How To Survive the Corporate World in Style

If there is one thing absolute about the corporate world, it’s how being at your best is paramount to your future success. This means waking up early to avoid being late to properly perform your role in the workplace based on your job description – and sometimes going beyond – as well as getting ready to decide on your sartorial choices. Fashion has an impact on our society: the style choices we make from the color of shirt we put on to the cut of pants we pair it with, and even to the business casual shoes we decide on to complete the look is a reflection of where we are right now and what we want to become in the years to come as we strive for greatness from our chosen careers.

Before you conquer the corporate world, you must first consider how to land a coveted position with a stunning resume and learn the art of power dressing. Here’s how:

How To Succeed In Business With Proper Clothing

1.Business casual shoes men

Deciding on making an impression on your job interview can sometimes be haunting once you think about it. To get a positive nod from your contemporaries, you must wear clothes that reflect your personality through your color choices and footwear. With a wide array of selection of men’s business shoes available in the market today, it is easier to overdo your look rather than making the most out of the positive feedback you should be getting.

Avoid wearing pompous designs where you can easily look like a joke than professional. Ensure you wear the appropriate men’s business casual shoes to land the position you are going for. Remember that aside from how you present yourself through your gained and worked hard credentials, you will also be judged based on your physical appearance. After all, how you look is the first thing the interviewer will notice even before you open your mouth.

Shoes have the ability to destroy a complete look, especially when you wear the wrong footwear. Try looking for business casual brown shoes because it is a classic color where you can project a professional facade, while at the same time has a playfulness with your bold choice of color because not everyone can commit to brown shoes.

However, some of the best men’s business casual shoes are available for men who are gifted with height. If you are not one of them, you can still opt for elevator shoes of the same nature of shoe style whenever height is not one of your strongest suits. Elevator shoes have an extensive selection of business casual men shoes that has additional insole ranging from 2-inches up to 5-inches depending on the elevation you want.

Furthermore, observing how your bosses dress is a great start point of getting inspiration. When we project yourself to become a boss someday, it is wise to a glimpse of where they are standing or to stand on their shoes, because you essentially want to be them in the future. Take cues from their life choices and style decisions. Moreover, it is better to pick a boss than your job.

2.Completing your look with color

Most business wear or corporate wear has the same silhouette. You can’t really wear an avant-garde garment in a corporate setting, but you rather stick to the status quo: well-pressed shirt and tapered trousers accentuated with a belt. While there are instances where you can be more risque with your fashion choices, it is still important to be aware of the essentials before you explore other styles.

The shirt – This is not the typical crew neck shirt you wear for the groceries, but the collared long sleeved shirt where you look professional and respectable. Take note that you must buy shirts that hug well on your body and avoid wearing sizes that are either too big or too small for your size. If you are a medium, buy a medium sized shirt.

The color – Stick to what nature has offered: different shades of blue, black, white, darker tones of green, maroon, subdued yellow, and other natural tones. These colors bring out the best in your facial features and they are warm on the eyes. Avoid wearing flashy colors such as neon, purple, or any color that can distract you from achieving your primary goals which are to succeed in the corporate world. If you noticed, most men stay in deep colors because it looks more masculine and proper. More importantly, dark colors will give you the chance to explore eccentric business casual shoes for men designs to add more character.

The trousers – Your pants need to fit you like a glove. This means avoid wearing trousers that are too wide because they tend to make you look shorter than you actually are. Invest in tapered trousers that make your legs look slimmer and leaner to have that tall illusion you are longing for.

Studies show that men who are taller are more inclined to become successful and richer compared to those who are on the shorter side. Your trousers have a certain relation to your men’s business casual shoes because they are the closest to each other. Which means every garment you decide on when you wake up early should be well thought of because you want to make an impression to your bosses.

The socks – In any circumstance, only wear socks that are long than those knee-length ones. They are meant for the gym and not the office.

Final take

Surviving the corporate world in style may look like a task at hand, but once you find the right clothing for you, taking the business world by storm is at the palm of your hands. Dressing up is an extension of who we are as individuals, and if you wear your sleeves with pride, the rest of your colleagues will treat you with the respect that you deserve.



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