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Elevator Dress Shoes for Men Heel Lift Shoes Brown Shoes that make you taller 12 CM / 4.72 Inches
  • Invisible & Secrecy Design
  • Lightweight & Comfy
  • Boosting Your Confidence
  • 3rd Generation Height Increasing Layer Technology
  • Features
  • Return Policy
  • 100% Height Guarantee

Tips: If you're new to wearing elevator shoes, we suggest choosing a shoe with a height increase of 2 to 3 inches for optimal comfort and confidence. For any questions or concerns, our team is here to help.

Free Lifetime Replacement CMR Height Increasing Layer
Made to order in 45 days

CMR CHAMARIPA Elevator Dress Shoes for Men Heel Lift Shoes Brown Shoes that make you taller 12 CM / 4.72 Inches



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If you're new to wearing elevator shoes, we recommend starting with 5 cm to 7 cm elevator shoes.

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    • Invisible & Secrecy Design
    • Lightweight & Comfortable
    • 100% Height Guarantee
    • 3rd Generation Height Increasing Layer Technology

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    Engineered to resolve height issue perfectly


    100% Height Guarantee
    Return Policy
    Size Chart
    Product Details
    • Height Increase12 CM / 4.72 Inches
    • Upper MaterialCow Leather
    • Lining MaterialPigskin leather
    • Color SelectionBrown
    • SeasonSpring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
    • Features Introducing our premium men's elevator shoes in a sleek brown leather finish, perfect for business casual occasions. Elevate your style and confidence with these height increasing shoes that provide a discreet lift of 12 CM/4.72 Inches.Crafted with high-quality leather, these shoes boast both style and durability, making them a great investment for your wardrobe. The classic lace-up design adds a touch of sophistication, while the soft leather lining and cushioned insoles ensure all-day comfort.
    • Material Selection The shoes upper and lining can be made from a variety of materials, with the most popular being leathers, textiles, synthetics. If you want to change the shoe upper material or lined material, please contact us!

    Keep in mind, everyone's feet are different and there's not a sizing scale that fits all! So before you place your order please be sure to carefully review our return & exchange policy on return policys! Happy Shopping!

    Men Size Chart
    US Men Inches Foot Length(CM) Euro UK
    6.5 9 1/4 23.5 37 5.5
    7 9 1/2 24.0 38 6
    7.5 9 5/8 24.5 39 6.5
    8 9 3/4 25.0 40 7
    8.5-9 10-10 1/8 25.5 41 7.5-8
    9.5-10 10 1/4 - 10 1/2 26.0 42 8.5-9
    10.5-11 10 5/8-10 3/4 26.5 43 9.5-10
    11.5 11 27.0 44 10.5
    12 11 1/4 27.5 45 11
    We do no offer HALF SIZES between US 8 and US 11.
    For US 8.5 please order US 9; For US 9.5 please order US 10; For US 10.5 please order US11. For US 11.5, please order US 11.5.


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    1. M. A.   Sep 17, 2021

      Great!   Verified Purchase

      Definitely not shoes you can wear all day long. They're kinda like men's high heels. But I would definitely wear them to an interview for a few more inches of HIRE ME! The style and quality of the shoe are excellent.
    2. D. B.   Nov 4, 2019

      My brother and I loving these hidden heel shoes   Verified Purchase

      I purchased these high heel shoes and they have proved to be the most comfortable hidden heel shoes i have ever had! they are light weight and a wonderful elevation shoes. The insoles are soft and cushiony.
      I also ordered a second pair for my brother, the same size and he is loving them too. I would gift my brother more elevator shoes from Chamaripa.
    3. Megan J.   Nov 4, 2019

      airy shoes with good ventilation   Verified Purchase

      Great, comfortable high heel shoes. I work in a hospital and I chose these elevator shoes which could comfort my feet at work. These high heel shoes are good at this price. I had this pair of shoes over a month and they justify the bill. I noticed when I walk in them, you can feel the air come through the shoe lining and it feels airy and good to your feet. I would recommend this pair of Chamaripa heel shoes to most people.
    4. A. F.   Nov 4, 2019

