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Casual Elevator Shoes Height Increasing Shoes for Men Black 7.5 CM / 2.95 Inches
  • Invisible & Secrecy Design
  • Lightweight & Comfy
  • Boosting Your Confidence
  • 3th Generation Height Increasing Layer Technology
  • Features
  • Return Policy
  • 100% Height Guarantee

Free Lifetime Replacement CMR Height Increasing Layer
In Stock. Ships in 24 Hours

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    • Invisible & Secrecy Design
    • Lightweight & Comfortable
    • 100% Height Guarantee
    • 3th Generation Height Increasing Layer Technology

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    Engineered to resolve height issue perfectly


    100% Height Guarantee
    Return Policy
    Size Chart
    Product Details
    • Height Increase7.5 CM / 2.95 Inches
    • Upper MaterialNubuck Leather
    • Color SelectionBlack
    • SeasonSpring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
    • FeaturesCasual comfort meets laid-back style in the Chamaripa elevator sneakers. Lightweight suede leather uppers and soft leather lining deliver refreshing breathability, while air-infused polyurethane footbeds cushion and support for all-day comfort underfoot. Also feature cushioned heel panels. High-traction rubber outsoles keep you on your feet no matter where the day takes you. The Chamaripa elevator shoes for men are sure to become your go-to shoes for casual outings.
    • Material Selection The shoes upper and lining can be made from a variety of materials, with the most popular being leathers, textiles, synthetics. If you want to change the shoe upper material or lined material, please contact us!

    Keep in mind, everyone's feet are different and there's not a sizing scale that fits all! So before you place your order please be sure to carefully review our return & exchange policy on return policys! Happy Shopping!

    Men Size Chart
    US Men Inches Foot Length(CM) Euro UK
    6.5 9 1/4 23.5 37 5.5
    7 9 1/2 24.0 38 6
    7.5 9 5/8 24.5 39 6.5
    8 9 3/4 25.0 40 7
    8.5-9 10-10 1/8 25.5 41 7.5-8
    9.5-10 10 1/4 - 10 1/2 26.0 42 8.5-9
    10.5-11 10 5/8-10 3/4 26.5 43 9.5-10
    11.5 11 27.0 44 10.5
    12 11 1/4 27.5 45 11
    We do no offer HALF SIZES between US 8 and US 11.
    For US 8.5 please order US 9; For US 9.5 please order US 10; For US 10.5 please order US11. For US 11.5, please order US 11.5.


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    1. Lyn   Sep 17, 2021

      That the shoes meet my expectations of quality and fit.   Verified Purchase

      I found the shoes to be very comfortable and with a nice look to them. Will purchase again from your company. Keep up the good work and continue providing excellent service. Thank you very much.
    2. Mathew   Apr 6, 2019

      flawless service   Verified Purchase

      I was skeptical at first, but the shoes arrived and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the shoes! This is far from normal quality. It's very good. I wore the shoes and no one could tell I was doing anything different! This is very important! Elegant styling, excellent item packaging and presentation. I only wish they came in wide! Will order again.
    3. Cannon   Apr 6, 2019

      flawless service   Verified Purchase

      prompt delivery, nicely packaged, and included shoehorn was a nice touch. shoes look great but they definitely take a lot of getting used to obviously because of the lift and they don't seem overly stable, but perhaps i'm wrong. time will tell how well they hold up. Thank you so much
    4. Quinton   Apr 6, 2019

      change in my daily life   Verified Purchase

      It's not very difficult to give a review on a these shoes. every time I make a order, I became impatient to receive the pack ..These Shoes just bring big change in my daily life . I feel Tall and so Confident all the time now that's not all they are so comfortable . shoes look like a million; it's like Winning Money At Vegas.
    5. Braden   Apr 6, 2019

      Best internet shopping experience   Verified Purchase

      i tried 3 diiferent sites for heightening shoes, the first site i tried the shoes were poorly made & wouldnt pass over my toes but these shoes which were the cheapest, arrived within 3 days, well tracked & on time..they were beautifully made, stylish & fitted perfectly. The 3rd site i tried? Well its been 2 1/2 weeks & the shoes havent arrived yet! I will definitely be coming back to buy this again...its my best internet shopping experience yet.
    6. Isaias   Apr 6, 2019

      better than best in increasing height   Verified Purchase

      Dear Chamaripa shoes representatives,

      you've lifted away my little man blues.

