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How to Dress Taller? The Anatomy of a Well-dressed Man

Being sharp in a suit is quite hard to achieve. You need to consider every aspect of your body from how you groom yourself to what color suits you best, and even to having well-manicured nails – everything, and I mean the overall output must be observed with caution. With what we mostly see on the list of best-dressed men attending almost every major award ceremony, we can’t help but compare how these men make dapper appear so easy from wearing the best tuxedo shoes to perfecting the most tailored coat that fits all their glory. Other than that fact, we are also faced by how these men, who are usually included in the said list, are not your average height – because they are pretty tall more often than not.

Sadly, we are not born like David Beckham, who stands exactly 6” and looks good in everything he wears (think of his timeless suit he donned at Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s royal wedding). So, what do we do when you are not tall and can’t bend it like Beckham? The best solution is to study your anatomy as well as the anatomy of a well-dressed man and work our way from the bottom to the top.

       1. High heels for men

Everyone looks good when dressed properly. Ideally, the equation to style success is a fitted suit with well-polished shoes to match! But before we go overboard with notions of you wearing high platforms like the ladies, let’s be realistic and consider elevator shoes, a specific type of shoes that has been helping men who are not blessed with height. Elevator shoes can make a typical 5’5” man look like he is 5’8” or even more without anyone noticing it. How is this possible? Just imagine yourself looking sharp with men taller shoes without anyone suspecting why you are suddenly longer compared to your usual days because elevator shoes provide additional insoles for dress shoes that are invisible to the public eye.

What’s even greater about elevator shoes is the variety of best dress shoes under 100 dollars that’s available in the current market and is competitive enough in terms of style and design. With this, becoming tall can easily be achieved without burning your current salary.

       2. Finding the suit that fits

Before deciding on which high heel men dress shoes to wear, every man who aspires to be well-dressed must be aware of the power of a crisp and well-tailored suit because it is proven to make the wearer look sharper, leaner, and taller. Thankfully, there are a lot of options to choose from the lapel to the number of pockets and other additional design trims that every man should know.

Single breasted suits – This design is the most common suit most men in every age range wear. It comes with two or at least three buttons in the middle torso area that are vertical to your center. Apart from that, different types of lapels are available such a shawl, peak, and the most common notch.

Double breasted suits – Typically four to eight buttons that are placed on two vertical lines in the middle upper torso, this type of suit is designed to deceive the upper body seem to look leaner because the buttons are placed specifically to have a slimming illusion. They are mostly available with shawl and peak type of lapels.

Generally, double-breasted suits appear more formal than single-breasted suits because they tend to accentuate the shoulders more while making the body look leaner. However, single-breasted suits are more common and an essential item in your closet that every man must own. They can wear it to dates, weddings, and other spontaneous events where you are asked to wear formal last minute.

Aside from the design, every man should also be aware of choosing the right color to fit their frame. For example, it is best for guys who lack in height to buy suits with dark hues (black, navy blue, and dark brown) because of its ability make the wearer look like slimmer and fitter compared to light colored ones that do not hide excess fat. Moreover, it is advisable for you to visit your tailor to have your suit tapered because it is rare for a ready-made suit will sit perfectly on your body.Ideally, the more streamlined – less inside pockets and buttons – the more you will look taller and leaner even when you are below the average height.

       3. Don’t forget about grooming

They say short men have more to prove than men who are contented with their height. This means they need to work twice as hard to make an impact. With the recent trends in skin care and hairstyle, looking tall can be achieved with glowing skin and a more stylized hairstyle such as pompadours with well-faded sideburns. Adding more height to your hairstyle will instantly give you a fresher look and more height depending on how big you are trying to achieve.

Aside from that, having a skin care routine is essential for every well-dressed man because even if you press your suit, if your skin is dry, everyone will just focus on what is lacking, ergo your lack of proper hygiene. If you are not tall, at least double the effort on looking fresh at all times because clothes and height increasing shoes can give you more height, but good hygiene will win you in life.

Final take

You must exert effort in every little detail in your life. As professionals, it is important to become a paragon where your peers will respect you and want to become more like you. You should know the type of pants that will make you look taller and which shoes can provide you with more height. What you lack in height, you can back it up with good clothing and inner self-confidence because after all, when you are aspiring to become a well-dressed man, the person wears the clothes and not the other way around.


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