oct 29, 2019

    My modern cow boy shoes   Verified Purchase

    I'm a big fan of cowboy shoes but I do not like the high exterior panel typical cowboy shoes have. Instead I try to find a little of hint of cowboy style footwear. I know these elevator shoes are not cowboy shoes but I always imagine that what kind of shoes modern cowboys had worn in 2019? To my answer I buy shoes like these to satisfy my inner cowboy. Khaki and brown are my shade of colors. I bought my modern cowboy shoe and loved it. Make more shoes like these, you guys are doing a fab job.
  47. Ashton G.   Oct 29, 2019

    best elevator boots   Verified Purchase

    These high heel boots are my good companion for casual evenings and lazy sundays. Due to less elevation and supportive footbeds, I feel super easy wearing these shoes on weekends. I've danced and hopped in the clubs and parties and never complained of any unusualness in my feet. So far, these are the best tall men boots that I loved to wear on my fun days. Would purchase more elevator boots from Chamaripa shoes.
  48. Tom H.   Oct 29, 2019

    Purchased mistakenly   Verified Purchase

    I'm new to online shopping and I ordered these elevator shoes mistakenly. I was looking for men's high heel shoes with at least 10 inches of elevation for a circus show. I assumed the shoe size as elevation selection. Customer service of Chamaripa understood my situation and returned my amount with any delays and lengthy processes. Not now but I'd definitely try their products in future.
  49. Mitch B.   Oct 29, 2019

    Comfortable high heels for my flat feet   Verified Purchase

    By birth I had a defect in my feet. Yes, I was born with flat feet. I've no curve in the soles of my feet and I can't walk in or run in flat shoes. I always to ditch style over comfort and I regularly visit stores and sites to see what can I get for my flat shoes. Shoes with no or less elevation give me horrible calf ache. On reading good reviews about these elevator shoes I placed my order. I got my high heel boots and everything is in peace now. Thank you!!!
  50. Mike N.   Oct 29, 2019

    Liked The Leather   Verified Purchase

    Let's take a moment and appreciate these master piece guys. I'm surprised no one is talking about the best quality leather I've so far found in any pair of casual shoes. I got my tall men's shoes a week ago, and I was relieved to see that these hidden heel shoes are made up of Chamaripa's signature combination of cowskin and pigskin leather. Interior paddings provide a subtle increase in height without adding extra weight to the feet. According to me, Chamaripa shoes have done fantastic craft in these hidden heel shoes.
  51. Finn   Oct 29, 2019

    No customization of height   Verified Purchase

    These elevator shoes are OK, but I want them with an option to customize the height of heels. I'm 5'1 and realized after buying that addition of 7 cm does nothing good for short people like me. Please, Chamaripa you should also manufacture height increasing shoes with customized elevation.
  52. Layla H.   Oct 29, 2019

    Sincere customer service   Verified Purchase

    I've bought these shoes to gift to my brother on his birthday. I talked to the customer service department of chamaripa shoes and explained that I've been looking for something for my 17 years old brother. The customer representative helped in picking the right shoes for my brother in my budget. They never even try to force me elevator shoes with more than 3 inches of height because my brother is in his growing age. I was so impressed by their loyalty to their customers. Hats off to chamaripa shoes
  53. Luca .   Oct 29, 2019

    Lovely shoes   Verified Purchase

    Received these casual shoes as a gift on my graduation from my aunt. I haven't heard of Chamaripa shoes before, so I was wearing them with an open mind. I loved the support I get from the wedge padded heel inside the shoe bed. On googling, I came to know that they are experts in making elevator shoes for short people. I was impressed that they use their expertise to make shoes with hidden heels. I don't need a lot of increase in my height but I would definitely recommend to others.
  54. Austin K.   Oct 29, 2019

    Thank you Chamaripa   Verified Purchase

    I got my 2.75 cm elevator shoes from Chamaripa yesterday. I was so excited to get my parcel. I know from the pics that hidden heel shoes would be great but I was more happy to see double toned laces. These laces are love. I don't know how Chamaripa shoes knew that I would love the laces, and they put an extra pair of laces. I loved the complimentary laces and the CS team such generosity.
  55. Aaron H.   Oct 29, 2019