      The difference is there for all to see.

      The crowd no longer looks down on me.

      At eye to eye level with my dear wife,

      she sees me as an equal in life!

      We stand together, heel and toe,

      your shoes are superior in every way.

      thanks a million
    7. Moshe   Apr 6, 2019

      Master in height increasing   Verified Purchase

      This Shoe is great.It is actually very comfortable, though it need getting used to in the first few days. Apart from the increased height, the shoe is very stylish and most people ask me where I got such nice shoe cause they dont see them in the shops. so I told them i bought these masterpiece from Chamaripa.
    8. Dennis   Apr 6, 2019

      height gaining shoe   Verified Purchase

      My son´s girfriend is taller than my son and so he has always had a slight complex when they dressed up to go to a good restaurant.

      I presented him with this shoes which addeed 6.5 cms. to his height and I would love for you to have seen the joy in his face as they both went out to dinner. All the old inhibitions had gone, he looked and felt like a milllion dollars.

      Thank you Chamaripa
    9. Uriah   Apr 6, 2019

      Excellent shoe for short height people   Verified Purchase

      These Shoes are just awesome! They gave me a complete new feeling. They're not just good if you're small! They are also great if your girlfriend wears high heels and you can just go along and do the same. I'm definitely going to buy another pair or even more than one!

      Furthermore, the deliverance was very fast and the shoes were very well wrapped.
    10. Tony   Apr 6, 2019

      make 5 to 7 cm taller.   Verified Purchase

      One of the best impulse items I bought.

      Fast and nice delivered good service, low prices , nice shoes and better confidence.

      I’m 172 cm short and with the shoes I’m either 178 or 179 cm.

      One tip to you guys who are wondering which shoes you would buy, is that you would not buy to shoes who make the tallest, instead buy the shoes who will make 5 to 7 cm taller.

    11. Lewis   Apr 6, 2019

      Stylish Sneaker   Verified Purchase

      I bought these for a vacation and they were great! I like how versatile they are - perfect for a casual look with denim shorts or pair them with some chinos for something more formal. Great classic style from Chamaripa. A little stiff at first but break in quite easily. Once they're broken in, they fit perfectly. Look great too!
    12. Sam   Apr 6, 2019

      They squeak   Verified Purchase

      I bought these shoes a few weeks ago and after a few days they started squeaking when I walk. It's tough to get them tight enough where your feet don't move around in the shoe, so when your heel rubs against the back it produces a squeak. It's very annoying and I hope it goes away eventually.
    13. Quentin   Apr 6, 2019

      Stylish and comfortable   Verified Purchase

      I bought this shoes recently for skateboarding. Stylish, comfortable and give alot of support around the ankle. I feel proud owning this lovely piece and I am very happy for taking one of my best decisions. They are the best and inspired me to buy another with similar style.Thank you
    14. Duke   Apr 6, 2019

