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CHAMARIPA elevator sneakers for men black genuine leather shoes to be taller 10CM / 3.94 Inches

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100% Height Guarantee

Free Exchange: shoe height less than the description (height difference >0.5 cm)

FREE Lifetime Replacement CMR Height Increasing Layer

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CMR CHAMARIPA elevator sneakers for men black genuine leather shoes to be taller 10CM / 3.94 Inches




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    100% Height Guarantee

    Free Exchange: shoe height less than the description (height difference >0.5 cm)

    FREE Lifetime Replacement CMR Height Increasing Layer


    Engineered to resolve height issue perfectly

    • Height Increase 10CM / 3.94 Inches
    • Upper Material Calf Leather
    • Lining Material Mesh
    • Color Selection Black
    • Season Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
    • Features Chic casual elevator sneakers handcrafted with upper in black cow leather, full leather interior lining ensures the softest touch, and anti-slip rubber foam outsole provides exceptional traction and durability. The lightweight, breathable upper promotes airflow, and the lace-up closure, thin tongue with a pull tab, and cushioned collar ensure lasting comfort. The invisible height Increasing insole the advanced ergonomic design combined with unique innovative materials ensure long-lasting comfort, non-squish, lightweight. This model allows us to increase the height of 10CM / 3.94 inches in absolute comfort and secrecy.
    • Material Selection The shoes upper and lining can be made from a variety of materials, with the most popular being leathers, textiles, synthetics. If you want to change the shoe upper material or lined material, please contact us!

    Please Keep in mind, everyone's feet are different and there's not a scale that fits all! So before you place your order please be sure to carefully review our return & exchange policy ( return policys )! Happy Shopping!

    Men Size Chart
    US Men Inches Foot Length(CM) Euro UK
    6.5 9 1/4 23.5 37 5.5
    7 9 1/2 24.0 38 6
    7.5 9 5/8 24.5 39 6.5
    8 9 3/4 25.0 40 7
    8.5-9 10-10 1/8 25.5 41 7.5-8
    9.5-10 10 1/4 - 10 1/2 26.0 42 8.5-9
    10.5-11 10 5/8-10 3/4 26.5 43 9.5-10
    11.5 11 27.0 44 10.5
    12 11 1/4 27.5 45 11
    We do no offer HALF SIZES between US 8 and US 11.
    For US8.5 please order US9; For US9.5 please order US10; For US10.5 please order US11. For US11.5, please order US11.5.


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    1. Frank   Oct 27, 2021

      Great sneaker ,outstanding value   Verified Purchase

      Very comfortable sneaker that is well made. The fit was very good. Amazing these shoes really give me a height boost which I want. I now have a Black leather pair. I am going to get the other style from Chamaripa. These shoe are outstanding value.
    2. Glory   Oct 27, 2021

      I can say I am truly satisfied   Verified Purchase

      I normally don't order shoes from online. Because most of the time I don't get satisfied by the quality. But this time, I am really surprised to see that, the quality of the shoes are really good, just as I wanted. The upper leather is high quality, the color is pretty decent. Plus, the size is perfect. The first time and the best one elevator shoe that I bought from online.
    3. Terry   Oct 27, 2021

      They fit perfectly   Verified Purchase

      When my husband opened the box he said, “ They look great on!” He was even happier when he discovered they were comfortable.The quality and style of these shoes are that great.absolutely the best height increasing shoes for men.
    4. AliReda J.   Oct 27, 2021

      Surprisingly good   Verified Purchase

      I got the shoes couple of days ago, to be honest I am surprised with quality of the work and material used in them. These are beautiful, comfortable and durable elevator shoes. I’ve worn them for several weeks now and still get compliments on how nice they look.
    5. Dpsnakeyes   Oct 27, 2021

      Fit well and comfortable   Verified Purchase

      I wanted a high quality elevator shoe to increase height and I decided to have a try on Chamaripa elevator sneakers. I couldn’t be happier! They fit well and seem to be true to size. They look great and are very comfortable.
    6. Jenna   Oct 27, 2021

      You would enjoy it   Verified Purchase

      The shoe itself is very well made. Solid, beautiful, stylish. once you break in, its decently comfortable. Exactly 3.94 inches boost and does its job well. Maybe you are not used to put on initially, but you would fall in love with it soon.
    7. PABro   Oct 27, 2021

      Shoes that make you taller   Verified Purchase

      I love these shoes very much! I’m a short but big guy .But with these elevator shoes I feel taller and thinner. I have a 3.94 inches difference but it feels great! Now that I have a catalog I can choose different items for work and play.
    8. David K.   Oct 27, 2021

      Great shoes for short guy   Verified Purchase

      I love these Chamaripa elevator sneakers. It’s feels good. I like these men's height increasing where seem made for me! Perfect width , great arch support and the toe box feels good too! I would recommend this to a few of my coworkers and friends, us short guy gotta stick together!.
    9. Tom   Oct 27, 2021

      Not bad at all   Verified Purchase

      These shoes have been great. I admit I had hoped for a little more height than what I feel I got, but definitely helpful. These shoes exactly the best way to make you taller and give you confidence. Will buy this brand again I am sure.
    10. P. B.   Sep 22, 2020

      Comfortable and Light   Verified Purchase

      My husband really likes this shoe for his daily walks. He says they are comfortable and lighter than many he has had in the past. He also likes that there is not much of the material with the holes for ventilation. Sand always gets in those and causes discomfort and mess.
    11. O'Brien   Sep 22, 2020

      All day comfort!   Verified Purchase

      one of the best shoes so far! very comfortable to use all day, especially walking on concrete floors. I'd recommend these to my friends!
    12. Cubicle P.   Sep 22, 2020

      Comfortable and practical   Verified Purchase

      Good shoes. Just started using them. I walk approx 4-7 miles during my shift. The shoes are comfortable. My feet and legs are fatigued as normal at the end of shift but the shoes are still comfortable. I'm curious to see how the shoes continue to perform and last.


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    Only registered users can write reviews. Please log in or register