Why there is so much fuss about shoes?

If you have the notion that stylish shoes are only for women, then perhaps you need to change it. In the past few years, men’s fashion has transformed drastically, and you can find many new shoe styles coming in. Similar to women’s footwear, you can now find a wide variety of shoes designed for men.  Shoes are not just an addition to your wardrobe but also speak a lot about your style, fashion and personality. Not just clothes people pay equal or sometimes even more attention to the kind of shoes they wear. If you don’t then you must be aware that shoes are among the first things that a woman notices. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss why there is so much fuss about shoes i.e. why shoes are getting so much attention these days? How can shoe companies justify the cost of highly expensive shoes? Is it worth spending so much time and money on buying shoes? Can they make shorter men look taller and give them a new confidence they always wished? Let’s find out.

Most of us would agree that we must wear the correct type of shoes, ones that offer you the ultimate comfort and also look good. With a plethora of options in the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. With the right information, you will be able to make the best choice.

  • Shoes must offer absolute comfort: Sometimes, even ill-fitting clothes do, but ill-fitting shoes never.Wearing wrong type of shoes can be discomforting and painful. In just a couple of hours, you will feel the pinch of an ill-fitted shoe.  So, if you don’t wish to get into trouble, it is advisable that you must always choose comfortable shoes. The right size and quality both matter.
  • Don’t compromise with the health of your feet:One of the first things that you must take into consideration is your feet’s health. We spend so much on our physical appearance, but when it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes, some of us often tend to compromise on quality. But you need to understand that poor quality shoes won’t last longer and it is most likely that they won’t be as comfortable as compared to well-constructed quality shoes
  • Uncomfortable shoes can lead to many problems:Yes, one of the probable reasons why some people suffer from corns on their feet is their uncomfortable shoes. Also, wearing uncomfortable shoes will make you feel tired and you won’t be able to concentrate on your work well.  They can cause pain and stress to your bones and joints, especially feet, ankle and knees. So you see giving shoes so much importance is not wrong.
  • Let your feet decide:Well, you may be fond of wearing high heeled shoes, stilettos or donning any other style, but it’s essential that you must choose the right type and size. While trying the shoes, check where your feet are comfortable in them or not. Your feet will give you the warning sign while trying the shoes if you feel the slightest discomfort, it’s a red flag.

Things to Know About Shoes for Short Men

Before delving into, how do you make the right choice of shoes? Let us know briefly about shoes for shorter men. Yes, shoes for shorter men, they are available.  

Short men usually have low self-esteem due to their height. But high-heeled shoes are a blessing in disguise for them.  Since the heels of these shoes are hidden, the onlookers cannot make out if it is the shoes that are adding to the height.  There are many designs and styles to suit various occasions. Buy carefully from a good brand. Shoddy craftsmanship is something that you must avoid. Also avoid boxy and bulky men’s elevator shoes that draw immediate attention. Go for no flashy, simple design. Pay attention to quality of shoes that make you taller. Wearing high-quality height increase shoes is the best thing to do.

Forget the short height, just have a good collection of elevator shoes from Chamaripa.  Shoes from this brand have some of the best designs out there.  They specialize in shoes for short men so you need not worry about designing. Simply check the size and style you need. Chamaripa shoes designing, built and quality is outstanding always. They are the right shoes to invest in. The best thing is that they announce festive discounts and sale like the Black Friday Sale. They offer huge discounts! So why wear cheap tall men shoes that people will notice for the wrong reasons. Surely, you don’t want this to happen. So guys create all that fuss over your shoes, take time out and buy the right pair.

Shoe Buying Tips Every Man Must Know

Here are some tips for every man who wants to make a style statement with his shoes.

Cost and Comfort: Are expensive shoes always comfortable? There is a common belief that the most expensive shoes are the best, but it is not true. If you can afford expensive shoes, still you must pay importance to comfort and fitting. So, you must not rush for the first pair that you find attractive. Comfort is of prime importance.

Shoes quality: One of the first things that you must take into account is the quality of shoes. They must be made from good quality material, ensuring that they last longer. With offline purchase, you can check the quality, but online purchase can be a tricky one. Hence, you must only choose to buy from a renowned portal and don’t forget to check the reviews. Many stores offer return policy; this can be of great relief if you are buying shoes online.

Versatility: Another factor that you must take into consideration is to buy shoes that are versatile. If you have a limited budget, then you must buy shoes that can be worn on most occasions and compliment your attire and personality. It means that the pair of shoes should complement your attire well and help you style up for every occasion.

Shoes affect performance: There are different types of shoes for different work or activity like running shoes, jogging shoes, industrial boots, military boots and so on.  A well-constructed, quality shoe will ensure that you don’t lag behind due to uncomfortable shoes.

Shoes add to your personality: Yes, shoes do get noticed and add to ones personality so you must have a collection of formal and casual shoes both. If you are wearing good-quality, comfortable shoes, they will definitely add to your confidence. The type of shoes you wear also is an extension of your personality. Some of you must be surprised to know that from the shoes you wear, people often judge the kind of person you are.

Match shoes with clothes: Yes, the type of shoes that you wear must match your clothes. You cannot wear sports shoes with formal pants. Moreover, choosing bright coloured shoes for formal wear can be a disaster. Hence, you must settle down with options that match your style and attire.

Boost your confidence: A key factor that is equally important as choosing the right shoes is your confidence in wearing them. Some people are not confident in wearing high-heel shoes, while other cannot pull off bright coloured shoes. So, don’t buy stuff for the sake of fashion. You must buy shoes which are comfortable to wear and at the same look stylish.

Shoes involve investment: Yes, shoes are a long-term investment, since you will wear them for a few years. So, you must not just buy any shoe you come across. You must spend time on selecting the right pair that fits well, is comfy and match your style. Apart from protecting your feet, they make you look fashionable or not so fashionable depending on the shoes you wear and hence the fuss.

Choose the right size:  It’s very important that you must choose shoes which are of the right size. Make sure you wear and walk in the store before buying them. If you are buying from an online store, it’s always good to do the feet measurement and then purchase the shoes. Wearing improper fitting shoes can leave your feet swollen, and making you uncomfortable. Moreover, it can lead to the formation of corns which are painful. So, to avoid all these hassles, it’s always good to buy the shoes of the right size.

Check the sole of the shoes: You must choose shoes which have sturdy sole. This will prevent your feet from sharp objects while walking. There are different types of sole shoe materials that have their own sets of benefits. You must check the thickness of the sole and the material before making a purchase.

Check the reviews and ratings: Well, today you can find many brands making their way into the market. With the increasing online purchase of shoes, you can get tricked for the pricing and quality. To avoid any hassle, what you can do is check the reviews and ratings of the brand. Many portals do a comprehensive detailing of the shoes reviews and ratings. You are thus making it easy for you to make a purchase. So make sure that you do thorough research before buying shoes.

Check the leather finishing: While buying shoes; you must take into consideration the finish of leather. Since humans sweat a lot in the entire day, we must choose shoes which are made of breathable material so that there is an easy exchange of moisture and you have a healthy feet environment in your shoes. All the good brands of shoes have pure leather lining to provide breathability to the shoes, some brand also makes use of microfiber, so that you don’t have to face that sweaty feeling and you are comfortable all through the day.

A right pair of shoes can instantly spruce up your look and offers numerous benefits as discussed above. Moreover, since they tell a lot about your personality and sense of style and so much more, they are getting so much attention these days and well-deserving!



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