      Arrived Used and Dirty   Verified Purchase

      I ordered these shoes a few weeks ago and they arrived with the shoe box in shambles, the laces already tied on the shoes and scuff marks on them as well. I was sent a used pair of shoes and I am disgusted by the fact that this company would sell products in conditions such as these to their customers.
    15. Roy   Apr 6, 2019

      excellent value and workmanship   Verified Purchase

      These are very well made. they look great with jeans, shorts, and/or slacks. I can wear them in winter,summer, spring,or fall. I love the look of this shoe and wears them at home and school. The black color was just what i wanted and feel comfortable when on. I am definitely interested in other Chamaripa sneakers. The price of the shoe is an excellent value and workmanship of the shoe is excellent. I love the black with the white design which makes the shoe stand out in a good way. Chamaripa never disappoint with their attention to style, quality, and value
    16. Apollo   Apr 6, 2019

      love the design/color   Verified Purchase

      I bought these shoes to replace my old pair of sneakers . These are the same comfortable shoe that I have always loved and that lasted me for years. I really like the design with the all black outer and white sole because it adds some extra flavor to the shoe. I am very happy with this product.
    17. Jennifer   Apr 6, 2019

      Can be used as school shoe   Verified Purchase

      Chamaripa Casual Elevator Shoes are the new shoes for the 2018 school year. My son loves these shoes since his school requires all black shoes. He states that they are comfortable and stylish. and when he comes back home, he can wear it outside too. It can go on with any type of dress.I would buy these shoes again!
    18. Melinda   Apr 6, 2019

      Fashionable, love the suede   Verified Purchase

      I bought these for my son ( 18 years old) who always wears Nike and and wanted something more fashionable .we both love the suede part on the front and he finds its really comfortable .He loves them and now tells me he wants them in about 5 more colors .ha ha. Score!
    19. Dorian   Apr 6, 2019

      so kind service   Verified Purchase

      I bought these for my son and he loved them. I had sent it to his college and the package got misplaced. Chamaripa was very good about it and said that if it didn't come within 10 days of arrival, they would replace it with new ones. Luckily my son received them and no action needed to be taken.
    20. Kobe   Apr 6, 2019

      Gift for grandson   Verified Purchase

      I ordered these as a Christmas gift for my teenage grandson. They were delivered on time, but he hasn’t opened them yet. He asked for these specific shoes, and the price was in competitive.he already had one and he seems addicted to these shoes.I recommend this product to all.Thank you
    21. Landyn   Apr 6, 2019

      tight for wide feet   Verified Purchase

      I bought these for my husband and he loves them. The only thing is they are a bit narrow for him, but he does have wide feet. I have them for son and love them. They are made very well. I hope Chamaripa will work on the feedback. All in all nice shoe.
    22. Landyn   Apr 6, 2019

      tight for wide feet   Verified Purchase

      I bought these for my husband and he loves them. The only thing is they are a bit narrow for him, but he does have wide feet. I have them for son and love them. They are made very well. I hope Chamaripa will work on the feedback. All in all nice shoe.
    23. Roland   Apr 6, 2019

      my third purchase   Verified Purchase

      As expected, my son love them! This is his 3rd pair of this with the other 2, I had to go a half size down because they tend to run long (he normally wears a size 12 in sneakers, but I purchase 11.5 to keep them sliding when he walks).the shoes pretty much match anything he wears.
    24. Gianni   Apr 6, 2019

      comfort and match   Verified Purchase

      I bought this as a gift for my brother-in-law. He loves them! I have a pair, the same version, and I’d love them. My brother-in-law says that he can wear them all day and his feet won’t hurt. And it doesn’t help that the shoes pretty much match anything he wears.
    25. Dustin   Apr 6, 2019

      Comfortable and flat   Verified Purchase

      bought these shoes for my 14-year-old son for his birthday. Pretty much everything you'd expect from a Chamaripa shoe.. Kind of flat, not that much support on the arch, comfortable according to sons choice. Some leather, some fabric.. Make sure you air them out every so often..! You know, typical flat sneakers.
    26. Uriel   Apr 6, 2019

      Goes well with everything   Verified Purchase

      I bought these for a gift and the recipient was thrilled with them.Timeless and perfect. They fit perfectly, are stylish and sooo comfortable. I can pair with denim or dress up in chinos and a button up! Goes well with everything. Extremely pleased with this purchase! Love the versatility; This a shoes that you can't go wrong with.
    27. Jordan   Apr 6, 2019

