Power Dressing in the Workplace: The Perfect Pairing of Pants and Shoes

In a lot of instances, things, and events come in two. Every day somewhere in the world is born with a twin. In the ballet world, pas de deux is a famous dance form which derives from the French term “step of two.” Even in some businesses, a creative person looks for a business-savvy partner to jumpstart their business. There’s also peanut butter and jelly, donuts and coffee, and the list goes on and on. These perfect pairs translate even in our everyday lives the moment we start to dress up and look for outfits to go to work. In essence, there are techniques to perfect your sartorial glitches by simply knowing the perfect elevator shoes for the perfect pants.

This type of pairing is fundamental to achieve respect in the workplace and in every environment because we are looked upon on our physical appearance – clothes included – before people start noticing our personalities. With this, it is essential to know these important factors in the art of dressing especially as we grow older and start taking looking for jobs or aspiring for a promotion. Sometimes, bosses judge people based on what they wear just as much their work performance. But what happens when you are on the shorter height. Let’s face it, men who are taller are more likely to be noticed first because they stand taller than those who are shorter than them, hence have oozing confidence that may translate to better performance in the workplace. The next question to ask, especially if you want the same attention as your taller colleagues are: How to grow 5 inches taller? Once puberty stops, aspiring to be taller seems almost unprecedented, genetically speaking, but there are still simple hacks to look, seem, and feel tall with the help of power dressing.

1. The importance of footwear

It is important to note that pairing your pants with slimmer elevator shoes is beneficial to achieve a deceiving taller frame. If you pair it with oxfords, ensure that you own a pair with slim toecaps to add finesse in your legs. With this, you will seem to have added additional 7.5cm in your height. What is 7.5cm in inches? It is 2.9 inches or almost three inches.

Some of the tallest individuals to have walked this planet are black people. But why are black people tall? The answer is genetics. The average height for a black male is the same the average man in the United States.

Meaning, those who are on the shorter height, regardless of race and ethnicity, have specific shoes that can instantly provide an additional height ranging from 1” to 5” without suffering from discomfort. These style hacks can be further improved with proper footwear, we then ask ourselves, how to make shoes more comfortable? And how can we achieve comfort and more height?

The answer: elevator shoes, an invention that adds more height through the shoes, by proving more length hidden in the insoles. This means you will become a heeled men shoes kind of guy without anyone noticing it. Furthermore, the only thing they will notice is the additional inches with the help of elevator shoes.

This pants and shoe pairing can be achieved by adding more color to your style. If you are wondering what color pants with brown shoes? Go for neutral colors such as army green, different shades of gray, black, white, or blue. Brown shoes are a statement on itself that you don’t want to overdo your look by styling it with flashy colors. Always remember to keep it cool.

Lastly, in order to achieve more height with this perfect pairing, remember to keep everything to a minimum. Adding more layers to your clothing will make you look bulky and this will not look good on shorter men. Generally, you will know when the pants fit perfectly because it flows naturally, and you won’t feel the friction in between your thighs. Tapered slacks go well with formal shoes such as oxfords, monk-straps, and loafers. Meanwhile, denim and black jeans can be paired with almost everything when the pants fit perfectly.

2. Own three good pairs of trousers

There are three pairs of jeans that you need in your closet: perfectly tapered slacks, study denim, and black jeans. If you have these three, then achieving greater lengths both in fashion and looking taller can be attainable. But why these three?

Perfectly tapered slacks – You need this in the workplace. Even when you go to an office where you are allowed to dress casually, there will always be an instance when you are asked to dress in semi-formal especially when meeting important clients and investors. Owning a pair of perfectly tapered pants that hug the shape of your legs without touching the skin is a must because it exudes confidence. When buying, it is important to note that you may or may not find them right away. If you like the fabric and it sits comfortably in the thighs and crotch, purchase them and visit a good tailor and ask them to taper it also hug the calves. It may seem a bit tasking and costly, but the future benefits of are worth every penny. Surely after purchasing this, you won’t feel as short as you are because tapered pants provide additional length to the wearer.

Sturdy denim – We need a good pair of denim in our everyday lives. Since denim jeans have been reinvented and been sold to the market since before you were born, it is safe to say that denim jeans are not going anywhere. With the constant reinvention of this stroke of genius fashion, it is okay to experiment with different cuts and styles of denim jeans. However, it is still essential to own straight cut denim because trends come and go, but true style is forever.

Buy jeans that have similar tapestry with your slacks, more so, buy something that has the exact fits as the latter. Looking lean and sharp is all about tapering exact fabric to project a longer frame. If you look at the photos of celebrities and their paparazzi shots, you will see that most actors opt for slim cut pants where the hemline falls just inches below the ankle. You can pair it with almost every type of shoes from active footwear to even dress formals.

Black jeans – Just like denim jeans, black jeans have been reinvented numerous times that timeless is what you need in your closet. Black has the ability to hide to extra carbs you munched for lunch and look like you are lean. However, buy skinny jeans that hug tightly to your legs because, without a doubt, you will look like you have longer legs than your usual.


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