5 Easy Steps on How to Look Taller in Photos

Not everyone is gifted with height and some may even see this as something to be insecure about. In the age of Social Media, everything you post is subject to criticism. A single Instagram photo can reach thousands, or if not millions. With this surging popularity of online applications where you share different moments in your life from your #OOTD (outfit of the day) to your #shoeselfie (shoe selfie), every move you make can be seen by your peers, followers, and even those you don’t want lurking around your well-managed feed.

Now we are all faced with a constant battle on how to make your next post pleasing to the eyes and the only word to consider is the length. Here’s how you can achieve length in your photos.

1. Whatever happens, always find the right angle

Don’t be fooled by those legs for days in everyone’s Instagram OOTD. Just like what was established, not everyone is gifted with that much length, sometimes we ask help from taking a shot at the right angle. Even when you are merely a 5’5” or even shorter, do not fret because you can still look longer than your actual height.

For example, actor Tom Cruise looks taller in some of his movies when his leading ladies are much taller than him such as Cameron Diaz who is 5’9” and Nicole Kidman who is 5’11”. With this, we are left with this question: how tall is tom cruise exactly? The answer is an outstanding 5’7”.
Since the shots are made for film, most of his shots with his leading lady is wide and either from the top or bottom angle.

In terms of Instagram OOTD, the best way to pull off a longer silhouette is by taking the shot that focuses on faking the length of your legs and projecting a longer neck.

Getting the proper angle can be a task because it does not take one shot to get one great photo. Even models get at least a hundred takes for that one advertisement photo. This means to have more patience until you achieve the type of height you always wanted, even if it is just in photos.

2. Stretch your muscles

Pilates-Exercise-Pilates Exercise-Flexible-Flexibility-Body-Stretch-Stretching-Stretch Exercise-Stretching Exercise

Looking dapper is more hard work than you actually think it is. Even men who are gifted with height exercise to maintain their lean bodies. But does exercise make you taller? In some instances, yes. Since height can be caused by genetics, taller men probably inherited it from their parents. But there are ways on how to get taller exercises. Proper and regular stretching can only take you very far but expecting to add unreasonable inches can be a bit of, well, a stretch.

Exercise is essential not just for achieving more length, but also in life. Good health will not just look good in photos; it is also a depiction of how you take care of your self and your being. Everyday stretching lessens the risk of heart problems and it can also jumpstart your day heading towards a positive mindset.

3. Make an Effort to Look for an Instagram-worthy background

Social Media became such a huge part of everyone’s life that everywhere we go is a momentous event. From a restaurant, we dine at and even to the simplest walk in the park. When millennials say, “do it for the ‘gram,” it translates to going to places where there’s a cool graffiti or a nice landscape that is meant to be shared.

If you are on the shorter side and opting to maximize your surroundings, search for locations that can be taken on a wider landscape to distract the subject. The farther your photos are the longer you will look. This means when taking photos with skyscrapers, take the shot from the bottom facing upwards and lengthen your neck. When doing such, you will get additional height because the shot will focus on two subjects: you in the actual photo and the background. Furthermore, you see a cool wall on the sidewalk, take a landscape photo that is level with your body.

4. Wear height increasing shoes

It is no secret that even a petite girl can sometimes look tall with the right pair of heels. In a world where boundaries are being pushed to the limits, who says men can’t heels? This does not mean heels that are visible rather shoes with heels inside or most commonly known as elevator shoes.

These shoes are crafted to add a few inches to make the wearer look taller. Elevator shoes have thick invisible -to-the-eye insoles and outsoles that appears like you are just wearing normal shoes, but they’re height increasing shoes, hence shoes that make you taller. Aside from its benefits, elevator shoes have different stylish designs that can be worn outdoor, on a casual Sunday, and even in the workplace. This means they are perfect for your next OOTD and even a standalone shoe selfie.

5. Get Inspiration from influencers who have the same height as you

Anyone can look tall with the right attitude. If you are on the shorter side but wants to look like a prototype male model or any so-called influencer that you follow, sacrifices must be made. Exercise and make necessary efforts to achieve the length you always wanted that even your idol, say Tom Cruise, knows how to work his angles.

Follow an influencer who has the same height as you and get inspiration on how he takes his photos based on his posts. With this, you will become more aware of what works for your height and what does not. If by chance you encounter a group photo with a bunch of giants, just go back to number four and remember that there is a simple life hack to make your height conundrum a thing of the past.
Just remember, height is might, but finding a solution will get you to places!


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