      Slightly heavy   Verified Purchase

      Bought these for my son and he really likes them. He added some insoles in them to make them more comfortable. Nice classic shoe, the only downside is the shoe is on the heavier side.These are really comfortable and stylish shoes. Company can think of making it bit lighter, overall a good product.
    28. Casey   Apr 6, 2019

      loves these shoes   Verified Purchase

      I bought this sneaker for my 16 year old son. My son loves these shoes. These are this second pair. They seem to last quite a while and they show little dirt. It looks great with jeans and shorts! He says they’re comfortable and loves them! Thinking of getting another pair in a different color.
    29. Pierce   Apr 6, 2019

      Comfortable and stylish   Verified Purchase

      I bought these a couple of weeks ago and it’s becoming a favorite. I’ve bought about 2 different colors for my son and finally decided to try it. Comfortable and stylish, ideal for almost any occasion or outfit. It was delivered on time with absolute no hitch. Highly recommended to buy these shoes.
    30. Brock   Apr 6, 2019

      Increase height and comfort   Verified Purchase

      I was looking for shoes online and come across a website called Chamaripa. Since then i have bought several shoes from and did love it.

      I love this shoes, i think i can call them my best shoes since they are very comfortable to wear while giving me that extra increase in height and that added confidence.

      Their shipping is also perfect. I strongly recommend this shoe to anyone that wants to buy quality shoes
    31. Ronin   Apr 6, 2019

      With height Chamaripa is best   Verified Purchase

      My experience here at Chamaripa has been exceptional. They are so comfortable and I feel so much better with my extra height .The shoes fit incredibly well and rival other designer shoes at higher prices. There is no reason to shop anywhere else for these shoes. Chamaripa is simply the Best. I plan to order many more pairs.

    32. Raphal   Apr 6, 2019

      impressed with height and quality   Verified Purchase

      it was my first order on Chamaripa shoes and i am impressed with the quality of the shoes and the height he gave me +6.5cm. i am impressed!

      i made a bought in other company where the size they announced wasn´t real now i am happy because i found the right company to buy my shoes! thank you
    33. Cullen   Apr 6, 2019

      height means everything   Verified Purchase

      Am a regular guy, a college student, but in a part of the U.S. where the average height of men is about 6.2 ft. So, even though I am taller then 90% of the girls, being 5.7 ft. and all I felt dwindled by an average of 5 inches, doesn't sound like much, but boy us shorter people now it is a big difference.

      As a result, I purchased a this pair and with my content. I am more secure, confident, and the women are more appealed to me. So, even if Chamaripa shoes make your height increase by 2.5 or more inches, but the confidence booster is 10 feet tall.

    34. Raul   Apr 6, 2019

      can go with any color clothers   Verified Purchase

      I ordered my shoes for the first time two weeks ago and since then I have worn them almost every day. This system is perfect for who wants to be a few cms taller without having to use high heels. I wear them with long or short trousers and they look and feel great, just like any other comfortable shoes. This particular model was appealing to me because of its elegant pattern, they look great with almost any colour of clothes and the leather is of excellent quality. I am very satisfied with my buy, plus the mailing was very fast, in three days they were at my door. Thank-you very much and all the best.
    35. Brendan   Apr 6, 2019

      good for my vertebral spine   Verified Purchase

      The shoes are great, they are very comfortable, apart from the height. I like this idea to be taller, They are good for my vertebral spine.I use them as orthopaedics and use this shoes in dating and business meetings. The deliver was very fast.Very good shoes and very, very good service Thank-you very much

    36. Timothy   Apr 6, 2019

      Easy to wear and height difference   Verified Purchase

      Shoes shipped very fast. They fit perfect - like comfortable sandals! Quality is super! Easy to wear - just takes a bit of time to get used to the height difference. Also, I have a tall girl friend so, this shoes are amazing, Well worth the money! 100% satisfaction! Will buy a second pair .thank very much.
    37. Russel   Apr 6, 2019

