A Sneak Peek into 5 Types of Dress Shoes Every Man Should Have

Visualize it for a moment. After many months of playing hard to get, she finally agreed to go on a date with you. You are over the moon and simply can’t wait for that perfect date. You choose the perfect restaurant and rehearse every single word you will tell her.On the appointed day of the date, you wear your crisp suit, the watch is on point and the tie matching. She finally arrives grinning from ear to ear, looking as beautiful as ever. She seems impressed by your pressed trouser, your designer watch and the effort you put to look crisp. She arrives at the table, looks down and what she sees is an old looking torn leather shoe.

The look on her face changes. The grin is replaced by a slight frown. You can tell, feel it deep down that it’s game over! A dress shoe plays an integral role in making the right first impression. It is commonly said that the first thing a woman notices on a man is the shoe he is wearing.Women find a man with the right type of shoe confident, more handsome and irresistible. Putting great effort on your outfit, your cologne and giving shoes a wide berth is a deal breaker. In simple words, dress shoes are one of the most important investment a man can ever make. Want to impress that woman you’ve been wooing for quite some time? Think dress shoes!It doesn’t matter whether you own all the designer suits in the world, the most expensive watch or spot the most expensive designer cologne. If you don’t own the right and best dress shoe, all your efforts are futile. Shoes help you make a statement, elevate your status among your peers and give you that confidence look.

Irrespective of your social status in society, your tastes and preferences, choosing the best dress shoes requires a keen eye for detail, a taste for the finest things in life and an ability to rock them with the perfect outfit.

Now that you’ve made up your mind to invest in a couple of dress shoes, which ones should you go for? Which types of dress shoes should never miss in your wardrobe? We understand you want to rock the best dress shoes with jeans, step out in style and make a fashion statement. For that reason, we have listed a number of dress shoes that every man should have in their wardrobes. Keen to find out which ones made the list? Read on!

Black leather oxford

Sleek, easy on the eye and simplistic outlook makes the black leather oxford dress perfect for formal occasions. It is the perfect shoe to rock on those business/corporate meetings or while having a stakeholders meeting with business associates. The black leather oxford is perfect for most of the formal events that require a formal look such as weddings, job interviews, corporate business meetings, funerals or even met gala events.

This kind of dress shoe is perfect with professional attires or business suits. It gives you the professional and confident look that you need to make the perfect impression. What’s more? It is perfect for individuals with both narrow and medium feet.

Derby (Also known as Bluchers)

Quite similar to the Black leather oxford, the glaring disparity from the oxford is in the difference or rather manner in which the lacing is sewn on the exterior of the shoe. With the Derby, the lacing sewn shows visible flaps which basically makes this dress shoe a little bit less formal compared to the black leather oxford. In addition to that, they are comfortable dress shoes that come in different colors, made using different types of linen and leather, wing tipped, cap-toed and brogue and non-brogue. It is best to wear them with outfits that are less casual such as sport coats, dress shorts as well as jeans.

Brown leather brogue

The brown leather brogue is dubbed the perfect dress shoe for the contemporary gentleman. Perhaps, the most unique thing about this shoe is its versatility. Originating from Scotland, these versatile comfortable dress shoes are considered a little less formal compared to the oxford and are perfect for smart casual wear. It is the perfect dress shoe to adorn with a comfortable and smart casual yet refining look for the contemporary gentleman.


How can you miss loafers from your wardrobe? Dubbed as a “travelling business man’s best friend”, loafers are the ultimate business casual shoes men. They are easy on the eye, simplistic, easy to slip on and off, versatile and comfortable in every aspect. Darker colors of loafers are considered more formal but the versatility of this type of dress shoe means one can wear them with dress pants and jeans for those night outs with friends. What’s more? The fact that they come in different variations means you can go for any kind that suits your tastes and preferences.

Reddish double Monk Strap

If you are the kind of person that loves shoes out of the ordinary, then reddish double monk strap dress shoes are the perfect fit. If you have an outfit in red, you need to invest in this reddish dress shoe because they are not only versatile and stylish but also youngish and simply brings about a difference from all the other shoes in your wardrobe. The reddish double Monk strap dress shoes are perfect for men who love to spot casual wear or smart casual. You can adorn it with jeans, polo shirts, cardigans, three piece suits, sport coat combination, and slacks just to mention but a few.

Final thoughts

No doubt, there are different types of wedding dresses for men, dress shoes with jeans and a host of others that you can choose. However, as a man trying to make a fashion statement, you should never miss the aforementioned in your wardrobe. The ultimate types of dress shoes you settle for ultimately depends on your tastes and preferences, fashion sense and in some cases line of work. Whatever the case, your wardrobe should never miss some of the of the best dress shoes outlined above!




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