How to Appear Taller in a Big Crowd

Envision yourself going to a party filled with tall people and you are on the shorter side. It can be quite intimidating, right? Now envision yourself taking photos and socializing with them knowing you are at least half their size. Imagine the horror when someone posts that photo. We sometimes come up with hasty the decisions to just skip the party and just look forward to the next big event. But what if the event is actually been considered as the event of the season and you are not there because you don’t want to feel short? With everything that’s been going on especially in the age of social media, you do not want to experience FOMO or the fear of missing out. By then you get up, prepare, and hope that no one will notice you and your height disadvantage.

Sadly, there is still not much to do with height disparity, however, there are ways to elevate your height up a few notches that are not hard to do. Here are following mindset when are a short guy who wants to appear taller in a big crowd.

Think of any event as an aquarium, it’s not all goldfish

There is a wide array of fish in an aquarium. All of them get along even when they are different. They adapt to the environment and no one there is the big fish or the small fish. These fish are focused on their own space.

When you are in a crowd, remember that individuality is what makes you stand out. Nevertheless, if you still want to appear taller in a big crowd be the shark in the ocean instead. This simply means standing tall and proud and remember that you are the one wearing jeans.

Fake it till you make it. Feel tall and people might think you are taller than you are

In a world full of diverse personalities nothing beats authenticity – or at least projecting it. Confidence is sexy and one way to achieve it is to realize that we are all just humans, only with that slight height disadvantage. While height is visible to the public eye, add inches to your height with the right pair of shoes and proper styling that may result in you looking like a million bucks and much, much taller.

Get yourself a nice pair of elevator shoes and conquer the crowd a few inches higher than your actual height. Elevator shoes have been in the market for a very long time dating back since the seventies. Men shoes heels are designed with shoe lift inserts that are hidden for the observers. Meaning, no one in the crowd will notice that you are taller due to the fact that you are wearing additional height but simply because of its elevation qualities.

You know have the chance to look taller even if you are a mere 5’5” just of the shoes you are wearing: people might think you are taller than you are. However, even though the shoes play a major role, one must still remember to have elongated neck, proper posture, and be guided with dapper clothing. If you know what suits you best, you can stand out in a crowd even with men who are taller than you.

Remember that you are not alone. Someone in that party is encountering the same conundrum

One good thing about confidence despite height disadvantage is knowing that you are not alone. Since height is sometimes hereditary, not every human being is blessed with good genes that enjoy that holds the capability of longer lengths. An estimate of at least 1/3 of the population of the party is also encountering the same conundrum as you are and maybe even more. Again, not everyone is beyond the average male height.

One of the best examples is comedian Kevin Hart who is only 5’2”. He is known to be the short guy who packs a big personality whenever he is in a crowd. He stands out from the rest of his contemporaries because he is not shy about letting his personality do the talking through humor. By doing the same, people will shift their attention to the stories told, rather than height.

But how tall is the average male exactly? According to studies, the average male height in the United States is at 5’9.5”. If you are at least 2 inches shorter, elevator shoes will really boost up your confidence and length to at least be considered an average male. Alternatively, you may ask yourself if can you grow taller? The answer is yes. With daily stretching, strengthening your core muscles, and by keeping your active. However, if you are way past your puberty stage, chances are slim.

Stop fixating on what you don’t have because if there is a will, there will always be a way

One thing short men should consider is the fact that everyone has insecurities of their own to even bother with other people’s thoughts. When you let go of that insecurity and realizing that there is an actual solution to your long-time problems, dominating a huge and much taller crowd will become a thing of the past because there are different ways to counter being short, such as:

     1.     To prepare in every situation
     2.    To know how to style yourself based on your body type
     3.    To bring in personality especially in a crowd
     4.    To have the necessary confidence to make an impression
     5.    To hold the right attitude.

This means, indulge in the crowd to have a good time and not to be conscious of what you don’t have or what could have been. Focus on the solution that is presented and available in the market. And if you are still wondering just how to appear taller in a big crowd, just go back to those four suggestions, and remember that everything has a possible solution! With all these, looking taller in a crowd full of men much taller than you will be no problem in no time.


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