How to be tall with proper clothing and healthy lifestyle

Remember those instances when you must line up by height when you were younger? Sometimes those memories are not as exciting to reminisce especially when you are in front. You sometimes wish you were taller. Thankfully, there are ways to look taller than what you are today.

What is the average size of a man?

According to statistics, Americans average height is 5’9.5” while Asians have the average height of 5’5”. Clearly, your height reflects your origin and can be hereditary, even though there are exceptions.

The importance of clothing

The reason why male models look taller on the runway is the power of styling. Sometimes, an average model height of 5’11’’ looks longer because designers and stylists are equipped with the proper knowledge of how to style a certain body type. The best tip on how to increase your height is simply to be aware of your body type. Do you have a short upper torso? Or do you have longer legs? These questions can be answered through simple research or just by looking in the mirror. Styling is all about proportions and the way to achieve it is through cutting the proper parts of your body through your clothing.

Short upper torso, long legs: Men with short upper torso but have longer legs should utilize the power of more tapered trousers, while shortening the hem of the shirt. Wear trousers that hug your legs perfectly while landing an inch below the ankle. This body type can easily look two inches taller if they buy normal cut jeans rather than purchasing low waist.

Long upper torso, short legs: While this body type is not common for most men, those who are in this type of body type may benefit from wearing longer tops the lands on the hips and pairing it with skinny jeans. It is also empirical to consider wearing slimmer cuts to accomplish a leaner shape.

Long upper and lower torso: A common mishap with this body type is exaggerating the silhouette. To achieve the right proportion, you should wear clothes that land below your hips. Take basketball players, for example, most NBA stars sport longer tees to balance their outfits. One great thing about this body type is its wide array of trousers they can use. They can wear any cut of jeans ranging from skinny, straight, and even those with wider hems.

Styling is an integral part of looking tall. It can also be about projection: this includes standing tall with long legs and proper posture. Clothes often fool the eyes of everyone who is checking you out, and with proper clothing and styling, any man knows how to grow taller even if they are two inches shorter than their size.

Introducing elevator shoes

They say a person can be defined by the shoes that they wear. While this statement can be argued, it can also be credible. Which means what you lack in height can be make up with wearing the right pair of shoes. Elevator shoes are designed to have that extra inch because they have taller outer soles as well as inserts to add additional height to the wearer. Much like heels for women, these elevator shoes are not just functional, but stylish as well especially to those who are not on the taller side. This type of shoes are also available in different styles for casual to formal, so aside from staying healthy and wearing the proper clothing, elevator shoes can also, well, elevate your height and look much taller than what you are now.

The importance of diet and exercise

Let’s face it, fast food will never do you any good. Remove your lazy habit of not eating properly and start living a healthy life! By having the proper knowledge on what foods make you taller your personal conundrum regarding your height may be answered!

Proteins play a bigger role with your growth because it helps the building blocks of your organs as well as the growth of skin, hormones, muscles, and basically your whole body. Here are some of the food that is high in protein and low in fat: seafood, eggs, chicken, almonds, and milk. It is also advisable to start munching on vegetables and fruits to avoid the risk of chronic diseases.

With proper diet, your body will become stronger because you are more aware of what you put inside your body. And as the saying goes: “you are what you eat” and you don’t want to be known as the guy who eats cholesterol daily.

Furthermore, there are different workout routines to stretch out those muscles such as yoga, Pilates, swimming, and numerous cardio exercises because it plays much a bigger role as your food intake by Workout to strengthening your core and stretching those stagnant muscles. A healthy and active lifestyle may serve as a smart plug if you want to be taller.

Yoga – there is a wide array of poses in yoga that focuses on stretching out your muscles while strengthening the core. Aside from that, yoga corrects posture which is important when you want to look longer than your height right now.

Pilates – Just like yoga, pilates is all about the core and proper execution. 20-minutes of this yoga can do wonders for your increase in height as it stretches out all those muscles. Aside from its growth benefits, Pilates can also beneficial for your flexibility and stand.

Swimming – With water and your body to work with, swimming is one sport that is not accident prone when done properly. You can start with simple freestyle strokes and work your way up to more technical forms. Swimming is proven to strengthen your whole body because this type of workout engages the whole body.

What can stunt your growth

Doing everything properly can benefit your growth growing up. When they say a healthy mind and a sound body, it can be interpreted by sleeping properly while keeping your body active when you are awake. This does not necessarily mean going to the gym regularly, but it simply translates to try to not rust your bolts! It can be anything from indulging in sports at a young age or just by walking whenever you can to engage the muscles in your legs and avoid sitting too much and start having an activity!

Aside from this, avoid food that is not healthy for your body and that includes less oil and more greens. However, it is okay to treat yourself occasionally with a sweet slice of carrot cake, because deprivation is not good for the body.

Sleep is also important when you are trying to achieve more height. Lessen your night outs and sleep at least seven hours daily. Studies show that proper sleep improves your physical health because it heals and repairs your blood flow and it lessens the risk of heart diseases, stroke, and diabetes.

In conclusion, how to be tall?

While aspiring for more length can be attainable, it is important to keep your expectations to a minimum. Sometimes genes play a big role regarding your average height and while there are ways to ask for more length, the most important fact to consider are the following: a healthy lifestyle, proper clothing, and having the right mindset.


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