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Men’s Shoe Guide to Look Taller in Your 30s

Once we reach our thirties, priorities start to change, and goals start to feel more achievable. In fashion, they say the shoes make or break your outfit. It somehow determines your stature in life and how you want people to perceive you. In your thirties, you want to become more respectable and confident, which means the fashion saying will apply to your everyday life.

Elevator shoes play an integral role in commanding respect, especially in the workplace. Which means wearing appropriate elevator shoes for any given situation is important. This includes cleaning them and taking care of them like how you take care of your body.

If you are a man who is below the average height for men, it is also significant to stress the importance of having a shoe guide to make you look taller than your actual height. The average height of males in the United States is 5’9.5” while the average in Asia is 5’5”.

The reality is that taller men are more projected to exude confidence as compared to their shorter counterparts. This, though not in all occasions, play a factor in job york men shoes stylepromotions because they are more looked upon due to the level of confidence they portray. However, there are simple techniques to look taller with the help of height increasing shoes.

1. Slimmer Tall Men Shoes

The slimmer the legs, the more likely for an individual to appear taller. For example, wearing moccasins or loafers with a slimmer toecap will help the wearer look like they have a longer shoe size. If you are wondering how to find your shoe size, just take note that US size is larger than UK size.

This translate to if you are normally a 10 when buying US sized shoes, order a smaller size if they are proving the UK sizing chart. It is important to become aware of this to avoid complications when returning an item, which is a pain-tasking occasion.

2.   Different Designs and Material

Men’s leather shoes have always been a part of our wardrobe. We wear them on special occasions such as weddings, events, and even in school. When you reach your thirties, you are more likely to afford more styles of shoes, which means it is time to experiment with every style that is available in the market.

In some instances, men who are in their thirties start to experiment materials such as suede, pleather, and faux-animal skin. This is part of growing up and becoming mature. In order to be noticed, everything you do, and in this case wear, should be noticeable.

We prepare every day to make ourselves look presentable and we don’t want our efforts to go to waste. If you are opting for suede shoes, you need to be aware of how you take care of it because cleaning it is different from canvas or sneakers.

How to clean suede shoes?

Getting rid of that unwanted dirt in your suede shoes can be a tasking activity especially if you are not aware of how to clean them properly. The first rule with suede shoes is too never soak them in water because it destroys the condition of the suede. Since suede is still leather, use a suede brush and just dab water on the area where there is dirt.

3.   Elevator shoes

Elevator shoes have been on the market for decades and it has proven to be the most effective way to increase height without trying too much. The design is simple: its has a built-in invisible height creasing insole. Simple, elevator show is shoes that make you taller up to 8 centimeters or more, much like women’s platform heels.

How many inches is 8cm?

If converted to inches, 8 centimeters is equivalent to 3.1 inches, that additional height is now the answer to your everyday question, at least for men who are short to add more length.

How can you grow taller?

It is no secret that men all over the world want to enjoy power with height. Being tall is almost equivalent to strength and balance, and thankfully there’s a type of shoe design to fix the problem. One of the benefits of elevator shoes is its ability to improve posture, which plays an integral part if you aspire to become taller even in your thirties.

How to achieve proper posture?

It may seem as simple as relaxing your shoulders back, have a firm upper torso, and elongating your body, but proper posture should start an early age.

When men reach the end of puberty, the ball joints of your bones become stiffer and most likely, the weight starts to drag down the entire body, which causes a hunchback posture. It is important for every man in their 30s to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes eating right, stretching, and having an active body.

Taller men are more likely to attract the opposite sex. Even in media portrayals such as movies and television shows, the tall jock always gets the beautiful leading lady. While that’s a common notion, norms are bendable.

The next question is how?

Personality, confidence, and intelligence. Counter what you don’t have with these three, with additional help from elevator shoes, all these insecurities about your height will become a thing of the past.

Elevator shoes have been reinvented so many times, that the market can keep up with the latest trends in fashion. With this, your personal style won’t be compromised, and in return be elevated, literally and figuratively, because the designs are more varied today compared before.

Lastly, the most important part of having a men’s shoe guide to look taller in your 30s is knowing when to pair the right shoes with the rest of your look.

For example, men’s boots are better styled with skinny jeans, white dress shoes are more inclined to be worn with tapered trousers that land just below the knee.

Yes, it is sometimes true that height is might for some, but height, with technology evolving day by day can be solved with proper guidance of the shoe you are wearing most especially in your thirties where the fun is just getting started.


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