How to Grow Tall By Four Inches

Everywhere you go, the first thing that people note is your height. Since time immemorial, height has become the bottom line in defining who gets employed, a promotion, or accepted in social circles. Now, if you lack in height, the reality is that virtually everything could go wrong. Though many people rarely declare it in openly, there is a special preference for taller people everywhere.

The interesting thing is that though people demand that you are perfect, no one is. Indeed, even those who insist that you should be tall still have their shortcomings. But you need to accept the reality that being tall will give you an advantage in life. Therefore, do not gamble any longer or wallow in self-pity, hit the road to look taller. This post demonstrates how to grow 4 inches taller.

Some important facts when looking forward to growing taller

Even before setting off to get that additional height that will deliver the perfect you, it is important to appreciate some important facts of human growth. This will help you to put extra effort in the right place for better elevation.

     ★  What is the average height of men in the US? Men in the United States have an average height of 69.7inches which is approximately 17 centimeters. The country with the tallest people in the world is the Netherlands where most of them are 72 inches.

     ★  Genetics controls about 80% of human growth in height. The height you will achieve is largely a factor of genetics. This implies that you only need to get an average of your mom and dad to get an estimate of how tall you will be.

     ★  The bulk of the growth takes place between conception and puberty. Human growth in height largely occurs in the early years of life and halts at puberty. After this period, it is still possible to grow with a few inches by promoting further release of HGH and stretching the upper body.

     ★  Height affects personal self-esteem. How tall you grow is very important in defining personal self-esteem. Taller people are more self-confident and have more self-esteem.

     ★  Growth and height are controlled by HGH. The process of growth is determined by Human Growth Hormone that implements commands from a person’s genes. At infancy and childhood, the level of HGH is very high resulting in accelerated growth. Then, its production slows down and ultimately halts around 20 years.

How to grow 4 inches taller

As you focus on growing taller, it is important to appreciate the anticipated elevation. Here, you need to take a tape measure to know how tall you are and establish the additional inches required. To establish this, you need to be realistic. What is 7cm in inches? How will I look after increasing height with 4 inches? Seven centimeters is equivalent to 2.75591 inches. Therefore, will the additional 4 of 5 inches deliver the elevation you need?

Another way to establish how tall you should be is looking at the role models you want to beat. It might be a celebrity such as Barrack Obama or your company boss who looks so perfect. Remember that though you have targeted 4 inches, it is still possible to surpass that mark. Here are some useful methods to help you grow with 4 inches or more.

     (i)    Make sure to take foods that stimulate growth

To help the body grow and deliver the additional four inches after 20, you need the right food. The food you select should be targeted at helping the body to continue releasing HGH and provide the perfect environment for growth. This means getting a lot of essential amino acids (proteins), unsaturated fats, vitamins, and minerals.

     (ii)    Do a lot of stretching exercises

Stretching exercises can help to increase your height with a couple of inches. This will go a long way in helping you hit the targeted 4 inches. The exercises should be targeted at helping the upper body to stretch and give the body an upright posture. Some of these exercises include hanging and swimming.

     (iii)    Stay away from growth inhibitors

Growth inhibitors can be the biggest stumbling block to achieving the expected growth in height. As you take the right food, focus on exercises and stay positive about the whole thing, you need to stay away from growth inhibitors. These are things such as alcohol, tobacco and abusing other drugs. You should also stay away from excess carbohydrates to avoid becoming overweight.

Use height increasing shoes to look taller with 4 inches instantly

All the above methods described in this post require some time. That is right. Indeed, it can take years to hit the 4 inches growth in height. However, it might be difficult to wait for months let alone years to get the needed elevation and use it to your advantage. For example, you have been chosen by the company to represent it abroad and want to look taller, confident, and deliver the best for the company. You need an urgent solution such as elevator shoes.

     ★  Why height increasing shoes

If you ask a designer and even medical experts for advice on how to make yourself grow taller, they will always include elevator shoes. These are shoes designed with taller heels and additional inserts that help to deliver instant elevation. Here, you have the option of selecting the preferred elevation. You could go for 2,3,4,5 or even 5.5 inches elevation depending on personal preference.

     ★  What you need to know about elevator shoes

When you set out selecting the preferred elevator shoes, you need to appreciate that there are two options. One, you can select the elevator shoes that will provide instant elevation. Two, you can go for lift inserts that are used with the standard shoes. The inserts allow you to raise height gradually so that elevation looks natural.

If you look forward to increase your height with 4 inches or other preferred elevation, there is a solution for you. The outlined methods have been tested and proven to deliver results. More importantly, you can simply buy elevator shoes to look tall instantly as the natural growth provides additional elevation with time.


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