    Comfortable heel shoes   Verified Purchase

    I have several elevator shoes from Chamaripa shoes that give me up to 13 cm increase in my height but I ordered these hidden heel boots as well. I wanted shoes with less heel and more comfort for my feet. I wear these shoes every Sunday casually, and they never go wrong with my style. I am hoping to get more shoes like that from Chamaripa shoes. Keep going chamaripa shoes!!!
  56. Rajeev S.   Oct 29, 2019

    Casual shoes   Verified Purchase

    I have a huge stash of casual shoes in my room. I ordered these hidden heel shoes for making them part of my collection. I'm glad I got them. These shoes look super cool with a pair of dark blue jeans and a Khaki shirt with folded sleeves. When I wore these elevator shoes for the first time my friends liked my shoes. These elevator shoes are now a part of my personal shoe collection.
  57. Levi .   Oct 29, 2019

    my Halloween shoes   Verified Purchase

    I'm 6'1 and bought these shoes for Halloween. I've designed my costume of a walking dead zombie and I want to look as tall as possible to scare away my friends. These khaki shoes would be perfect with my Halloween costume. I'm excited to try them at Halloween. I've have tried them at home and so far they are doing pretty good and no issues.
  58. Kai .   Oct 29, 2019

    Needs more height   Verified Purchase

    These hidden heel shoes are quite good and give a natural lift up on wearing. However, I was expecting more height in these elevator shoes like other Chamaripa shoes. Anyways not a bad purchase.
  59. Zach B.   Oct 29, 2019

    Nice Recommendation   Verified Purchase

    Bought these shoes on the recommendation of my beloved friend in England. He is all praise for how these elevator shoes do well in the rainiest days in London and never cause discomfort due to their heel. On my personal experience, I found the hidden heel in shoes very comfy. The padded linings in the elevator shoes give a cushion-like feeling to the feet and lets you keep moving freely. It was a great purchase, and I'm thankful to my friend for suggesting such a nice pair of shoes.
  60. John B.   Oct 29, 2019

    Nice casual boots   Verified Purchase

    I ordered these khaki casual shoes two months ago and used them vigorously. To my pleasant surprise, these hidden heel shoes stood well the abrasion and routine stress. The thing I enjoyed the most about these shoes is their 7 cm heel which is very light on my feet and never create any pain. For me these elevator shoes are a real steller for me. Would definitely buy in others colours as well.
  61. Nate H.   Oct 29, 2019

    Good casual boots   Verified Purchase

    I was looking for some great casual shoes with little heel on the internet. I decided to buy the Chamaripa hidden heel khaki shoes. These shoes are not too heightened and got the perfect lift of 2.75 inches. To be honest I'm not a huge fan of wearing too much high heel shoes. A little is better. I especially like the dull and dark khaki shade of these elevator shoes.
  62. Nathan   Aug 29, 2019

    Quality   Verified Purchase

    Hello Everyone, decided to write my first review on a pair of shoes I bought from chamaripa. When you look at the pictures online, usually you can barely get a feel as to what the color may look like, size and quality. I will say, I was very skeptical about purchasing any kind of shoes or clothing due to the quality. Overall, my experience has been great, the pictures look exactly what you will receive, size was perfect and great quality as well. I would highly recommend these shoes or this brand.
  63. Jimmy   Aug 29, 2019

    Great online buy   Verified Purchase

    Little bit expensive but surely worth the price. Looks like high brand shoes. When buying shoes online its really just a gamble if they will fit or not look as you thought but I am glad to say these fit great and feel very comfortable and look amazing.
  64. Henry   Aug 29, 2019

    Excellent look and great comfort!   Verified Purchase

    These boots are awesome! chamaripa shoes/boots look fantastic and the price is a bargain. I get compliments from all my chamaripa shoes I wear! The ladies love them as it increases my height and my guy friends ask me wear to buy them!


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