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Top 10 Tips to Know Before Buying Elevator Shoes this Year

Men always want to know are elevator shoes worth it. It’s quite understandable because height is a contentious issue among men. While height shouldn’t matter, it’s easy for someone else to say. Shoes that make you look taller are in great demand because it’s all about your appearance. Every man wants to look taller and feel good about themselves, and elevation shoes are the only real tool that will make you taller.

So, why are shoes to make you taller men’s footwear so popular, and what tips should you know before buying any?

The Celebrity Fad and Demand for Perfection

Let’s be honest, height has always been an issue for men and women for decades. Of course, there wasn’t much anyone could do about their height, but things have come a long way over the last few years. Shoes that increased height weren’t given much credence until celebrities started using them to appear taller in photoshoots. Then, regular Joes started to look towards them, and they have given many men more confidence. It’s one of the biggest reasons taller shoes have been in such great demand.

Height increasing sneakers have taken off in recent years. It might sound strange, but elevation shoes can help a man with confidence issues. For instance, you’re going to a local football game with your partner. She is 5.5 and you’re 5.2. While your girlfriend doesn’t have an issue with your height, you aren’t as confident. So, with an elevator shoe, you are now 5.7 and have slightly more confidence.

It can make a huge difference and that’s why the demand for these shoes has grown so much.

Know the Purpose of the Shoe

Elevator shoes for men can look great but there are many different types of shoes available, and each has its purposes. For instance, height increasing sneakers may be best for casual use or exercise, whereas formal shoes are for nights out and the office. So, before you buy any elevator shoe, it’s crucial to understand the purpose of them. Of course, you are buying them to look taller, but if you don’t choose the right type of shoe, they can harm your feet.

For example, you want a shoe suitable for all-day use. So, you need a shoe that has sufficient arch support, along with shock absorption for the ball of the foot and heel. It’s also necessary to have a good insole, such as memory foam, to offer maximum support and comfort. You would need a formal shoe that offers the right amount of height increase with the right amount of support. It’s easier to find than you think, and it’s all because you know the purpose of the shoe.

Style Matters Too

While comfort trumps style all day long, it’s still important to find taller shoes you’re happy with. For instance, if a shoe offers sufficient height increase and support, but the overall design was ugly, they probably aren’t for you. The reason is simply that if you don’t like what’s on your feet, you are not going to feel any confidence in them. So, the right balance is crucial for your feet.

Outside Height Increase Might be Less Obvious on Casual Footwear

You’ve probably asked are elevator shoes noticeable and the truth is, it’s all in the design. Some shoes are obvious and more noticeable than others. That can, of course, be a major issue for those who want a discreet height increase. So, you need to think very carefully about what would be best for you?

For instance, casual footwear like sneakers or running shoes is often made big with thick soles on the base. They can be the best elevator shoes for men if a less noticeable height increase is desired.

Built-In Insoles are the Best

Insoles are important accessories for shoes because they give extra support and comfort your feet need. With height increasing shoes, you have the option to buy a temporary (pull-out) insole or buy one built into the shoe. Buying an elevation shoe with a built-in insole can be best because they’re already fitted into the lining of the shoe. You don’t have to worry about cutting insoles to size or trying to squeeze them into the shoe.

Elevator shoes for men with built-in insoles are easier and more convenient. Plus, you don’t have to replace the insole every few months.

Ensure the Height Increase Works for You

Elevator shoes are the toughest footwear to purchase because you need the right balance between comfort, support, and incline. Of course, if the height increase – or incline – isn’t suitable, the shoe isn’t right for you. While this might sound strange, it’s true. The right height increase makes the shoes more viable for you and your appearance. For instance, you’re 5.5 and opt for a 10-inch lift. That would take you above feet, however, the added 10 inches might be too much for your feet.

On the other hand, a 3-inch increase might work better. It is less obvious and more natural-looking for your build. You want the best elevator shoes for men that are best for your feet. With the right pair of elevator shoes for men, you can look good and feel better too.

The Natural Lift Makes Elevator Shoes Worth It

When people ask, are elevator shoes noticeable’? There can be two very distinct answers. For starters, height increasing shoes can look very natural and aren’t noticeable in the slightest. The second answer, however, is the height increase in shoes obvious. That’s not what you want because it doesn’t look natural and could even hurt your feet.

Instead, you want shoes to make you taller men’s foot incline to be more subtle. This means a few inches rather than 10 or 12. Of course, the choice is yours. It is, however, crucial to get a natural lift so you feel good.

Do Elevator Shoes Work?

Let’s be honest, there’s been a lot of publicity surrounding elevation shoes and whether or not they’re good for your feet. An elevator shoe can work. It can increase your height in a subtle manner and offer sufficient arch and foot support to see you through the day. Of course, some elevation shoes are more noticeable than others but it’s all about how they’ve been designed or styled. Many shoes are designed to resemble a standard shoe so that you get total discretion.

Even a slight heigh increase in shoes for guys can bring so much confidence to you.

Final Thoughts

The right elevator shoe can make a huge difference to a man’s confidence, appearance, and foot comfort. Height will always be a factor for those who aren’t gifted with being 6 feet tall. There is nothing to be ashamed of, your height is one very unique element about yourself; you should embrace it. Of course, it’s easier said than done. Height increasing shoes, however, can give you some confidence and look great – if you buy the right pair, of course.


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