Five Elevated Shoes for the Summer

By Tony Logan

The weather is hot; the pools are open, and it’s time to retire your winter work boots in exchange for some summer footwear. Elevated summer footwear to be exact! With the new season also comes a calendar filled with graduations, music festivals and weddings that you have to attend. Since you’re planning to be on your feet A LOT the best way to get you prepared for each occasion is to invest in the right shoe. Nobody wants to leave the house in a pair of shoes that their later regret due to the discomfort that’s a fate worse than death! While finding a comfortable shoe can certainly pose a challenge finding a pair that increases your height and that look stylish can seem impossible. The only options that men had before were platform shoes that raised your height but did nothing for your style. Thankfully we now have stylish elevator shoes that can increase our height minus the big bottom. To help with you with your search, we took the liberty of breaking down five shoes you’ll want to have in the rotation this season. Each shoe will give your style the foundation to help equip you for every situation and scenario that lies ahead.

Casual Shoe Lifts White Elevator Shoes

It’s not summer until you step out in a pair of classic white low top sneakers. There’s a reason why low-top sneakers are timeless, and it’s because it seamlessly pairs with everything. When your schedule is busy as yours this makes getting ready convenient and efficient. You have the option of dressing it up with a lightweight summer suit and button up or going more casual with a graphic tee and dark denim. In every situation, the white low-top wins. Crafted from pigskin leather, the Casual Shoe Lift Elevator Shoes features a traditional lacing system and a rubber midsole that increase your height 1.7cm/ 2.76 inches. We know how hard it is to keep a pair of all white sneakers crisp and clean but to help relieve some of the pressure we encourage you to break them and scuff them up! Each scuff mark and grass stain adds a hint of character and makes them that much more unique!

Chamaripa Height Increases Sneaker Hidden Heel

While everyone else is in bed dreaming of a beach body, you’re up early in the gym putting in the work! That summer, six pack and tone legs doesn’t build itself it requires hard work, discipline and of course the right pair of shoes to get it done! With any high-intensity workout, you need a sneaker that can handle the performance, and that’s lightweight. Every detail matter and can be the defining factor between a decent workout or a productive one and as far as being light on your feet with Chamaripa Height Increase Sneaker that won’t be an issue! The sneaker features fly knit fabric a breathable material that makes air circulation possible throughout the shoes. The elevated workout sneaker is finished off with a cushion rubber sole that absorbs any traction. The Chamaripa Height increase Hidden Heel will make you walk bolder and stand taller (literally) as you end your workout on a high note.

Chamaripa Sneaker That Give You Height Slip on Casual Black Elevator Sneaker

Who doesn’t love a slip-on that you can roll out of bed and step out in? The slip-on is essential to every guy footwear collection and what better season to break them out than the summer? On the surface, the slip-on silhouette hasn’t changed much, but the craftsmanship and details have, and the Chamaripa Sneaker That Give You Height Slip on Casual Black Elevator Sneaker is a true testament of that. The Chamaripa Sneaker That Give You Height Slip on Casual Black Elevator Sneaker is crafted from soft leather on the outer with pigskin leather reserved for the inside. The low-top sneaker front is decorated with dense air holes to help prevent sweaty feet and the foul odor that follows. These elevated shoes will help raise your height by 6cm/2.36 inches. Similar to the white low top sneaker, these shoes are suitable for formal and casual setting depending on how you dress it. For a formal affair, a pressed white-collar with a knit tie and tailored pants could undoubtedly be pulled off with a slip-on sneaker. For a casual look for an evening date or weekend downtown, an oxford shirt and a pair of cargos would be appropriate. You have the freedom to get creative as you want to be with a pair of The Chamaripa Sneaker That Give You Height Slip on Casual Black Elevator Sneaker.

Nubuck Leather Yellow Fisherman Elevator Sandal Shoes

Are you someone who hates the thought of wearing flimsy flip-flops? You know the ones you buy on the boardwalk as a last act of desperation because you’re out of options? You’re not alone! I fell victim to that scenario more times than I’ll like to admit but thanks to Champaria, there’s another option! A smarter choice that gives your feet the protection, comfort, and height you rightfully deserve. The Nubuck Leather Fisherman Elevator Sandal is a sandal that offers your foot the support similar of a shoe thanks to the rubberized sole bottom. The outer construction is from calf-skin leather with air slots that will keep your feet fresh. Pigskin leather is ingrained inside the sandal for supreme comfort finished off with an adjustable hook and closure. Show off your nautical style this summer by incorporating these elevated sandals with a colorful polo, a pair of white chinos rolled up and some suave avatars. It’s nothing but smooth sailing from here!

Brown Height Increasing Shoes Men Bullock Lifting Shoes.

I’m sure every day of the summer won’t be spent laid out on the beach with a martini in arms reach. I’d imagine that you have to go to work to fill in that time in between. However, going to work doesn’t mean you have to put your style on hold. Compromising your style for the office isn’t even an option with the Brown Height Increasing Shoe Men Bullock Lifting Shoe. The workplace dress code is changing and becoming more casual, which allow you more options to wear to the office. No longer are the days of wearing a suit and tie and those uncomfortable dress shoes strictly. So, while wearing your gym sneakers to the office is still a stretch the Brown Height Increasing Shoes Men Bullock Lifting Shoes are the smarter option. The Brown Height Increasing Shoes Men Bullock Lifting Shoes feature decorate perforation on the front and throughout. The exterior features cow leather and the inside material from pigskin leather. The bottom features a rubber midsole and outer-sole made from rubber to ensure a firm grip in each step. Finish off with a wax lace up these high casual shoes will make you 6.5 cm taller and 100% more stylish.  

You know the old saying “you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes,” and with these five styles you’ll be saying a lot! Choosing an appropriate shoe for every situation is one of the most important investments you can make when it comes to your feet. Chamaripa shoes have a proven reputation of providing the best men’s height, increasing shoes on the market. Every shoe is guaranteed to improve not only your height but also your confidence. Don’t miss the opportunity to become social this summer because of the lack of style options. Take each pair for a test drive and see for yourself how these elevated shoes can give your feet the height and relief you deserve. Now if you excuse me, it’s time for me to head back to the beach with my martini. Have a great summer.



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