How To Solve Short Man Problems

If you are wondering how to look taller men? No doubt, lifting shoes men’s or elevator shoes is the solution! We can’t all be gifted with height, because if we are all born equal, there will be nothing to compare it with. The idea of short evaporates to thin air and everyone will be considered normal. While this sounds unreasonable, that is the way of life and we can’t all be paragons of pop culture. If you want to look taller, consider elevator shoes as part of your everyday life.

They are a pair of really good shoes to help short men achieve tall status without anyone knowing about it. But how to look taller with shoes? Elevator shoes have additional length sandwiched between the insole and the outsole that provides you at least 2-inches up to 5-inches in height. One of its many traits is the fact that they are hidden and only you, the wearer, is aware of the height provided by the shoes. Moreover, elevator shoes also help men who have bad posture. This pair can help you gain not just the height, but confidence as well because good posture means assured with yourself and all your package. After all, no woman wants to date a man who shows their insecurities. They want individuals who stand tall and firm.

What is short height for male?

The average height of females in the United States of America is 5 foot 4 inches, while men are 5 foot 9.5 inches on the average. So, is 5”5’ short for a guy? The answer is yes even though your height is not at your hands and not caused by your decisions in life. Imagine being 5 foot 5 inches in a city where the average height is at least half a foot taller than you. Thankfully, there are elevator shoes to help you with that conundrum.

Being short is not actually a problem for men, rather being short and feeling like these tall men can get the best of you. Feeling tall starts with yourself. If you have ways to look taller than you actually are, then you can be tall. Elevator shoes have been in the shoe business for decades and it helped short men be included in the average height or moreover, surpass what is considered normal in their country.

In a movie with a powerhouse celebrity casting, we often compare each actor’s height. For example, Chris Hemsworth is the tallest among the Avengers while Mark Ruffalo is the shortest, excluding Scarlett Johansson who is the lone female Avenger in the first franchise.

While watching all the movie franchise, you will notice the disparity in their heights but they almost look the same because the power they hold is bigger than their actual height. For example, it is ironic how The Hulk is the shortest in his human form but becomes enormous once he transforms. The green man is also partnered with Johansson’s character, the Black Widow, who is a contextual representation of a badass woman. In context, the soft spoken man with a secret falls for the strong independent woman and in vice versa. She is also short in height but packs a big punch when faced with an uncanny situation, like the world is in jeopardy. Since media is such a powerful platform in molding us to what we see is acceptable, these actors have portrayed their role numerous times that we, the watchers, are entailed to a panopticon, where we believe all superheroes are tall and valiant, while we are caught watching and aspiring to be them.  

Chris Hemsworth who plays the role of Thor, the rightful heir to the throne of Asgard, stands 6 foot 2.5 inches. While Tom Hiddleston who played Loki, the antagonist in the film, stands 6 foot 1 inches. Followed by Chris Evans (Captain America) who stands exactly 6 foot, then Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) who is 5 foot 8 inches, and Robert Downey Jr. (Ironman) who stand 5 foot 7 inches. Celebrity height can sometimes be a factor in casting. Casting agents often find a smaller female lead so the leading man looks taller and more brooding. Height is an important aspect of being an actor. Amateur actors who want to make it in the business even put their height in their resumes or actor profile and some even lie just to book the job. However, there are also celebrities who are tall because the enjoy celebrity elevator shoes such as Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise, and the Ironman himself, Robert Downey Jr. Moreover, talent is what makes the gold for the actors, and not just the height. If your personality and talent are on par with your co-stars, I guess you are meant for the big screen.

How to become taller?

Becoming taller naturally entails a strict and strenuous program. First, you must let go of food that stunts your growth so the somatotropin or the human growth hormones will stimulate on your body essentially on the tissues and the bones. Moreover, you should start stretching, at least after waking up in the morning, to activate the resting tissues and muscles on your body. Stretching helps you in different ways other than becoming taller. It also activates your entire body and prevents you from getting muscle pain and avoids you from muscle injuries.

Keeping an active lifestyle – exercising daily and diet – is what makes you taller, though not entirely, because once your whole body is active, the blood flow will become regulated. In simpler terms, you must do something productive even though you want to become a couch potato over the weekend.

Meanwhile, genetics can be a factor for being a tall person. Men who are naturally tall might have tall parents. Other than that, one trick to becoming taller is to start becoming healthy even at a very young age. Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol while still at the puberty stage so the hormones will flow and function properly. This also includes becoming nutritious and eat go, grow, and glow foods to keep your body clean.


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