Looking Forward To Growing Taller? The Answer Is Right in Your Hands

Have you ever been looked down upon because you lack in height? If you think it has never happened, take a second thought. Indeed, it might have happened more times than you can count. At the workplace, that promotion might be dragging because you appear shorter and, therefore, ‘less preferable.’ Even when the management is looking for a person to represent the institution in an investors’ meeting, the target is a person who appears perfect. One of the traits that count to the definition of ‘perfection’ in most social and formal circles is height. 

What this implies about the society is that it expects you to be tall because taller people are considered extra confident, reliable, attractive, and even more qualified. While the harshness of this reality can be disturbing, that is the way it is. But it is no time to fight such ‘never openly proclaimed’ yet ‘deeply entrenched perceptions.’ The best way to beat it is actually growing tall and looking taller.

Well, can I grow taller? The answer is a resounding yes. Here, you need to appreciate that we are talking about growing tall after puberty. Over 80% of your growth is determined by genetics and takes place between conception and puberty. But a human body can still hit more inches higher after puberty. Here are the three main methods that you can use to grow and look taller.

Promote the release of HGH to stimulate growth

The secret to success in hitting a few inches higher is promoting the release of hormones that drive growth in a human body (Human Growth Hormone). You can promote HGH through the food you eat. Consider going for a balanced diet and essential minerals. You should also take ample water to strengthen the immune system and clear wastes from the cells. Here are some of the top foods that can help to promote the release of Human Growth Hormone.

     √  Fruits such as pawpaw, passion, and blueberries.
     √  Vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, and carrots.
     √  Protein suppliers from mean, fish, chicken, and beef.
     √  Whole grain meals, cereals, and nuts.
     √  Essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorous that help with building and strengthening the bones.

Help the body to stretch and take the right posture

The exercises you select can help to raise your height with several inches. Using exercises helps to stretch the back so that you look taller. Therefore, does running make you taller? Running will help you to look taller when combined with other exercises. Exercises help to stretch the back and further promote the release of HGH. Other exercises that should go hand in hand with running include hanging, stretching and swimming.

To get better results from exercises, it is important to combine it with the right posture. Good posture helps to keep the spine straight and head up to look taller. Note that if you have the wrong posture, it might take some time to rectify it. To fix the posture, here are a number of things;

     i)      Get an office chair that supports your back firmly.
     ii)    Get shoes that help to promote better posture.
     iii)   Always walk with the head held high.
     iv)   Use exercises that allow you to lift weights without bending the back.
     v)    Make it a habit to keep the back straight when running and doing other chores.

Use elevator shoes

Some people are quick to ask about the time it will take to grow in height using diet and exercises. After the question, does drinking milk make you taller, the next one is likely to be, how long will it take to get results? How fast you can get results depends on your body. In many cases, growing with a few inches can take months or even years. However, you need an urgent solution.

As the foods you take continue delivering more height at a slow pace, there are some things that cannot wait. Think of that interview you need to attend next week. What about the seminar that your company has selected you to represent the organization abroad in the coming month. You need to look perfect. The ideal solution is lifting shoes men. These are shoes designed to add instant height so that you can get the additional five inches to look perfect.

     √  How height increasing shoes work

Height increasing shoes are designed to help users get prompt elevation. The outer sole is designed with a taller heel and inner inserts further help increase your elevation. The good thing with elevator shoes is that you can select the preferred elevation for extra comfort and reliability. Indeed, you can even opt to go for inserts alone and use them on the standard shoes to get the targeted elevation. The inserts allow you to progressively raise height so that the process looks natural.

     √  Picking the right height increasing shoes

Because of the efficiency of height increasing shoes, they have become a great option for helping people look taller with as many as 6 inches. Note that the designers of elevator shoes have worked very hard to ensure that you have as many options as the standard designs. You can look for official work elevator shoes, height increasing shoes, wedding shoes that add height, and even sports lift designs. To pick the right elevator shoes, you only need to establish the preferred elevation, design, and patterns.

     √  Why elevator shoes are the best
If you ask people about the experience they had with elevator shoes, the answer will be excellent. Take a look at the most successful people in the world today and dig further to establish what they wear. Donald Trump, Barrack Obama, Tom Cruise, Jeffrey Donovan, and other top celebrities rock in elevator shoes. You can also become equally successful by rocking in height increasing shoes.

Whether you have been trying to grow taller by a few inches and no results seem forthcoming, it is no time to give up. The methods outlined above have been demonstrated to deliver higher elevation and make you look perfect. Note that even as you work on promoting growth naturally, using elevator help you look taller instantly.


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