If the shoe fits: Tips on Getting the Right Pair to Look Taller

Shoes make or break an outfit. Whether one is dressed in latest season fashion, if paired it with the wrong shoes, everything else will fall apart. Some even take more time looking for the right shoes to match its outfit than the clothes itself.

True enough, you won’t see anyone in the corporate world wearing a custom-made suit and pairing it with a pair of skater sneakers or an athlete wearing oxfords. True enough, shoes are a huge part of our everyday lives. Without it, everything will just feel like something is missing, and literally, no one will be able to walk without proper footwear.

Furthermore, there are those who find it hard, especially for men on the shorter side, to look for a perfect pair without asking this question: How do I get taller? And the simplest answer to this frequently asked question is buying height increasing shoes for men. And we are not talking about high heels, but elevator shoes. These shoes are designed to solve the problems of an everyday man who faces the challenges of being short, or at least not as tall as the average man.

The average height for men and women

In our everyday lives, we encounter different people who come from a salad bowl of backgrounds from race, age, gender, preferences, and height. After all, we live in a world where we encounter people from different backgrounds and experiences. But what exactly is the average height for men and women? Here’s a rundown based on recent statistics:

What’s the average male height? Based on statistics, the average height of men in the United States is 5’9.5”. However, there are individuals who go beyond the average, and the best example is athletes in the field of basketball. Golden State Warriors’ star point guard, Stephen Curry is 6’3” while NBA legend Michael Jordan is 6’6”. In other fields, anyone will encounter men who may be shorter, taller or the same height.

What’s the average height for a woman? According to statistics, women from the United States have an average height of merely 5’4”. While there are those gifted with more height such as supermodel Karlie Kloss who is 6’1” and social media sensation Kendall Jenner who stands 5’11”. However, they’re born with good genes, with Jenner blossoming from Caitlyn Jenner (Bruce Jenner) who is 6’1”. In everyday America, professionals need to wear 5” heels just to look taller than average height.

What are elevator shoes?

Elevator shoes are shoes with added insoles that are not visible to the public eye. They have different designs that are available in the market but with special heightening features. These shoes are the solution to men who are insecure about their height. With elevator shoes, at least an instant 5.5cm is added. But *what is 5.5 cm in inches? That’s additional 2 inches. This means, men around 5’7” or 5’8”, now have the opportunity to deceive people, hence being included in the average male height, or at least while wearing elevator shoes.

The next question to ask is how to dress to look slim and tall? The answer is with the right styling. Since elevator shoes come in different designs ranging from dress formal to casual sneakers, just looking for the right clothes to pair it with those newly bought elevator shoes to give instant sartorial success.

Oxfords – Oxford shoes come in different designs such as cap toe, wingtips, one-piece, and plain toes. These terminologies are the designs seen in front of the oxfords. These are additional style trims that make dress shoes extra special. Wearing this type of pair are best for office wear, semi-formal occasions, and formal events such as galas and weddings.
Loafers – Originally designed for a king, loafers are moccasin-inspired footwear that is crafted as the slip-on. Loafers are best worn on formal events and even on casual days. To achieve maximum sartorial triumph, style it with skinny jeans that land just a half-inch above the knee to look leaner and taller. Cutting the hem of the pants has been a street style sensation for years now because it elongates the legs of the wearer. 

Sneakers – This design of shoes have been on the market since no one knows when. Sneakers were vaulted, reinvented, remarketed, and is continuously evolving up to this very date. Sneakers are best worn on the street where it belongs. They are proven eye-catching shoes that elevates a man’s sartorial prowess. To look slim and taller while sporting a great pair of sneakers means pairing it with a casual t-shirt because you would want the shoes to speak for itself.

Chelsea boots – These shoes are absolutely made for walking. Worn by young celebrities like Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, and Anwar Hadid, Chelsea boots just lands directly on the knees and is best paired with tight skinny black jeans. This design has a certain quality to it where the wearer looks leaner and dapper without even trying too hard.

Rubber shoes – When men are considering going to start hitting some serious cardio workout or already on the road of becoming a gym rat, wearing proper footwear is highly recommended. Rubber shoes are athletic wear that is flexible to prevent your feet from becoming swollen after a strenuous activity.

If you are still wondering how to get taller in a day, the answer is setting the right pair of shoes. Everything still depends on the proper presentation while wearing the five designs presented. This means knowing when and where the most suitable type of shoes to get in the shoe closet for a certain event. While these five shoe types are interchangeable depending on the occasion or activity, every man must always have these essential pairs because they are a good investment.

Lastly, men on the shorter height can always wear them but with additional help from elevator shoes because they really boost up height. Think of it this way, if women can walk in five inches heels, mean can too.


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