How To Look Tall For Different Events

Looking tall is actually easier than you think. Even though genetics play a major role in your growth, there are ways to deceive the public with your style choices. Normally, it starts with the right cut of the shirt and the proper pairing of the bottom to compliment your shoe of choice. One way to add more height if you are short is through hidden height shoes or more commonly known as elevator shoes, an effective way to add height via the shoes without anyone knowing where it came from. One great thing about these type of shoes is the variety of designs available to fit different occasions and events. With this, looking tall will not be a problem anymore, hence something to celebrate.

Platform dress shoes for men

Whenever you are invited to attend an important black tie event, one major item of clothing to consider will be the shoes you will wear. For example, when you are invited to attend a colleague’s wedding, opt for dress shoes that are slimming, sleek, and will help you not get lost in the crowd. It is important to note that every man in the area will dress accordingly to look dapper and formal, which means it is your job to stand out without stealing the spotlight. There is a variety of elevator shoes for men’s wedding shoes with lifts to fit different aesthetics.

For example, if you like black men’s dress shoe lifts, opt for Oxford with wingtips just to add that classic vibe in your outfit. If you are more playful with your style of dressing, compliment your suit by wearing oxfords in brown, blue, or gray hues. Moreover, shoes will only help you once you find the right suit to pair it with.

When dressing up for a formal event, always remember that need to find the perfect tailor who will adjust your suit according to your body type. Here’s a rundown of things you have to consider:

  1. Make sure the shoulder pads of your suit lands perfectly on your shoulder. It should hug the shoulders perfectly.
  2. If you are short, do not wear patterns or lapels that are big. Remember, if you are short, opt for short design trims and if you are big, wear bigger prints. Why? This will help you have an illusion that you have a slimmer frame than contrasting two separate worlds.
  3. Do not wear a dress shirt that is too loose or big. What you wear on the inside will reflect your overall look.
  4. Tell your tailor to have your trousers tapered to hug your legs. It should be at least 1-inch away from your skin but ensure you can still walk, sit, and breathe in it.
  5. If you want to achieve maximum tall illusion, know your body type before buying a suit. Are you an athletic type with broad shoulders or are you a bear type with a belly? Everything can be styled accordingly once you are aware of your body type.

Furthermore, formal events can be really tricky because you do not want to overly blend in with the rest of the guest, but you also do not want to overshadow the main host. Look for shoes that are exciting enough to help you stand out and pair it with a simpler suit.

Tall men boots for a casual dinner date

Some men do not really give too much attention to every particular detail in their clothing. However, once we surpass our teenage years, it is important for every person to have awareness of how they want the public to perceive them. This means finding ways to look sharp even when we are doing some simple grocery shopping or on a daily walk in the park. In every aspect of what we are doing with our lives, it is empirical to stand firm, tall, and have command.

If you are going on a casual dinner date, wear shoes that will help you look taller than your female counterpart. There are sneakers and rubber shoes that add additional 2-inches in height to make your 5 foot 7 inches frame become 5 foot 9 inches. These are shoes that add elevation to the wearer without your date noticing it because they are invisible and placed on the insoles and outsoles of your shoes.

Moreover, it is advisable to always go for clothes that are light in hues such as earth tones and pastel colors. They give a positive vibe to the person you are standing directly and it makes your date be more focused on you than the environment. It is also important to note that you should not overdress on casual occasions.

  1. Wear plain shirts. Preferably white if you are comfortable
  2. Black if you want to hide unnecessary baggage in your body
  3. Wear jeans that land just below the ankle
  4. The hem of your shirt must land on the hips to make you look taller
  5. When you wear long clothes, you will look shorter than you actually are. Always go for clothes that accentuate your assets rather than show your flaws.

How to make shoes smaller without insoles?

If you want a certain pair of shoes but do not have the exact size for you, there are three easy ways where you will still be able to wear them without risking shameful occurrence:

  1. Stuff selvage fabric on the toes of your shoes – This is a common hack for shoes that are an inch or 2-inches bigger than your shoe size. Make sure you are still comfortable when you walk in them.
  2. Wear thick socks – This is the best way to still wear the sneakers that you really like even though your size is not available anymore. Remember that buying an item too big is better than fitting it to a shorter size.
  3. Add an insole or heel strip – One good thing about insoles is it provides additional height to the wearer and it fixes the actual problem. Heel strips are also advisable whenever your shoes are just a half an inch or an inch bigger than your actual shoe size.




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