Personal Tailor:,from built to now,helped a lot of people who want to increase their height,also collected a lot of feedback from customers.For now on,in order to meet the needs of more and more customers,hereby launched the "Personal Tailor" services,that we can meet your needs by designing your own high-end customized elevator shoes . However, we will charge processing fees related to the actual situation.


  • Change Lining Material. eg: change Pigskin Leather to Mesh or Microfiber material,charge $30.
  • Change the color of Lining,such as change yellow to black or others,charge $30.
  • Change the color of the shoes,charge $40.
  • Remove the line that in the face of the shoes,such as remove the line on the toe cap of K4022,charge $50.
  • Change mutilcolor to solid color,change $20.
  • Make different height between left shoe and right shoe for special people,charge $30.

Special Note:If you change our shoes style,we are not accept return or exchange,so pls choose the correct size before placing orders,if you not sure the size,pls ask our customer service,she will help you choose the right size.


  • The height of all of our shoes are fixed,can't be changed.
  • Can only be modified on the basis of the existing models on the site
  • Can't change to normal shoes,if make it as normal,that would be a little uncomfortable to wear,as all of our shoes are through special design. If really want our styles to be normal shoes,we can make it for you,but this shoes are not accept return and exchange.

Friendly Reminder :If you have additional special needs that is not listed above,please contact