Elevator Shoes: The Secret to Growing Taller Faster

Being tall is a trait greatly revered by both old and new. Many people are willing to sacrifice anything if only to grow taller by a few inches. But the road to getting this growth is rugged and often filled with myths that will rarely deliver results. Therefore, what exactly is the best way to grow tall faster? This post demonstrates why using elevator shoes is the best strategy to grow taller faster.

Important facts about growing tall

Before taking a close look at why elevator shoes are the best to get that elevation you yearn for so much, here are some useful facts to know about growing tall.

       √  What is the average height of a male? The average height of a man depends with regions. Men from the Netherlands are the tallest in the globe with an average height of 72 inches. The region with the shortest men is the Far East where the average height of a man is about 62 inches. In the United States, the average height of a mature male is 69.3 inches.

       √  The largest part of the human growth in height is dependent on genetics. About 80% of your growth is hereditary. This implies that once you establish when do men stop growing in height, additional growth is very limited.

       √  Growth in height halts at puberty or immediately after. The biological clock ticks and halts at puberty (around 20 years).

       √  To stimulate growth after puberty, you need to promote the additional release of growth hormones. This is mainly achieved through the food you take and exercises.

Factors that affect how tall you will grow

The secret to growing taller is to believe that you can actually edge higher by a few inches. Once the mind is set, you need to understand the things that can obstruct you from growing tall and eliminate them. For example, you should stay away from smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. Then, focus on the following factors that affect how tall you will grow.

       ★  The food you eat.
       ★  Your geographical region.
       ★  Personal mindset.
       ★  The exercises you take.
       ★  The body health.

What can you do to grow taller?

To hit more inches taller, it is important to take a closer look at measurements. This will help you to make realistic expectations and avoid disappointments. For example, what is 6cm in inches? How will you look four inches taller? If you can manage to hit 6 centimeters, it means that you will have added 223⁄64inches. Here are five things that you can do to grow taller.

       i)  Take foods that promote the release of HGH (human growth hormone)

To grow taller naturally, you need to look for food that encourages the body to release human growth hormones. Even if growth stopped at puberty, taking foods that delivers high levels of Vitamin D, Calcium, Phosphates, and Vitamin B1 can still stimulate some growth. The specific foods include are nuts, fish, essential oil, whole grain foods, and supplements.

       ii)  Be rigorous with stretching exercises

One great thing about your body is that it can adjust the back and upper body to deliver a few more inches. You can achieve this through exercise such as stretching, skipping ropes, and swimming. You should make this a routine and also practice good posture.

       iii)  Make sure to get ample sleep and water

Have you ever wondered why babies are required to get a lot of sleep? Sleep helps to promote faster growth. Even after puberty, getting ample sleep helps to relax the mind and promote growth. The body gets the perfect opportunity to repair worn-out cells, promote cells development, and deliver the additional inches you want. To make that growth even faster, ensure to take a lot of water every day.

Why elevator shoes are the gateway to growing taller faster

The answer to the question, how can I grow taller requires concerted efforts. That is right. While taking the right food will no doubt help you grow taller, it takes time. Indeed, this could be years. But hold on! There are some things that cannot wait.

You need to look taller tomorrow when making that presentation at the department, next week when attending an interview, or the forthcoming red carpet event. To put it correctly, you simply need the right solution right away. The answer to how to grow taller faster is elevator shoes.

       ◆  How elevator shoes deliver instant height

The elevator shoes are created to deliver height instantly. The outer sole, especially around the heel, is taller while the insole completes the elevation job. Whether you want to look one or four inches taller, simply select the elevator shoes that provide equal adjustment. Note that the shoes are designed to deliver greater comfort so that you can use them the whole day.

       ◆  Why you should use them

For many people, the journey to growing tall can be lengthy and illustrious. This can become even more disappointing if your parents are shorter. Height increasing shoes are designed to fit all your areas of personal lifestyle. This implies that you can get elevator shoes for going to work, height increasing boots for outdoors, and even others for weddings. Remember that you can even convert your standard shoes into elevator shoes using shoe lift inserts.

       ●  Other people who have used the shoes and made it in their career

If you thought you are alone in the journey to getting the additional elevation, think again. Take a closer look at the top celebrities and it will shock you to realize that few if any are naturally tall. They use the best elevator shoes. Though few will come out to say they use the shoes, it is no secret anymore. Tom Cruise, the legendary starring in the enthralling film Mission Impossible never shies away from saying that he has reached the apex of the film career because of elevator shoes. Other celebrities who use elevator shoes include the former president Barrack Obama, Simon Cowel, Robert Downey, and Sylvester Stallone.

If most of the top celebrities you know use elevator shoes, you can also use them and march to success. Do not stay there lamenting about lack of height, the solution is right on your hands. Go for the right pair of height increasing shoes.


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