      Good for long walks   Verified Purchase

      I work twelve-hour shifts transporting patients at a hospital. On average, I walk miles per shift at a quicker speed.
      My feet were screaming for some support and I decided to buy elevator shoes for some arch support.
      They're perfect. The soles are soft yet firm, the mesh breathes very well, and my feet feel absolutely fine at the end of my shifts. I'll definitely be buying another pair of elevator shoes from Chamaripa after these wear out.
    5. Drake J.   Nov 4, 2019

      No sore feet   Verified Purchase

      I love how light these high heel shoes are and how comfortable they are. The hidden heel shoes have so much padded cushion in them, every step is like I'm walking on a trampoline. I can wear them for long periods of time, at events where I am walking miles at a time and at the end of the day, I don't feel sore. I would buy more height increasing shoes from Chamaripa and I would recommend these shoes to others as well.
    6. Sony K.   Nov 4, 2019

      less customization options   Verified Purchase

      Good shoes but they need to be available in different heel sizes as well. Rest is fine and a good buy. I hope Chamaripa shoes will act upon my advice and provide us with more customization options at a fair price.
    7. Jackie Z.   Nov 4, 2019

      Awesome fitting on toes   Verified Purchase

      It actually feels quite awesome after using these elevator shoes for couple of months. The quality is just too good and these shoes are so light weight and fit slightly loose on the toe side but they are way way more comfortable and once you get used to this there is no turning back to other brands. Well done Chamaripa shoes for these superb elevation shoes.
    8. Martin L.   Nov 4, 2019

      good fitting with socks   Verified Purchase

      They are the most comfortable high heel shoes I have ever worn on my feet. They tend to be bit loose which is OK but they fit perfectly with the socks. I am now very used to this. But I am giving a 5 star because they add height to my posture and fit exactly in socks. But overall great quality and very nice shoes and I highly recommend them if you are going to use it in office or general day to day casual use.
    9. Beene J.   Nov 4, 2019

      padded cushions are great   Verified Purchase

      Fits perfect and the padding inside makes you feeling like you're walking on the silk cushion. I plan on wearing these elevator shoes in my office. A few inches added to my height are also the reason for my happiness. I would recommend these height increasing shoes to everyone. True to size and good worth of 189 USD.
    10. Roman K.   Nov 4, 2019

      No stink — good leather   Verified Purchase

      These elevator shoes are cozy, comfortable, and really well made. Chamaripa shoes are famous for their high heel boots but this one is really special. Medium heel and good quality leather are my most favorite features that made me buy these shoes. Even in warm weather I leather didn't stink my feet. I'm happy with my purchase.
    11. Derek F.   Nov 4, 2019

      loose shoes   Verified Purchase

      Shoes are good and I like wearing them a lot but they are loose in width. I guess these shoes are not meant for slim feet. Overall good height increasing shoes.
    12. Aiken J.   Nov 4, 2019

      5 star shoes   Verified Purchase

      Soft & cozy inside due to pig leather and there is
      plenty of space for my huge toes.
      I am enjoying my first ever high heel boots from Chamaripa. My shoes have extending space for my feet and I like the soft cushioned insoles for my flat feet. Overall a 5 star product and my favorite high heel shoes.
    13. Ferry B.   Nov 4, 2019

      Most comfy elevator shoes   Verified Purchase

      These high heel shoes are nothing short of fantastic factors. They are so elegant and comfortable. I’ve worn them barefoot with long dress pants due to athlete foot and not felt any discomfort.
      I've never owned elevator boots before and was hesitant to buy it at first. I'm glad Chamaripa elevator shoes didn't disappoint me and I'm quite happy with the outcome.

