Why Women in High Heels Hold The Power

Feeling tall is always a good thing even when you are not. For women, life is easier because high heels are available everywhere and no one can stop them from stomping it like Naomi Campbell closing a couture show in a Paris runway. With trends continuing to change almost every day, heels have evolved into different designs to help women walk in them without feeling any pain.  While classic styles like wedges, stilettos, and pumps are still dominating every runway, there are also designs such as hidden wedge sneakers welcomed by bona fide street style stars to elevate their sartorial game. Women’s hidden wedge sneakers have been introduced by designers in an attempt to wear heels in a more comfortable fashion. They are elevator shoes where the heels are hidden in the insoles, just like a wooden wedge, but look like regular sneakers you can purchase at any sports brands in the market.

A hidden wedge sneaker can be paired with a casual shirt and even a tight form-fitting dress. Moreover, there are cheap hidden wedge sneakers available online that can compete, in terms of design, function, and price, from brands that offer the same product. Why is this important? Today, women still hold the power, and women in high heels embody the said ideal.

In reality, not everyone can rock a 5-inch pump or even 3-inches. But once a woman collects her energy to stay collected after a long day of walking in heels, you can say not everyone, not even men can survive a day in really high platforms and feel 6 foot 2. In this article, we will discuss why women should embrace heels in all their forms and styles.

  1. Heels are attractive

Wearing heels is sexy and no one can take it away from you. Women who wear heels is like having an alter egos such as Beyonce to Sasha Fierce and Christina Aguilera to Xtina. One amazing thing about women in heels is the fact that they wear it because they feel good about it, and not due to other people’s opinion of them. Women become more attractive in heels because they feel taller, more powerful, and they take longer walks like a gazelle in the desert.

  1. Heels can make you feel like a dangerous woman

I guess when Ariana Grande made the song Dangerous Woman, maybe she meant it when she wears heels. “Something about you makes me feel like a dangerous woman,” and by you, meaning the heels she is wearing. I imagine a glorious leather boot with 5-inches platform.

  1. You can look casual and still be fabulous

How many can actually say I’m wearing 5-inches every day and feel good about it? Not all women can stand a whole day in high heels, but once they do, they can conquer their daily lives and by fabulous about it.

  1. The shoe is an extension of a woman’s personality


Just like clothes, high heels come in various designs. You can be girly with a colorful pump or be business ready with a pointy black stiletto. With high heels, you can portray anything you want once you get the shoes right!

  1. Women in high heels are more convincing

Whenever you come across a woman in high heels on the streets, you always say how does she manage to look that good when they’re wearing extra 5-inches? The answer is simple: they love what they are wearing and feel good about them. No one can take that power away from them because they’re literally stepping on that said power.

  1. Wearing different styles oh high heels will make you a style chameleon

Once a woman wears a special pair of high heels, they can go to places. In one television show, a popular and nice lady said: “every woman needs a great pair of shoes because it will help you get to places.” This statement is true because owning a great pair of shoes I a good investment.

  1. High heels are part of a woman’s culture

While there are women who are contented with flats, some feel more like a woman when wearing high heels. In reality, it does not have to be high, it can be 3-inches and still feel like the Empire State Building.

  1. Women in high heels are deceiving

Without any negativity, a woman in high heels is deceiving. No matter how expensive your shoes are, it will hurt after a whole night of walking and socializing, and that’s a given fact. But these women in high heels know how to disguise that pain and still dance maybe after two or three shots of tequila on a Friday night.

  1. Women in high heels are strong

Women who can dance in 5-inch stilettos are God’s gift to this world. Walking in them is hard enough, let alone dance in them. Moreover, stiletto dancing is an actual art and the confidence they exude come from their inner strength and not from the opinions of others.

  1. Wearing high heels will make you feel like a natural woman

With no disregard to women who do not enjoy high heels, but once you see a lady in red high heels, you immediately know that you should not mess with them. When the Spice Girls made the term “Girl Power” popular, most of them are sporting different shoes: killer boots, 5-inch white platforms, stilettos, pumps, and even sneakers.

Generally, no matter what shoes you wear, if you feel good about them, others will feel good about you. The fact is, women in high heels hold the power because they are tall and confident bosses who make their world easier even when in pain.

  1. Women hold the power. Period.

High heels or not, women are precious creatures created to make this world easier. They can do more things that most men cannot do like bear children. They can choose the careers they want and be great at it one inch at a time.   


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