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Ansel Elgort Height

Have you ever wondered, how tall is Ansel Elgort? This American actor stands at 6 foot 3 inches (191 cm) tall. Ansel Elgort height is above average for a male, he is one of the tall man among celebrities.

While being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest during his red carpet coverage in 2015 Oscars, Elgort was found towered over the host. Ansel Elgort is super tall!

Here is Ansel Elgort with Shailene Woodley who is 5 foot 7.5inches (171 cm). As we can see, Ansel is taller than Shailene even with heels on. We have to admit such a fact that taller man looks great in photo and in public occasions. The height of an adult is natural, but you can manage how people look on you. Elevator shoes is most common and simplest way to help you to appear taller and more charming. The elevator shoes always remind you the feeling of being higher!

Ansel Elgort Height elevator shoes