    14. Corry A.   Nov 4, 2019

      lightest shoes   Verified Purchase

      I don’t review nearly as much as I’d like to but for these boots I’m making an exception... Good Lord these high heel shoes are damn beautiful
      Insole is made up of pig leather and it's like wearing a cushion all around your foot. As a guy this is the fair price you pay for a decent pair of boots. I’ve tried many brands. Non match the level of Chamaripa elevator shoes....
      I love you chamaripa shoes....
    15. Ravi J.   Nov 4, 2019

      Colour Is lighter than expected   Verified Purchase

      Shoes are good and texture of the leather is good too but the color of the shoes I received is lighter in color. I was expecting to get a darker tone of brown. But not a bad pair of shoes. I asked consumer department that can I get my elevator shoes in darker shade but they informed me that is the only shade of brown they are making.
    16. Juan Y.   Nov 4, 2019

      Stunning beauty   Verified Purchase

      My wife got these height increasing shoes for me. I was not interested in any sort of elevator shoes but these shoes are my eye candy. Mustard brown leather exterior and black insoles are very harmonious. These shoes are perfect for my taste they aren't too high and comfortable inner part is also my absolute favorite. I would love trying more elevator shoes with medium heel from Chamaripa brand.
    17. Mathias L.   Nov 4, 2019

      TPU studs are amazing for grip   Verified Purchase

      My brown elevator shoes from Chamaripa are wonderful foot wear. They are made up of high-quality leather and good to use every where. TPU studs are a real deal for me as I work in wet conditions of a cheese factory. Low grade out soles had caused me a severe injury in the past. I'm glad to buy these fantastic shoes. Price is nothing as compared to the quality.
    18. Natalia N.   Nov 4, 2019

      Shoes for tap dancing   Verified Purchase

      Gifted these shoes to my dancing partner for tap dancing. Shoes used in tap dancing are quite for making sound of a tap and that can cause injuries. These elevator shoes from Chamaripa do not make noise but they are good practicing. Noise part is missing but that could prevent injuries as well. My dance partner loved these shoes and we use them for our practice.
    19. Carlos M.   Nov 4, 2019

      formal shoes for daily use   Verified Purchase

      I have more than 20 pair of shoes in my cupboard buy most them are either flat — no satisfaction, or uncomfortable enough for ignoring them. I purchased these elevator shoes from chamaripa as a test and they turn out to be extremely comfortable and supple for my feet. TBH you cannot wear shoes with bad texture or painful structure as a publication manager. Publication managers have to be mobile all the time for good outcome. These hidden heel shoes are my all time favorite now. Appreciation and love for the makers.
    20. Augusto L.   Nov 4, 2019

      Wonderful shoes   Verified Purchase

      I bought these shoes on the recommendation of my best friend. He is not short heightened but he prefers wearing elevation shoes. I'm not short either but he suggested that these brown shoes can help me in correcting my stooping posture. A month has been passed and I'm seeing the change in my shoulder position. I did not buy these shoes for any other function but to correct my shoulders. They are doing quite good.
    21. Stanley W.   Nov 4, 2019

      Requested refund   Verified Purchase

      I got these shoes a week ago, the shoes were good but I didn't like the brown color and instead of exchange I asked for a refund. I got my money back today. However, refund process should be more speedy.
    22. Roni B.   Nov 4, 2019

      Excellent shoe design   Verified Purchase

      I'm a huge leather fan and I had tried all sort of leather shoes and jackets. I love wearing cow leather shoes than other leathers. However pig skin leather in these shoes is quite impressive. It absorbs the moisture and vent it out. When I take out my feet out these shoes my feet are dry but hydrated and socks are not damp unlike the cheap shoes do to your feet. I may buy more shoes in future.
    23. Sebastian S.   Nov 4, 2019

      would recommend these shoes   Verified Purchase

      These elevator shoes in brown are a part of my closet. I'm tall and has a height of 5'11 but I was attracted by the elegant style. I don't wear them in office rather I wear them going on date with tinder girls. These tall men shoes have secret elevation that I like the most. Tall guys like me can also wear them with ease. I would buy more Chamaripa shoes like these.
    24. Christen B.   Nov 4, 2019

      Best and comfortable shoes   Verified Purchase

      I have tried a lot of height increasing shoes from Chamaripa. I have one pair with 13 cm heel shoes as well but I also ordered these hidden heel boots. I wanted a few pair shoes with less elevation and more comfort for my feet. I wear these shoes mostly to parties and they always complement my style. I'm hoping to buy more shoes like these from Chamaripa
      Keep going guys.
    25. Ian V.   Nov 4, 2019

