7 Things That Can Cause Stunted Growth

Taller people are considered more successful. From the workplace to social events, shorter people easily get sidelined. Even before realizing what has happened, it will hit you hard to realize the person selected to represent the company in a seminar did not better qualification like you. It is all about height! You need to take every effort to learn how to look taller.

When exploring the answers to the question what makes you taller, you need to understand the things that can cause stunted growth. This will help you to clear all roadblocks that stand on the way to achieving the dream height.

Things that can cause stunted growth

Things that can cause stunted growth are both internal and external. This means internal body factors and environmental impacts. Here are some of these height denying things and factors.

     √  Pituitary tumors

The human growth hormone (HGH) is released by pituitary glands. Therefore, if you develop pituitary tumors that suppress the release of HGH hormone, you are likely to suffer from stunted growth. In many cases, tumors result to release of limited HGH causing dwarfism. Note that it is also possible for the tumors to cause excess release of HGH resulting to gigantism.

     √  Medication

If you get exposed to some medication, there is a risk of getting stunted growth or failing to hit optimal height. In 2007, CBS News carried a report of a case where Ritalin (a drug used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), resulted to making people shorter than average. When you take any medication especially during the early years of life, make sure to ask whether they can result in stunt growth and whether it is possible to use an alternative.

     √  Taking a lot of carbohydrates

Though taking carbs from foods such as pasta, rice, and potatoes is important for the supply of energy, excess calories can cause stunted growth. Excess calories can easily result in weight gain that puts a lot of pressure on the spine. This will make you look shorter and prevent further growth. Indeed, excess carbs will counter the efforts the body makes to grow taller. The best way to avoid this is by staying away from junk, sugary drinks such as soda, and artificial sweeteners. Instead, you should go for foods such as nuts and whole grain meals that release carbs slowly.



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     √  Lack of enough proteins in the body

For your body to grow taller, a lot of proteins are required. They form the building block of cells and the body must have them in ample supply to grow progressively. The proteins also help with the synthesis of amino acids that also form part of the HGH (human growth hormone). Even if other factors are favorable but the body lacks ample proteins, it will be impossible to achieve optimal growth. You can get proteins from foods such as chicken, beef, fish, and beans.

     √  Excessive smoking will slow down your growth

If you are a smoker and have been asking the question, is there a way to grow taller, the answer is simple; stop smoking. To grow taller, the body requires ample supply of oxygen day and night. Smoking cuts short the quantity of oxygen taken into the body. The more you smoke, the lower the amount of oxygen released into the body. In the long term, you will find it impossible to hit maximum growth in height.

     √  Lack of enough sleep

Human beings grow faster when they are asleep. The body releases more human growth hormones at night and facilitates faster thickening and lengthening of the bones. To ensure you grow taller faster, it is advisable to follow a regular sleeping pattern and take the right sleeping posture. Consider using a firm mattress that allows the body to stay straight when sleeping.

     √  Being passive about growing tall

Even as you seek answers to questions such as what’s the average height for men and what foods help you grow taller, it is important to be positive. While it is true that bulk of the growth is controlled by genetics, you need to be active and believe that growth is possible. The human body is very dynamic and can work wonders if you are positive. If you are passive and negative about growth, the result will be stunted growth. Here are some mindsets that could easily result in stunted growth;

     i)   I am too old to grow taller.
     ii)   I cannot grow taller because all people in my family are short.
     iii)   Only God can determine your height. Therefore, I will not make any effort.

Instead of occupying the mind with such negative thoughts, you need to start searching for a solution. Many people have managed to grow or look taller even after puberty. Therefore, you can also achieve the similar levels of success. Have a look at the next section to learn how to look taller.

The best strategy to look taller if you lack in height

Once you have identified the causes of stunted growth and redirected your focus, rest assured of hitting the dream elevation. One of the methods that you can use for prompt results is height increasing shoes.

     √  What are elevator shoes?

These are shoes carefully designed with taller outer soles and inserts to help the wearer look taller. The shoes are considered better because they provide instant elevation to those who lack in height. This implies that even as you provide the body with the best opportunity to grow such as taking the right diet and exercises, it is possible to enjoy all the benefits of being taller.

     √  Many people including top celebrities use elevator shoes

If you try to find out what shoes does Donald trump wear, the answer will reveal that they are elevator shoes. But it is not just Donald Trump. Barrack Obama, Tom Cruise, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Vladimir Putin rock in elevator shoes. Do not let lack of height stand on your way to success. With the right elevator shoes, that promotion you have been waiting for will come knocking.

Note that changing your height should be reflected in all areas of personal lifestyle. This means that you need to look taller at work, in the social places, and when going out. But you do not need to worry because elevator shoes are as diverse as the standard footwear.


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