      Excellent quality and comfort   Verified Purchase

      My experience with this shoe has been very satisfactory. I have bought 3 pairs of shoes so far and everything has worked out perfectly. Excellent quality, comfortness, fast and safe delivery. love this shoes, I would love more variety, please let me know when you will have more shoes to choose from.Thank you for everything!
    38. Rodrigo   Apr 6, 2019

      Exceptional Service   Verified Purchase

      It was a great pleasure dealing with these shoes . Though shoes which I ordered had to be returned because of size , I was amazed with the kind of service they offered . Service from my country is tricky and I had to continuously be in touch with Chamaripa Customer Service and I have to say they were great every time patiently replying to my mails and eventually giving me a replacement . I would love to continuously shop from Chamaripa.
    39. Omari   Apr 6, 2019

      height is loved by women   Verified Purchase

      The shoes were indiscernible from normal shoes, and looked spectacular. The inserts were wonderful. Suddenly my world was different and the increased height on the women makes all the difference.I was more happy to walk with such a marvelous shoes! Chamaripa helped me to veil more confidence! Thank you Chamaripa
    40. Luciano   Apr 6, 2019

      Chamaripa shoes are best online shoes   Verified Purchase

      You will not find nicer shoe on the entire web (I know, I've looked and, unfortunately, bought lift shoes from others... not the same). The selection, quality, and styles surpass their competitors, by far. I'm on this site at least once a week looking for what pair I want next :).
    41. Kieran   Apr 6, 2019

      height is privilege and power   Verified Purchase

      Listen, we can deny it all we want but height is privilege and power. I know that it takes a lot more effort for me to stick out...It is what it is...these help to level the playing field for us height deficient folks ...even if just a bit. In the professional and personal world every little bit helps to get ahead and noticed...then I let my personality do the rest. :)
    42. Armani   Apr 6, 2019

      Can improve upon service   Verified Purchase

      Beautiful shoe, the craftsmanship is wonderful. I normally take a size 8, however I had to return these shoes for an exchange for a size 7.5. The only problem is that although Chamaripa received the shoes, after a week the company has yet to ship them or contact me that they received the shoes back, and have not answered 2 emails i sent. Hoping the third email will be the one that gets a response.

    43. Royal   Apr 5, 2019

      Completely sold on this shoe   Verified Purchase

      Chamaripa Shoes exceeds my expectations. They have extraordinary quality and even when I were extra height are very conformable the other hand I feel more secure and it was the best choice I ever made to look better.
      Just PERFECT !!I I am PROUD owner of Chamaripa shoes. I am completely SOLD on these
    44. Alec   Apr 5, 2019

      high quality with superior service   Verified Purchase

      I can say without doubt these are very high quality shoes, I was very pleased with them. I have had some from other manufacturers but these are far superior. The delivery was excellent, even across Europe, just 2 days and I had them. Very good service and very good product, well packaged and with shoe horn and covers for them too.

    45. Taylor   Apr 5, 2019

      loyal customer of Chamaripa   Verified Purchase

      I never bought any shoe online before and I was very reluctant. You can not judge the quality and look and feel of the shoe from a picture. however, I took a risk and ordered a shoe from Chamaripa. The delivery of the shoe was super fast! I was over joyed and excited to see the shoe. It was of an amazing quality. I have plenty of shoes but this one quickly becomes my favorite and I'm wearing it everyday now! Everything about the shoe is excellent, the design, the quality, the comfort and not to mention the increase in the height you get. I am going to be a Chamaripa customer for a long long time now!
    46. Danny   Apr 5, 2019