      Hidden heel shoes   Verified Purchase

      This is my second purchase from Chamaripa shoes. I was ashamed of my short height and didn't want to wear heels at first. My mom bought first pair of hidden heel shoes and convinced me that no one could judge the elevation. That's what I liked about these high heel shoes for short men. I am so much in love with the exterior design and seams. Brown is definately my favorite color now. Thanks Chamaripa shoes. I would purchase more stylish heels in future from you.
    26. Frank J.   Nov 4, 2019

      Quick order processing   Verified Purchase

      I am thankful to Chamaripa shoes for my quickly processed order and swift shipment. I am very much happier with the Chamaripa elevator shoes. These shoes have a great stylish design in dull brown color. Better than what I thought I would get. The shoes cling to my feet like a comfortable sock due to the soft leather. I must say, the service was exceptional, the quality of elevator shoes is excellent, and their packaging was good too for damage free delivery.
    27. Kyle I.   Nov 4, 2019

      Best elevator shoes from Chamaripa   Verified Purchase

      These high heel shoes are my partner for both formal and casual evenings and lazy sundays. Due to less elevation and supportive footbeds, I feel super easy wearing these shoes on weekends. I've run on the streets and danced in the bars and partied for hours and never complained any pain in my feet. So far these are the best elevator shoes which I loved to wear on my relaxed evenings. Would purchase more elevator boots from Chamaripa shoes.
    28. Chase G.   Nov 4, 2019

      impressed   Verified Purchase

      I was mostly concerned about the hard footbeds most elevated shoes have. To my surprise these formal height increasing shoes are super relaxing. I found soft sponge like material in the footbeds which never makes my foot discomfort and painful. Cotton laces also secure my feet firmly and do not let me fall while moving quickly.
    29. Bentley K.   Nov 4, 2019

      Happy with my elevator shoes   Verified Purchase

      Received my parcel yesterday. Excellent shoes with quick service from the manufacturer. I used them whole day and didn't have any pain. Leather is good and soft. My friends noticed increase in my height and they kept trying to guess my secret. I never felt so good about myself. Love you Chamaripa. I'd buy more shoes. Recmmemded to everyone with short height.
    30. Braydon   Nov 4, 2019

      Amazing shoes   Verified Purchase

      I've been using these hidden heel shoes for more than a month. They haven't lost their height and soft touch yet. Even after my mountain trekking they didn't lose their shape and comfort. Footbeds are great as they do not feel bad on my feet. I'd surely buy more elevator shoes from the seller. Good people with good shoes. Appreciation for Chamaripa.
    31. Blaine F.   Nov 4, 2019

      High-quality office shoes   Verified Purchase

      I decided to buy these height increasing boots for my working days. But I was skeptical about the comfort. These elevator shoes have 12 cm elevation. I received my parcel within 4 days and I was in touch with the consumer service during my order and delivery service. Elevator shoes are really good and do not lose their height after wearing them. I was afraid that soft cushions could not bear my heavy body. To my surprise they are doing quite good.
    32. Tate S.   Nov 4, 2019

      Excellent services from Chamaripa shoes   Verified Purchase

      I appreciate the way chamaripa company look after their customers. I ordered this brown pair of tall shoes for my father and selected wrong size in the order form. Their customer service helped me out for replacement process and explained their size chart and replacement shoes were sent to us in 2 days. That was such a great experience. I would buy more shoes for my father and myself at the Christmas Eve.
    33. Preston N.   Nov 4, 2019

      I liked my Chamaripa shoes   Verified Purchase

      I bought these elevator shoes to use in the office. These shoes are support my feet for standing and walking for a long time. These height increasing shoes are not heavy and provides good arch support to my feet.
      I was in looking for affordable shoes with height. Chamaripa shoes didn't dent my bank account heavily.
      Lightweight shoes and good to use. I've been to the office wearing them for two weeks so far, but they give support to my feet and are doing well.
    34. Oliver M.   Nov 4, 2019

