Shoe Designs That Add More Height

If you do not feel all comfortable with your height or want to look taller than you usual, looking for the right pair of shoes is something you should consider as vital. Once you start shopping for the essential shoes to add to your closet, the first question you have to ask is “how can I be taller?” Thankfully, there are different shoe designs that add more height to the wearer without anyone noticing it such as the elevator shoes.

Are Elevator Shoes Worth It?

Without a doubt, elevator shoes are totally worth it. While some men have doubts about them, such as looking foolish of fear that they will be noticed by their peers, elevator shoes have been in the market for so long that it is a true testament that they really work. Moreover, they come in different styles such as sneakers that add height and even boots to make you taller than your actual height. From the inside, yes elevator shoes have more bulk, but once you wear it, the only noticeable aspect of it is if you chose the appropriate footwear for that occasion and if it fits your personal style.

The additional height is carefully placed in the insoles to ensure, which means only you, and you alone, are aware of the insole heel that holds the additional layer. With a variety of options available online, these shoes can surely fit your everyday lifestyle from going to work to a night out with your special someone. Furthermore, you can buy a pair with slimmer cap toes with the said choices, if you don’t want to wear chunky shoes.

Men’s boots with 2-inch heels

If you are the type of men who like to wear classical silhouettes, there are actual men’s boots with 2-inches heels called Cuban boots. They are similar to the Chelsea boots but less contemporary in attitude and design. These specific type of shoes have visible heels that provide the additional length that you want and add a certain finesse to your posture because they are considered a classic. They can be worn with formal wear tuxedo or with casual jeans depending on your style preference.

Aside from the Cuban boots, the emergence of the Chelsea boot became a bona fide street style star to the stars. Celebrities such as Harry Styles, Kanye West, and Nick Jonas have been spotted multiple times wearing the lustrous pair. The beauty of the Chelsea boot is the fact that it provides a slimming silhouette to the wearer’s leg especially if paired with black skinny jeans or tattered denim pants. Since it started gaining attraction in the mainstream media, almost everyone has been spotted or have wanted to own a pair of their own. One of the benefits of this boots is the additional height effect found on the outsoles. With this, looking tall will be easier and sleeker.

Casual shoes: Rubber shoes or sneakers

Whether you are a sneaker head or a rubber shoes type of person, casual shoes have been a shoe staple over the years. Since most stores reinvented rubber shoes and sneakers on multiple accounts, these shoes hold a special place in your closet because of the following reasons:

  1. They make or break your look
  2. They complete the entirety of your style
  3. Your shoe choice is a reflection of your own persona
  4. They come in a wide array of price range from affordable to unimaginable purchase
  5. And essentially, they add more height

Most of the rubber shoes and sneakers available in the market add at least 1-inch to 2-inches height depending on the styling you are opting. There are even new Nike shoes that make you taller without anyone noticing it.

Formal shoes: Oxfords and Moccasins

One unspoken rule when attending a formal event is finding a way to make your physique leaner and taller. Whether your body weight speaks otherwise if it essential for every man who attends a black tie to find the perfect combination of suit and tie that elongates your body. Moreover, the shoes you wear makes the most statement out of all the clothing you wear. If you are wearing monochromatic colors, it is wiser to opt for more splashing and decorated shoes to add that extra flavor you need to get noticed. Here’s a simple guide to formal attire:

  1. Look for a suit that slims your upper torso
  2. Wear a slim tie
  3. Properly press your dress shirt. It may be hidden, but every crease, especially with white shirts are not left unnoticed.
  4. Make sure you taper your pants to perfection
  5. Wear a belt that matched your shoes
  6. Buy shoes that provide additional height such as elevator shoes and keep it clean and modern
  7. Make sure you clean your shoes before you leave the house
  8. Wear long socks
  9. Add necessary accessories such as pocket squares to add color to your look
  10. Visit your barber before the event and have yourself groomed by the master himself


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