Clever Tips for Wearing the Height Increasing Shoes on Your Wedding Day

Wedding day, the happiest moment for everyone else apart from, apparently, the bride and groom. It is the one day that there is no hiding from, the day you have to deal with guests, friends and family, and photos will likely be taken of you. While some people often cannot wait for the big day, when you are insecure about height matters, it might seem like it is very little you can do. Here are some useful techniques that can help you look taller on your wedding day.

Height increasing shoes

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Elevator shoes
Height increasing shoes are probably the first thing that come to anyone’s mind when caught in such a situation. Today, there are stylish elevator shoes that will go with any theme you settle on for your wedding. Once you slip them on, you instantly add on those extra inches and nobody will be none the wiser. Men’s height increasing shoes have lifts added to the insole and everyone else will be none the wiser.
The suit
Apart from rocking those 5 inch elevator shoes, there are plenty of other options. Believe it or not, fashion choices generally determine one’s height or how tall people see them as. The first rule of thumb is to wear a fitting suit. If you want to look taller, then a loosely fitting suit is a no-no. The loose fit tricks the eye into a horizontal stretch rather than the vertical outlook that a slim, well-fitting suit gives. Have the suit specifically tailored by a professional who knows what they are doing and height will no longer be an issue.

5 inch elevator shoes

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It is not enough to simply wear a well-fitting suit; you must go the extra step and make sure everything matches. Ideally, choose a belt that is discrete and blends into the rest of the outfit. For instance, buy a brown belt if you are wearing a brown suit for the wedding and so on. Make sure the best height increasing shoes are also the same shade and that everything is monochromatic. This will create the impression of a single vertical line and trick the mind of the people watching into making you look taller. Avoid wearing a vest as this draws unnecessary attention towards your mid-section, which breaks the motion of the eye. Small details matter, like the color of the suit. Even though there is a need to be monochromatic, stay away from all black. Wear a white dress shirt to break the cycle.

best height increasing shoes

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The Tie
Some may frown upon the idea of a skinny tie, but if you want to look taller, this is one of the small details that will help achieve that look. It fits the narrative of a long vertical line, something the mind’s eye generally associates with height. The skinny tie draws eyes up and down the body and further lengthens the process.
Other details like a haircut, or the placement of the buttons which should ideally be above the navel, also matter when looking for that height impression. The wedding day is a big day, one that will last forever in the minds of many. Look and feel like your best self with the tips mentioned above.


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