      First hidden heel shoes   Verified Purchase

      I had never used any shoes with a heel. Heels are meant for females that was my general perception and I was not willing to wear heals for men. But, I decided to check these brown elevation shoes because they are so cool and promised to increase my height by 12 cm. I purchased them and tried for a week. It was difficult to walk in the height increasing shoes at first as I was new to heels. After a couple of days, my feet adjuster themselves and walk became easy in these shoes.
    35. Charles D.   Nov 4, 2019

      wedding shoes   Verified Purchase

      I am planning my wedding on frugal means. I'm glad that I purchased men's elevator shoes from Chamaripa. These hidden heel shoes are super affordable for me and my fiance. I was confused to buy heels for my wedding. Though my wife encouraged me to buy these brown formal shoes. I'm glad I did not choose any other shoes and I do not regret my decision. Shoes are great in everything. Quality, shape design everything is perfect.
    36. Richard D.   Nov 4, 2019

      Stylish shoes with heels   Verified Purchase

      These elevation shoes for a formal event arrived individually wrapped, had a very nice feel when opening. I found my elevator shoes exactly like the snaps on the Chamaripa website. Perfect-fitting and comfy shoe wear. They look and feel expensive on the outside.The height increase is noticeable, but no one can guess. I got the wrong size and got a replacement within a week.
    37. Nicolina S.   Nov 4, 2019

      Excellent product, excellent value for money   Verified Purchase

      I got them for the graduation ceremony of my son because I couldn't buy luxury shoes. On advice of my friend I ordered the shoes. These elevator shoes reached in a black box and my son and husband loved the packaging and shoes. My son loved them and want to buy more after getting a job. But I will gift him one more pair on Christmas Eve.
    38. Moon K.   Nov 4, 2019

      Good shoes   Verified Purchase

      First experience with Chamaripa shoes. Elevator shoes fit nicely, they are good looking, reasonable in price. Delivery was made within 3 days of the order. Customer care service is available to assist and help the consumers. I had queries about the durability of the shoes. The customer service department cleared my doubts and guided me well. I liked the way they treated me.
    39. Sammy K.   Nov 4, 2019

      Thumbs up   Verified Purchase

      I'm on third pair of formal high heel shoes from Chamaripa. These shoes have appropriate height for formal use and they don’t seem like elevator shoes, they are not hard on my feet in fact they don't feel like elevator shoes, they are comfortable, fit as expected. High appreciation for the brand and will use again for their products.
    40. Zaid A.   Nov 4, 2019

      satisfied with this model of shoes   Verified Purchase

      These formal shoes are worth trying. I was impressed to see the quality and features they are giving at this reasonable price. The elevator shoes are stylish, they have high heels, but no one can see you are wearing heels, have breathable inner lining, have special grip in the sole and have water resistant leather. I'm sastifed and happy with the quality I received.
    41. Jason M.   Nov 4, 2019

      Great looks and good purchase.   Verified Purchase

      Checked out these hidden heel shoes for a week before leaving a review and these are so comfy and look fantastic as well! I use these hidden heel shoes while working at a call center and had no trouble :) I also appreciate the extra cotton laces with package of shoes. Highly recommended. I will be buying another pair for my office days in more designs.
    42. Louis H.   Nov 4, 2019

      High quality leather shoes   Verified Purchase

      Definately amazing height increasing shoes. I adore my brown leather work shoes. I am waiter in a restaurant and also work as a delivery boy, I am constantly on my feet running around. These high heel shoes have a strong grip on wet surfaces. Easy to run in. Light weight and let my foot breath. Good value for the price paid.
    43. Anthony G.   Nov 4, 2019

      Well crafted shoes   Verified Purchase

      These elevator shoes are crafted with super attention! I wear them at official meetings. My feet feel relaxed in these high heel boots despite the elevation. The amalgamation of two leathers is very perfect. Soft pigskin leather absorbs sweat whereas cowskin leather resists wetness perfectly. As being a working professional, I'm planning to get a few more high heel boots for my normal dressing. Great Job chamaripa.
    44. Justin P.   Nov 4, 2019