      Good quality noticed by others.   Verified Purchase

      Hello,I am very happy with the shoes, I purchased 2 pairs in 2 weeks.My only concern was the size. I followed the chart described in the website order to get my right size and it came up I am a 44.However my shoes were always 43 or 42.5. Very comfortable .A friend of mine just noticed the shoes and said he could see the quality was really good, of course it didn't notice anything else :)
    47. Nikolai   Apr 5, 2019

      increase height with elegance   Verified Purchase

      Hello Good day:Definitely Chamaripa shoes I've used are great. I love, meet my need: Comfort, Comfort, Elegance and above all, won high, I am higher.I am a mido 1.64 mts shoes and I feel more secure, has increased my ego.With this request I made and are 5 pairs of shoes. and go for more !!!!!!!Thank you and good day
    48. Cason   Apr 5, 2019

      better than advertised.   Verified Purchase

      Chamaripa shoes makes their products nicer and better than they look in the pictures and are described in their adds.The shoes are really comfortable and stylish. I really like my shoes i love it and i'm ready to purchase another one.i'm very satisfied with my purchased. I would like to strongly recommend these shoe to all people out here.
    49. Deacon   Apr 5, 2019

      impress girls by your extra height   Verified Purchase

      i am a 162cm tall guy and was of course not satisfied with my height. i am the kind of person you would say..yeah he looks good...but because of my height i found it very hard to get me a girlfriend. every time i get turned down by a girl,the first thing that comes through my mind is :its because you are too short for her !!.since i started using Chamaripa shoes i feel more confident,i feel relaxed and dont get turned off again like i am nothing,even if a girl says 'no' i dont have this kind of self blame anymore.most importantly,i noticed i begin to walk straight than i used to do.i would recommend Chamaripa shoe to anyone cos it really meets up to expectations
    50. Johan   Apr 5, 2019

      most professional staff   Verified Purchase

      I am fan of Chamaripa shoes. It gives me confidence. I have purchased four shoes since last year and i am proud of all of them. It was worth my money because it gave me satisfaction and happiness.My shopping experiences with Chamaripa have always been extremely pleasurable. The staff has always been prompt, courteous and professional. The shoes have always exceeded my expectations. Chamaripa never disappoints.
    51. D. M.   Nov 2, 2018

      Five Stars   Verified Purchase

      Nice for the price.
    52. Elldondon   Nov 1, 2018

      fit perfect.   Verified Purchase

      Just what I was looking for, fit perfect.
    53. James B.   Oct 15, 2018

      Great shoes.   Verified Purchase

      Great shoes. The fit is perfect for me. I will buy the sandals next time.
    54. Christopher   Jul 11, 2018

      Great Quality   Verified Purchase

      This is my first time getting elevator shoes and I am so far impressed by the style and quality fo these shoes. I normally get size 8.5US, but since they only had size 8 and size 9, I had to pick one or the other. I hope they can make a size 8.5US next time.
    55. Alicia A.   Jul 5, 2018

      Perfect fit   Verified Purchase

      The shoes look like nice quality and fit nicely. And they were a great price!
    56. S. A.   Apr 27, 2018

      Five Stars   Verified Purchase

      Feels great. Not too stiff as most new shoes do. Nice style just what I was looking for.
    57. Boose, J.   Apr 2, 2018

      I liked the style and the fit so much I decided ...   Verified Purchase

      This is actually the second pair of these shoes I bought. I liked the style and the fit so much I decided to buy a second pair because I didn't want to take an of not being able to find them later.
    58. C W.   Mar 15, 2018

      Love them! True to size   Verified Purchase

      Love them! True to size, they have a lot of give because they are made of light weight material. Very comfortable, I have arthritis in both feet and my feet never bother me in them. (Plus I do work on my feet 8 hours a day, and they held up great)
    59. Jonathan D.   Mar 15, 2018

      Great Shoes   Verified Purchase

      Wonderful shoes. They look great and have held up over time. Thank you Chamaripa shoes team.
    60. Joey J.   Mar 10, 2018

      Five Stars   Verified Purchase

      Nice looking, comfortable. For the price can't beat it!
    61. Dewey   Feb 21, 2018

      starsNice quality   Verified Purchase

      They seem like nice quality so far. Have had them for about a month. Took a few days to break in, now they are great.
    62. W. E.   Feb 13, 2018

      Five Stars   Verified Purchase

      If you want to be taller with shoes, I think Chamaripa shoe is your good choice, very comfortable and nice! recommend it!