      High class performance   Verified Purchase

      I ordered these brown formal boots a month ago and used them regularly for a couple of weeks. To my surprise, these hidden heel shoes did good in the rough routine and stressful enviroment. The thing I loved the most about these elevator shoes is their heel which is very gentle on my feet and never create any discomfort. For me these elevator shoes are a real performer. Would definitely buy in others designs.
    45. Laurent J.   Nov 4, 2019

      Best Buy from Chamaripa   Verified Purchase

      I really liked the modern and luxury design of these height increasing dress shoes. I tried them on a rainy day to test their water resistance claim and to my surprise they did well in damp conditions without ruining the leather. I polished these boots with regular shoe polish and they were good to wear. So far the best elevator shoes I've found. Good job Chamaripa, I'm impressed.
    46. Ross J.   Nov 4, 2019

      Nice pair of elevator boots   Verified Purchase

      These brown dress shoes are fantastic, elegent and stylish with comfort. I purchased them to look taller and slimmer. These height increasing shoes have a proportionate sole and gives me a good grip while walking in marble floor. The quality of outer leather also enhances after a couple of uses. Customer service was good to me and they helped me in placing my order. I would surely buy another pair of shoes from Chamaripa shoes in future.
    47. Brett H.   Nov 4, 2019

      Hats off   Verified Purchase

      These deep brown shoes for men look extremely good in office. Cowskin leather is very nice
      and it gives a classic leather finish to the shoes after a few wears. Price is reasonable for giving height raise and classic features in a single shoe. It adds 5 inches to my height while looking like normal pair of shoes. I am planning to buy more shoes from this Chamaripa. Hats off to Chamaripa Shoes for such a perfect shoe piece.
    48. B'man   Nov 4, 2019

      Good dusky brown shoes   Verified Purchase

      These brown elevation shoes are my first buy from Chamaripa. I got black shoes to match them with most of my clothings. I received my package in 7 days and the packaging was adorable. I tried these high heel boots for men for more than a week before making any review. I think, these elevator shoes are of great quality and design, felt very comfortable ! They look good on my casual clothes too
    49. Indar K.   Nov 4, 2019

      Luxury shoes   Verified Purchase

      They are nice elevator shoes. I liked the design and inner pig skin lining which is very soft. My feet quickly adjusted with the heels. I loved the outer designs made by stitching thst are made in the expensive brands. Chamaripa gives you the luxury feel at much cheaper price. I would love to see how the cow skin made leather react to wet environment of Kerala, India.
    50. Levanth J.   Nov 4, 2019

      Replacer shoes are good   Verified Purchase

      A few days back I ordered these formal shoes with height. The shoes were quite loose and did not fit me well. I requested the chamaripa call center for replacement. They were quick to respond and replaced the shoes. Height is good in shoes and they comfortable in wearing as well. Leather is also good but they shouldn't be replaced at first....
    51. Elias W.   Nov 4, 2019

      Beautiful shoes with high quality leather   Verified Purchase

      I got my parcel two days ago from Chamaripa shoes. I couldn't take my attention away from these beautiful shoes. These height increasing shoes are weightless and the elevation material is silky soft and does not any add weight in the shoes. I was not sure that if these tall for men could be wear for a longer time or not but, Chamaripa chat service cleared my doubts about the technology used in their shoes and I'm glad that they didn't over hyped their shoes with fake claims.
    52. Kenkei H.   Nov 4, 2019

      Best ever height increasing shoes   Verified Purchase

      My parents are quite tall, actually 6 feet tall. and I'm sad that my height did not increase after high school. My siblings are also tall and I look like a poor lamb in front of them. I'm relieved that I came across chamaripa site and got some good elevator boots. I tried other boots form Chamaripa as well but these are my favorite height increasing shoes. I love the brown shade and simple design of these hidden heel shoes.
    53. Raymond J.   Nov 4, 2019

      Good for increasing confidence   Verified Purchase

      I did not know much about high heels for short men. Last week my friend got these height increasing boots from chamaripa and he was praising his elevator boots more then enough. He says, shoes are very nice and definitely add height to his short body without giving discomfort. I also loved the way heels increased his confidence. These height shoes are worth trying if you want to fight your inferiorities. Keep doing the humble work Chamaripa shoes. I'm your fan and bought 2 pairs.
    54. Boulez G.   Nov 3, 2019

      Good for my big feet   Verified Purchase

      I liked the quick service of the customer support folks of Chamaripa shoes. I have a bad experience with closed shoes. I have super big foot thumbs that need extra space for adjustment. Support representative helped me in choosing shoes with
      wider design. Happy with these height increasing shoes. Glad to bought these shoes for formal parties and work. They do not clench my toes and are wide for them. Soft heel also makes it comfortable
      to adjust my big foot in these shoes. Overall excellent design.
    55. Rupert S.   Nov 3, 2019

      surprised by quality and comfort   Verified Purchase

      These high heel shoes perfect fit for my feet. I got these for using in office. Attractive design and 5.12 inch hidden heel. I was prepared mentally to experience discomfort due to the wedge heel part but they are nice on my feet. I am satisfied after wearing these shoes. They seem similar like the ones in the pictures. I'd get more height increasing shoes from Chamaripa. Good choice for style and comfort
    56. Freddie F.   Nov 3, 2019

      fabulous   Verified Purchase

      I adore my height increasing shoes and loved the way Chamaripa support department guided me in my first online purchase. Shoes are amazing and look good on me. They are definitely worth trying to increase height. I whole heartedly recommend this pair to others. Keep up the nice work team Chamaripa. You guys are doing a great job
    57. Alen   Apr 17, 2019

      WOULD BUY AGAIN.   Verified Purchase

      This is my second pair of these which should say it all. However my first pair, took me many months to appreciate as they take a a while to break in. One they did , they became my go to daily shoes. I like the elevator height that it gives with such comfort . Resoled once.

    58. florida L.   Apr 17, 2019

      power shoe   Verified Purchase

      The Chamaripas make a statement about the man that wears them. No businessman can consider himself well dressed if he doesn't own at least two pair. The quality is what you'd expect from champ, just exceptional. Many shoe companies have tried to copy this shoe but these are the original dress shoes
    59. Matt J.   Apr 17, 2019

      the perfect shoe!   Verified Purchase

      I grew up admiring principals, architects, stockbrokers and lawyers that I saw wearing them because they exude stature and respectability. You've heard of power ties well this is the power shoe. I have three pairs; black, brown and oxblood. All with different styles. I would give these pair of shoes 100%
    60. sham   Apr 17, 2019

      Every addition I own   Verified Purchase

      I buy every new addition they make. I'm use to height increasing shoes now. They are not at all uncomfortable as I thought 3 years back.
    61. John   Apr 17, 2019

      hard to find hard to beat   Verified Purchase

      I have worn these shoes for years now. They are quite well made and they are totally repairable, which means they will last atleast 2 years years or more with rather modest care. The only drawback: They take a while to break in when brand new. They are quite stiff. On the first day I wore them, I had them on from 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM, with a fair amount of time on my feet on marble floors. After 17 straight hours of use, there were still no creases across the uppers.
    62. Dhoni   Apr 17, 2019

      Goodyear welt construction technology   Verified Purchase

      Goodyear welt construction for ankle support and also subsequent wearing is easier each time, and the shoes are both comfortable and quite handsome. They don't crack or wrinkle badly. I would recommend it 100%. These shoes LAST.
    63. Jassy   Apr 17, 2019

      Shipped quickly   Verified Purchase

      They shipped quickly! I ordered them on a Monday and received them Friday. Fit is just right. They are very nice shoes. I've owned and worn daily a pair of black and burgundy(in another cateogory) chamaripa's elevator for about 2 years of my career. I've owned 3 sets. I would recommend it 100%
    64. Shawn   Apr 17, 2019

      Bravo!   Verified Purchase

      Wore these to work and had the whole joint jumping! But seriously, this is an excellent shoe and probably the best you can buy at this price point for the features you receive. I own a black pair and they go with everything. I'm in the break-in period with my pair so I will respect the process and let my feet and the shoes get acquainted. I normally wear a 12 but ordered 11.5 and it's spot on! Order a half-size down as recommended.


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