    63. Candice   Feb 3, 2018

      Comfort   Verified Purchase

      Great shoe, beautiful color, fit perfect, just as pictured. Very comfortable.
    64. Good B.   Jan 24, 2018

      I hate when people lie!   Verified Purchase

      Nice shoe, fits right and I have wide feet.
    65. Tim   Jan 10, 2018

      Good buy!   Verified Purchase

      Nice shoe, fits right and I have wide feet.
    66. Nicole   Dec 3, 2017

      Got these for my fiance. He said that they ...   Verified Purchase

      Got these for my fiance. He said that they fit well and are confortable. He asked for a second pair in a different color.
    67. mona   Dec 3, 2017

      Five Stars   Verified Purchase

      Perfect fit with comfort and dazzling shine
    68. Wendell C.   Oct 25, 2017

      Great Buy   Verified Purchase

      Great looking, very stylish, I am a size 13 - shoe does not make my feet look so long. I highly recommend these shoes.
    69. Rakesh P.   Oct 12, 2017

      Very comfortable insole and looks very nice   Verified Purchase

      Looks very nice. Very good shock absorbing insole.
      Wish it was completely vegan though.
      Very happy with the purchase.
    70. 4kidsnfarming   Oct 12, 2017

      Very nice. Very comfortable and look great with a pair .   Verified Purchase

      Very nice. Very comfortable and look great with a pair of black dress pants or even jeans.
    71. Rafael D.   Oct 10, 2017

      Great price and looks very nice   Verified Purchase

      Not the most comfortable shoes but it is stylish enough and fits pretty good.
    72. Mykel K.   Sep 25, 2017

      Love these shoes! Bought 3 pairs already!!   Verified Purchase

      I was hesitant to buy at first since the brand was unknown. But let me tell you. These shoes are great!! I've had for almost 2 months and they look and feel great. I've already purchased 3 pairs. They look very stylish. I plan on buying more.
    73. Jerry   Sep 21, 2017

      Cute shoes   Verified Purchase

      These shoes are so cute! Got them for my boyfriend b/c he needed black dress shoes quick and they look really nice, and cheap as well! Shipped in 2 days no complaints.
    74. spin   Sep 21, 2017

      Five Stars   Verified Purchase

      Very nice shoes, fit as they should. would buy again.
    75. Jenny   Sep 17, 2017

      Great.   Verified Purchase

      I bought these for my boyfriend. He has no complaints, so I am happy.
    76. K-Mann   Sep 14, 2017

      Good looking   Verified Purchase

      The leather sneaker looks nice. Very smart looking. Dresses up any outfit
    77. Kt   Aug 7, 2017

      Perfect   Verified Purchase

      I bought a used pair, one shoe was in perfect condition, the other ones heel was a bit crushed in, but not terrible. The shoes fit perfectly, not the most comfortable but they don't hurt my feet. They don't have much traction at all, but I don't plan on going mountain climbing in these shoes anyways.
    78. Mr. H.   Aug 7, 2017

      super comfy and good quality   Verified Purchase

      super comfortable and they look great! used to buy $100+ shoes from Chamaripa. these are much better
    79. Ryan F.   May 6, 2017

      Five Stars   Verified Purchase

      Nice shoe, comfort and perfect fit
    80. Matthew T.   May 6, 2017

      Perfect Fit   Verified Purchase

      The fit and color are perfect, also they are very comfortable and just a good looking dress shoe.
    81. Scott B.   Feb 12, 2017

      Better Than Expexted   Verified Purchase

      Great product. Great price. Quick shipment. Much better looking and much more comfortable than I had expected for such a well priced item


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